Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lieberman tells ABC there's no facility more humane than GITMO

Is it my imagination, but does Joe look like he's aged over the last few weeks? And why does the media keep interviewing him and John McCain?


  1. The reason the media keeps interviewing these two is because these two go out of their way to be 'good soundbites'

    They are called media whores...

    I am sure that Gitmo is more humane than being sent to a Pakistani Jail or to Saudi Arabia/Egypt/Syria for interrogation...

    What they needed to ask Mr Joe is based upon the fact that we now know that by returning these 'intelligence assets' back to their home countries after we find out what we want to know makes them bigger terrorists and threats to America than what they were before they entered Gitmo then what difference does how humane Gitmo is has to do with anything?

    We now know that the leaders of Al Qaeda in Yemen were in Gitmo and now we are going to end up spending money and sending troops to Yemen to attack that threat....

    I wonder how much of the issues in Pakistan has to do with Gitmo detainees being sent back there?

    Gitmo has become an incubator....

  2. In keeping with polite discourse I don't want to say anything bad about Lieberman.
    I'll just comment that I'd love to see him wintering and summering in that humane facility for the remainder of his days.

  3. This man Lieberman, is a champion of Israel, you would think he could show a little sensitivity when it comes throwing people into camps that have a reputation for rigorous interrogation.

  4. Since he thinks it's so great, I say let him spend his retirement there. Sunny all the time, surrounded by 'commies', what's not to like?

  5. I've dedicated many blogs to Joe where I've expressed my complete dislike of the man. I think he is a despicable snake. I hope he soon disappears into political obscurity.

    Being an inveterate people watcher and a student of body language (often tells more than words), the day after people posted his email address on their blogs, he looked a bit dazed. I think he got a whole bunch of those emails and was absolutely knocked off balance. I don't think it had actually occurred to him how much and how many people disapproved of him - or how angry they were.

    Enjoyed your comments as always.

  6. I cannot abide Joe! It has become a serious thing with me. If his disgusting face graces my TV screen I switch to something intellectual like Malcolm in the Middle, or Two and a Half Men. As to GITMO, however, I can pretty much guarantee, that for a prison, not a country club, it is no less humane than maximum security prisons in the United States. There are a number of reasons for this but the main reason would be less than altruistic. It would be a result of heavy media and government scrutiny.

  7. His face seems to get redder and redder and puffier and puffier.

    I've read a lot of horror stories about the treatment of prisoners not only by the guards but by other prisoners. It's pretty damn sick.
    There hasn't been a lot of exposure on the treatment of prisoners in the media, I suspect because the authorities aren't about to let them in. Women's' prisons seem to get a little more coverage but very little. Ted Koppel did a series about 10 years ago - but you're not going to see the rapes and hard core