Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let God Change Me

From Seanna Adcox, Associated Press Writer

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, still clinging to office after admitting to an extramarital affair, wrote in an opinion piece released Sunday that God will change him so he can emerge from the scandal a more humble and effective leader.

"While none of us has the chance to attend our own funeral, in many ways I feel like I was at my own in the past weeks, and surprisingly I am thankful for the perspective it has afforded," Sanford wrote in the opinion piece widely published online Sunday by South Carolina newspapers.


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  2. Hrrrm.

    "Let God change me."

    This says a great deal about Sanford and his way of thinking. It also, to me makes a good critcism of certain aspects of the Republican Party... relating to how it applies its own alleged views.

    Being a person of faith, I do accept the validity of seeking divine aid in accomplishing personal change. I do not seek to denigrate Sanford's belief. However, it sounds to me like he is asking God to do ALL the work for him. He is asking to magically be a better person, through God's intervention and overriding his free will, rather hoping to work at becoming a better person.

    Isn't the GOP the so-called 'Party of Personal Responsibility'? Isn't that what they tell us when advocating mandatory minimums and bashing public assistance programs?

  3. Well, Sanford is a Southern Baptist. Unless he specifically belongs to a Free Will Baptist church, he believes his life and salvation are predestined. So it /is/ all in the hands of God in his mind.

    The problem is, how can someone who believes in predestination advocate any policy based on 'personal responsibility', ever? ;)