Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

America Rising: Hold your nose and organize

Maybe I'm the last person around to have seen this video but it's a good example of why we Democrats need to organize and work to overcome this crazy group of wing-nuts. We know they have big bucks. That's why they can produce slick videos like this one. But we have manpower - just like we did in 2008.


  1. OOOOOOH, I'm ascairt of those wingnuts! Not. Seriously, where was BushCo in all that slickness? Where were the policies that made this situation unsustainable? Who crashed the economy into the tree? BushBushBushBushBushand Raygun Ronnie loving fools who touted "free market free market free market" while their rich buddies ran their own companies into the ground, threatening to overturn the entire world economy, and it very nearly did. America Rising? More like Dawn of the Dead.

  2. Bee: "America Rising? More like Dawn of the Dead."

    I so hope you're right. But I'm beginning to get a little uneasy. One hopes that the majority of people have better sense but then you read something like what's on Truth's latest post and you can't help but wonder.

  3. I couldn't even watch the whole trashy video, it's sickening!! It's all fearmongering and it won't work this time, the days of the scary music videos and commercials are over!

  4. Leslie,
    I fear that large percentages of the groups of voters that put Obama over the top last year will stay home this November. It is also true that in non Presidential elections, the supporters of the party that is out of power, are more enthusiastic about voting. I know that videos like these are a bunch of nonsense, but they far outnumber the videos touting the accomplishments of the last year. I fear that the persuadable among the electorate (somewhere in the 10% range), may just be influenced enough by this nonsense to make the difference. I don't think that the Republicans can regain a majority in the House, but the number will shrink as will the majority in the Senate.

    The Democrats have to fight back, but all I see are a lot of people who are walking around with slumped shoulders and disappointed looks on their faces. It's just a lot easier to make up lies than it is to deal with the real work of trying to fix problems that have existed for decades. It's slow, painful and sometimes thankless work. I'm just not sure that what is being done is being recognized by those who need to get out and vote.

  5. Mycue23: "I'm just not sure that what is being done is being recognized by those who need to get out and vote."

    Absolutely. But this is why it's even more imperative that people call their local Democratic headquarters to see what they can do to counteract right-wing propaganda with out own factual information.

    I wish I were a videophotographer and editor - and had an angel with lots of money.

    Sue, I hope you're right. Like I say, we need an angel

    Thanks for coming buy everyone. You can come back again, if you want. ; )

  6. Who is the target audience for this video? Couldn't be the people who voted for McCain/Palin; couldn't be all true Democrats; must be the swing voters, that minority that gets to decide elections. Like Mycue23 said they are after about 10% of the electorate. If that 10% was smart enough to vote down McCain/Palin, let's hope they are seeing through this shameful video, just like we are.

  7. Behind all the dramatic music and visuals, the video is silly. It implies that people voted Democrats into power in the hopes that they would do something other than carry out Democratic policies, and are now upset that they have, in fact, carried out such policies. If the majority of the electorate in 2008 had wanted conservative policies, they would have voted a Republican majority into office.

    The logical flaws are obvious (the unemployment was due to the recession Bush started, deficit spending is necessary during a recession, etc.). I don't see this as aimed at swing voters, really; it seems more the sort of thing someone would make in theory to fire up the base, and in reality to discharge his own anger and frustration. If it were aimed at swing voters there would be more effort at persuasion and less premature triumphalism. (If it really is aimed at swing voters, I doubt it will be very effective.)

  8. The video is based on a lie. The people responsible for its production had nothing to do with electing Obama. They wanted McConJob and Mooseolini. As disappionted as I am in many of Obama's choices, I shudder at the thought of where we would be if thoise two had won.

  9. CDM wants to play tag... So TAG, YOUR IT!!

    (I don't really know what this all means, Shhhh, LOL)

  10. Sue: This sounds like something from FB, but - meaning no offense - I don't do tags, chains, pokes or trolls. I haven't even had time to respond to the above comments - which I promise to do shortly. Too much going on here.

  11. It is sickening that freedom of speech means the freedom to lie, obfuscate, and mislead.

    The Democratic party needs to start firing up the base because Obama is losing on all polls with the Independents. The base needs to start working on getting out the vote and maybe we could get one of our wealthy followers to make a video discounting all of the garbage spewed by the repubs. It is the Independents that both parties are aiming for. The true believers won't change their minds.

  12. I really can't tell what audience this is meant for. The fellow whose name is on it says he didn't put it together - that he voted for Obama, then became an Independent, and is now a conservative, and thought it was important to get it out. Blah, blah, blah. So, we know he's lying. All I can say is that the propaganda war these people are waging is well financed and well organized.

    A psychologist friend of mine is in a writing workshop made up of several wing-nuts. She talks about how aggressive they are and that she has to leave the room in order not to gag.

