Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Americans for Prosperity get their due, but in Copenhagen

A group of pro-clean energy advocates interrupted American for Prosperity president Tim Phillips at the U.N.'s climate change conference in Copenhagen. They chanted "clean energy makes jobs."

TPM reports that Phillips was in Copenhagen to protest the push for climate change legislation, which he calls an issue that "perhaps more than anything else, ends and begins on freedom."

"Are we gonna have the freedom as citizens of the United States and around this world, to live our lives as we see fit, not as some government bureaucrats see fit?Midway through his speech though, a group of pro-reform hecklers stood up and started chanting "clean energy makes jobs," and "Americans for prosperity are Americans for clean energy," before taking over the stage.

Phillips was forced to move his speech off-stage, where he railed against the protesters: "This is exactly what you would expect from the other side. It's the kind of attacks and personal things that you see from the environmental radicals."

Irony of ironies, he says, "The other side can't win this debate. So what do they do? They try to attack and scream."


  1. Aren't they really? What's really sad, is that we here in our own country are either too spineless or appathetic to orgnize such protests.

  2. That is a curious phenomenon Leslie. The only people in the U.S. who bother to make their feelings known are those dang Teabaggers.