Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

H.R. 4173: The Democrats who said "no" and the ones who just kept quiet

After years of out-of-control deregulation, Congress is finally taking a few small steps to reverse the trend.. House Vote 968 - H.R.4173: On Passage The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 passed 223 to 202 with 10 not voting.

The Democrats who voted no are:

Marion Berry - AR
Dan Boren - OK
Rick Boucher - VA
Bobby Bright - AL
Ben Chandler - KY
Harry Cuellar - TX
Lincoln Davis - TN
Chet Edards - TX
Peter Griffith - AL
Debbie Halvorson - IL
Baron P. Hill - IN
Marcy Kaptur - OH
Ann Kirkpatrick - AZ
Dennis C. Kucinich - OH
Eric Massa - NY
Mike McIntyre - NC
Henry E. Mitchell - AZ
Solomon P. Ortiz - TX
Tom Perriello - VA
Mike Ross - AR
Kurt Schrader - OR
Ile Skelton - MO
Zack Space - OH
Bart Stupak - MI
Gene Taylor - MS
Harry Teague - NM
Peter J. Visclosk - IN

The spineless ones who sat and watched and didn't lift a hand:

Baldwin - WI
Zoe Lofgren - CA
Stephen F. Lynch - MA
James P. Moran - VA
James L. Oberstar - MN
Nancy Pelosi - CA
Charles B. Rangel - NY
Louise M. Slaughter - NY

The Rant's Tom Degan offers up The Stupidity of Deregulation, a very good historical analysis.

Roll call and other information can be found at The New York Times.


  1. Hi Leslie. First, thanks for your visits and comments at Politics Plus. I have added you to my blog roll as well, and am favorably impressed with what In see here.

    Back on topic, thanks for the lists. Some voted against it because it contains several loopholes for Banksters to exploit. Others did so because it does contain some authentic reform.

  2. TomCat: Thanks for your comment. I jumped into this blogging thing cold turkey 6 months ago and I'm still flopping around. So, anytime anyone says something nice I purr like a cat.
    Maybe one day it will look like yours.

    I doubt if these mostly southern Dems were very concerned about loopholes for Banksters.
    I have another theory about the way they vote these days.

  3. You're most welcome and thanks.

    We do have the best Congress money can buy, don't we?