Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, January 21, 2010

McCain one tough acting dude

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain tried his tough guy routine during today's Homeland Security Committee Flight 253 hearing. He pulled out both barrels when questioning National Counter-terrorism Center Director Michael Leiter.

McCain "pointed to a missed red flag: the fact that accused Christmas bomber Umar Abdulmutallab bought a one-way ticket with cash to travel from Lagos, Nigeria, to Detroit." Wrong, pahdner. The accused terrorist flew to Detroit on a round-trip ticket that he bought in Ghana.

But when National Counterterrorism Center Director Michael Leiter corrected the senator, McCain didn't seem happy, admonishing Leiter, who ended up apologizing.

And when is everybody going to quit apologizing to this senile old fart?

Leiter also corrects McCain's suggestion that Abdulmutallab bought his ticket in Copenhagen (he didn't) and that a cash purchase (routine in Africa) should have been a red flag.

Stick 'em up dude.


  1. Senile old fart! He gets his info from Glenn Beck, lol

  2. When will this joker stop getting a pass to say any bullshit he wants because he was a POW?

    I long for the day when he can be called the deluded fool he is without having to caveat that with a thank you for his service.

    The republicans never cared about that protocol with John Kerry.

  3. Like so many arrogant people, he's not real bright, but people still bow and scrape before him. And the MSM interviews him as if he's a guru instead of a washed up old man.