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Sandy Hook

Friday, December 04, 2009

Animal Abuse Never Stops In Tennessee

On Thanksgiving Day, I posted a grizzly piece about 84 horses who were sick, starving and without water. Charles and Clint Howard, father and son, were arrested and charged with 84 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty. Laws are weak in Tennessee.

The horses were trailered from Cannon County to the Tennessee State Fair Grounds in Nashville. Volunteers, veterinarians and members of the Humane Society of the United States

Eight days later 20 emaciated dogs who were found with no food or water in a "dilapidated" mobile home

About 20 emaciated dogs were left with no food or water in a dilapidated mobile home in East Tennessee. They are also being transported to the State Fairgrounds where the horse are still being housed in the mule barn. The dogs will be fed and treated in the goat pens in another building.

"The dogs had been found inside a fenced area in Washburn, Tenn., with a small broken down trailer with no water or electricity. The door of the trailer, which was deep in feces and urine, was open" said Jordan Crump, spokeswoman for the HSUS.

There was no evidence that anyone had been feeding the dogs or giving them water. They and the property appeared to have been abandoned.

“They were just stuck there,” she said. “The outcome would have been awful if someone hadn’t found them.”

The dogs are mainly 35-50 pound terrier and chow mixes that are emaciated, with matted fur and open wounds, she said. A few dogs on the premises had died.

“They’re pretty stressed out,” she said. “We’re going to get them warm, get them fed and get them vets."

Think of the HSUS for your holiday gift giving:


  1. Frodo believes it was in Rutherford County where, until just a few years ago, the "dog pound" had a drive-through. The "thinking" was that if it were after normal business hours, then the driver could simply push the animal through a chute into a basement common cage.
    There is a place in Hell for those people, and Frodo hopes that it has a drive-through.

    PS--Frodo is not sure, but wouldn't you have to enter Frodo, Keeper of the Ring AND the URL

    DemWit is a great technical source (and she ain't bad lookin' either).

  2. I hadn't heard about the situation in Rutherford County. Will check it out. Anything is possible in this state.

    In Blogger there's a form where you enter the web address, save it and then it is automatically entered on the list. Maybe it's because you're out of "network."

    DW is indeed a neat lady.