    I hope saner minds prevail but I worry about the old, "Tell a lie often enough and people will believe it." I'm very uneasy about all this. I don't want us to be like the decent Germans who did nothing until it was too late.

    Sue: I hope I didn't hurt your feelings but I've really been under the gun the last couple of days.

  13. The Democratic party needs to start firing up the base because Obama is losing on all polls with the Independents.

    According to polls, the most broadly-popular aspects of the health-reform bill were the public option and the Medicare expansion -- the very things that the Republicans and Lieberman forced the Democrats to take out as the price for passing the Senate.

    This is probably why the health bill, and the Democrats along with it, have been losing popular support.

    We need to emphasize the point that it was the Republicans who insisted on stripping the bill of its most popular elements.

  14. Leslie don't be silly!! I haven't a clue what it all means anyway!!! LOL. TAG??? I have no clue!!

  15. Infidel said: We need to emphasize the point that it was the Republicans who insisted on stripping the bill of its most popular elements.

    True, but will anyone listen?

    Sue: Just thought I'd been a little snitty in my response - which I can be from time to time.

  16. Darlene - To me it's a no-brainer. How in the world can anyone support a party that has allowed itself to be taken over by a bunch of wing-nuts?

  17. The election of Obama and the Democrats has unleashed a profound sickness into the body politic. We are seeing liberalism for what it really is without its usual constraints. It's as if every possible malignancy that has been hiding behind the liberal mask is now out in the open. This is a profoundly dangerous time for America. The Democrats are indeed imploding. Men like Nelson of Nebraska are dissolving before our eyes as the contradictions he has embraced are eating him alive.
    So let me be blunt: we’re not here to compete for Pulitzer Prizes, to sit on committees, to scratch each other’s backs on the weekend television wagfests or to conform to some arbitrary code of ethics cooked up in the days when the mainstream media was the only game in town, and had already begun to cozy up to the government and the establishment, thus abandoning its constitutional mission of keeping a finger on the pulse of America, and an eye on the crooks... Their back room deals and crony-ism is now so blatant even the NBC reporters are noticing it. Can't wait to see which rat leaves the sinking ship next.
    The good news is that Obama is bringing Americans together -- against him.

  18. Policywanker: Succinctly put and I thank you.
    Please come back.

    Listen: I hate to disappoint you but I'm as excited about Obama as I was the day he was elected. And I have no intentions of looking elsewhere, especially toward someone like Palin. He's accomplished an impressive amount of improvements for our country despite the constant obstructionism from the right. He's got brain power and something else so many people seem to be lacking these days - class.

    The other alternative is a group of loud, hate-filled, ignorant people who haven't read their history since 6th grade and know nothing about the Constitution, health care, international affairs, poverty and a myriad of other things. I don't like hate or prejudice and I don't want people forcing their religion on me.

    I worked in the media for a lot of years. In my opinion and the opinion of others who know such things intimately, the MSM has swung decidedly to the right.

    I checked your blog. You have some pretty harsh words about John Allen Muhammad - a very despicable man. You said nothing about James Von Brunn, also a despicable man. Don't they both deserve you attention?

  19. Well, Leslie! Look at the thriving commentary community you've built up here. I have to say that I'm duly impressed. I think back to the neophyte blogger who once approached me to learn a few things about HTML and the online medium and now I see you holding court amongst a sea of equally learned scholars and dedicated trolls.

    You have truly become the mistress of your own domain name. I bow low before your online networking skills (because reaching out to other people, even digitally, has been one of my great Achilles heals). All the best to your continued efforts, my wise padawan.

  20. JBW:If it hadn't been for your patience and kindness, I doubt that I'd still be here. To be honest, there are days when I'm not sure that's a good thing thanks to the "dedicated trolls." What a nasty, noisy bunch they are.
    Didn't their mommies ever teach them any manners? They really hadn't discovered me until I wrote about the Birchers and then it/they came crawling out of the woodwork like termites.

    Anyway, I owe it all to you, my friend. Still don't know that HTML too well - in time. But I thank you and you know your blog is numero uno for me.

  21. Leslie,

    There are actually only three trolls, they all are middle aged and still living with their mothers...

    A couple of them have changed their profile pictures from being men to now being women....

    They seem to all originate from New York...

    I guess if they weren't trolling they would be kidnapping people and locking them in their basements for their own enjoyment and sexual pleasures...

  22. They must all be on SS and are trying to supplement their incomes by trolling for the Tea Baggers. Sexual pleasures? Hmm. That's kind of like Rush judging the Miss America pageant. Will he even know what he's looking at?

  23. Haven't you heard, Leslie? Being anonymous online means you don't need to have any manners, despite what your momma beat into you.

    And don't worry about El Rushbo, I'm sure he has a cigar box full of Viagra lying around that he can bring with him to the pageant to keep his compass pointing true north.