Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Lieberman hit parade - a revue

Ladies and Gentlemen, first to appear on our stage tonight is Dancing Joe. Where he comes from, no one knows. He flips, he flops and he rolls on his belly like a reptile. I can guarantee that at the end of his act, you will question his judgement and his sanity. You won't have to guess his motives for playing the clown. They will be perfectly clear or I'll give you your money back.

First, Joe swings to the left, then he marches down the center - rat-ta-rat-rat, rat-ta-rat-rat - and now he's swinging to the right - rat-ta-rat-rat. You'd never know this by looking at him but Joe the Clown used to be a Democrat. I know it's hard to believe but he was indeed. He was even a strong advocate of universal health care. When he campaigned for vice-president back in 2000, he proposed allowing the uninsured to buy into Medicare and Medicaid. And as recently as this past September - that's 2009 - he once again endorsed the plan.

But wait, Joe changed his mind. Quite a shocker, eh? When his plan was added to Senate health care legislation, Little Joe squirmed out the back door and said he wouldn't support it. Swinging more to the right, he said he would invoke some kind of thing called the power of a one-man filibuster. Guess that means he can screw you, American people, by keeping the measure from even getting to the senate floor.

This little man is after blood, or money, or blood money. He seems pretty ticked off at his former buddies in the Democratic party. The ones in his home state of Connecticut knocked him off the primary ticket in 2006 but he was able to wiggle and slither his way back to the Senate as an Independent.

But wait, his anger growing by leaps and bounds, the little clown not only endorses Republican John McCain for president, he rides the circuit for him and puts on an act at the Republican National Convention. But, petty little ego-maniacs are like Pit Bulls. They can't let go. And boy Joe, being beyond vindictive, decides to stick it to the Democrats - where it'll really hurt. He'll do everything in his power to knock the president's health care agenda right off the tracks.

"Screw you President Obama. Screw you Democrats," he yells as he flies through the air. "And while I'm screwing everyone, screw you 47 million Americans. So what you won't have health insurance? Why should I care? I've gotten over a million buckaroos from the insurance industry over the last 21 years, so just eat your cake and shut up."

Bill Press, who provided the facts but not the melodrama, says:

(The Democrats) should have thrown him out of the Senate Democratic Caucus last year. They didn't. So now's the time. Toss Lieberman out of the caucus. Strip him of his chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee. Then tell Lieberman that all legislation bearing his name has been put on permanent hold, and all funds earmarked for Connecticut have been re-assigned to Mississippi. He and his constituents must know there's a price to pay for disloyalty.

Next priority: Kill the filibuster! Or at least modify it so it can't be used as a one-man assassination squad.

Press reviews the changes in the filibuster laws over the years - actually quite interesting - and he ends with this zinger.

Ironically, the last attempt to fix the filibuster was made in 1995 by Sen. Tom Harkin. Harkin's measure would, over time, have gradually reduced the number of votes necessary to end a filibuster. It was a sensible proposal. Here's the kicker: His co-sponsor was Joe Lieberman.


  1. Frodo, long ago, swore off of attempting to understand motivations. We can make ourselves sick trying to figure out why a guy like Lieberman does anything. Who, quite frankly, cares?

    Lieberman has a very small sex organ.

    That explains everything, doesn't it?

  2. Turncoat Joe is a strutting peacock without the plumage.

    What is the matter with the Democratic party that they let this pathetic little egomaniac jerk them around? I say strip him of all his perks.

  3. People like him usually end up getting their due. When you read the history of his career - as so concisely written by "Press" - it's like following him anew. I wonder of there's ever been such a self-serving two-faced clown in the history of the Congress.

    Press' article is quite good. I wish there were more writers like him - clear, concise, informative and well organized.

  4. Loved the imagery! I could picture Lieberman swinging through the air on a trapeze – an image made less appealing by Frodo’s comment! The insurance industry is very big in Liebermans home state. Maby it’s the tightrope he’s walking.

    One of the best opinion shows ever on cable, in my opinion, was MSNBC’s “Buchanan and Press.” (Yes, that Buchanan.) Those two guys could aruge a point in a most gentlemanly fashion. I sure miss that!

  5. Those two guys could argue a point in a most gentlemanly fashion. I sure miss that!

    Not like McLaughlin and Co.?

    I'm getting a little weary of all the shouting, name-calling and so forth myself. We may be smarter than the teabaggers but I'm afraid we're beginning to lower ourselves to their level.