Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, September 21, 2009

Health Insurer's Unethical Practices

The time has arrived for Metro Nashville employees to either change or not change their health plan enrollment options. In the past I just paid for my eyewear out of pocket, but now I don't have a pit to hiss in, so coverage is needed and it's only about $5 a month.

I go to UnitedHealthcare's web site to gather all the information I can about the coverage. After stumbling from one link to another, I actually see the word "coverage." I eagerlly click on it only to be told that I can't know the coverage until I'm a member. Yes, I'm pissed.


  1. I had Davis Vision through my old job and when I went into business for myself it was cheap enough to COBRA even if I weren't mostly making better than I was making working for The Man.

    I get two pairs of glasses a year for the prices of the frames (which are heavily discounted) and a very reasonable co-pay for eye exams. So it's worth it.

    Most optometrical coverage is similar. Some is higher brow. I'm happy with the 'bottom of the barrel' because the optometrist down the street accepts Davis Vision and he's very good.