Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, January 01, 2010

Tea Baggers bagging the Democrats for being copy-cats

The Tea Baggers never cease to amaze me. They have the audacity and blatant hypocrisy to criticize the Democrats for shouting their glee over Rush Limbaugh's hospitalization. Personally, I think such behavior is wrong and I wish we wouldn't act like such ninnies - except among us chickens.

We are supposed to be more civilized. Like every other liberal, I think the man is despicable and the Tea Baggers lower than the bottom of a pile of muck. But we should avoid their wretched un-American, un-Christian kind of behavior.

Even the former pain pill addict has been guilty of mud slinging once or twice. When Jerry Garcia died, Limbaugh called the talented musician "just another dead doper." Hm, there is a difference here.

Before Edward Kennedy died, the ultra-conservative forecast that the ailing senator would be dead before health care reform passed. After Kennedy's death, Limbaugh gloated over his prescience, "I predicted it, and I caught all kinds of grief for it out there."

But the Tea Baggers went on their merry vicious way. When 70,000 of them gathered in Washington last month, December 2009, they had the absolute barbarity to carry signs advocating the death of the president of the United States. "Bury Obama with Kennedy." Now, that's mighty Christian.

Just days after several Republican Senators joined the usual suspects among the religious right in a "prayercast" to plead to the Almighty for the defeat of health care, Oklahoma's Tom Coburn on the eve of the Senate health care vote declared. "What the American people ought to pray is that somebody can't make the vote tonight."

Then there are the right-wing threats and conservative pleas which in ways subtle and not seek the death of the President of the United States.

Just one episode should suffice to tell the tale. With the buttons, bumper stickers and teddy bears displaying "Pray for Obama: Psalm 109:8," Obama haters were turning to the Bible to "let his days be few; and let another take his office" and "let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

Again, these good Christians are committing treason as well as using the Bible to advocate death.

Crooks and Liars also recommends that these holier-than-thou patriots should review another part of the Bible: "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

I don't want to get on a soap box, but all my life there are only a few things that push my button: lying, hypocracy, treason and using religion and the Bible to advocate the death of the president or anyone else.

AMERICA: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT (sound familiar?)


  1. I want to know why it is to be believed that I should have more class and humanity than others?

    My motto has always been, "I will let you pick the game, I will let you set the rules, I will even let you throw the first punch.....and then I will proceed to mop the floor with your sorry ass...."

    Nothing in that says I have to be classy or humane...

    I am sure that Rush Limbaugh has no problem with the concept of '...he who lives by the sword dies by the sword...' and as such, he would be very disappointed if why did not slander his fat little sick ass....

    Your class and humanity is what he mocks....

  2. Leslie,
    well put and you're right. I heard teabaggers coworkers trashing Kennedy and you're right, they do exhibit that hypocrisy. If they would just STFU and quit being so hypocritical it would be fine. But the never quit, do they ?

    It's like criticizing Palin, and they say I do it cause I believe a womans place is in the kitchen.

    Excuse me ? A Repub saying that? and they do it without shame.

  3. TAO: When I wrote this, I was trying to come up with something other than "class and hunmanity" but couldn't pull it up. I have changed it to "civilized."

    Limbaugh is like the neighborhood bully. Underneath all that bluster is a coward.

    OSO: Very similar to when that right-wing nut Phyllis Schlafly
    went running all over the country campaigning against women's rights. Her thesis was that woman's [lace was in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

  4. "Limbaugh is like the neighborhood bully. Underneath all that bluster is a coward."


    What else would anyone call a guy who made his maid score Oxycontin for him? Most bullies are cowards at heart.

    Do I care that Gasbag had chest pains?

    I care as much as he cared about Kurt Cobain:

    “Kurt Cobain was, ladies and gentlemen, a worthless shred of human debris.” --Rush Limbaugh

    And Michael J. Fox:

    "He is exaggerating the effects of the disease. He's moving all around and shaking and it's purely an act. ... This is really shameless of Michael J. Fox. Either he didn't take his medication or he's acting." --on an ad by Michael J. Fox endorsing Claire McCaskill for Senate for supporting embryonic stem cell research

    That Overindulgent Gasbag deserves exactly the kind of humanity he has shown to others over his bloviated, overprivileged and undereducated life.

  5. do unto they have done to others....

    That works for me!

  6. Here's my observation from a lifetime as a smalltime political hack in two words: Fuck them.

    Hypocrisy and lies is all these jokers know. It's what appeals to the idiots and bigots their trying to dupe into voting for their candidates. We all remember Bush's people touting that we should vote for Bush because more people would want to drink beer with him. Of course, it would take a lot of beer for me to want to be around that clown, but I digress.

    I have no problem anymore, despite my long devotion to kind and gentleness, with throwing out civility and just making our own appeals to the idiots. They can keep the bigots.

    Hey Rush you fat assed, drug addled, Chevy hating piece of crap. I don't hope you die, soon. I hope you suffer with incontinance. I hope yo get a colostomy bag that you break while in your gas guzling, Chavez loving Humvee because your fat was rolling around from the potholes your big assed tires made in the roads that hard working, real Americans have to drive to work. I hope all the bile that oozes out of your bag stinks up your Humvee so bad that you won't even be able to afford to pay some poor illegal immigrant enough to put up with your stench to get you out.

    Wallow in your own filth sleazbag.

    There. I said it and I'm glad. Happy New Year.

  7. wow Truth that was awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed it!!

    Limpy is like a snake in the grass, who does he think he is talking about MJ Fox?? All conservatives hate Hollywood, it's jealousy I think.

    Love the new picture Oso!!

  8. Rush is out of the hospital, but he will be back. He over does everything from his drugs, his food, his cigars, and most of all his political oratory. He's killing himself, on all accounts. No need to pray for his demise, he is working hard at it.

  9. Let me make this short and sweet. I have no sympathy with the guy. If I listened to his show, I'd be delighted to hear the microphone go dead.

    You can rest assured, if the opportunity presented itself, I'd poke them where it hurts the most. But since I don't have a cane, I guess Id just have to settle for whupping them in the ass.

    Until that time comes - and it may not be far away - I do not wish to act like slime.

    Shaw, I had forgotten his comments about Michael J. Fox. They were so outrageous.

    HEADS UP EVERYONE. Go to Shaw's blog and watch the most impressive and moving video you will ever see. I just keep going back.

  10. 90% of my relatives are right-wingers. I learned a long time ago not to discuss politics or religion with them. Like most righties, they have rather closed minds and they're simply not going to listen to rational discussions of the facts. Their whole existence is based on their interpretation of the Bible. Obviously mine isn't.

    On the other hand, they are loving and kind people. I cannot envision them taking part in one of these Tea Bagger demonstrations. While intolerant, hopefully they don't advocate the death of the president. But, you see, I love them, even knowing that should these right-wingers get in control of our government, many of us will be jailed as political prisoners.

  11. That Limbaugh found himself in the same hospital he'd mistakenly used to spread birther nonsense is just karmic surrealism.

    PS Leslie, you can watch that video whenever you want at this permanent URL:

  12. Thanks, Matt. It is really a phenomenal piece of work. Shall bookmark it. And I hope my friends here will take a look.

    Can't believe you're from Muscle Shoals. Will have to check out your blogs.

  13. Damn, Truth. I just wish you'd say what's on your mind. I like the ring of truth here:

    "I hope you suffer with incontinance. I hope yo get a colostomy bag that you break while in your gas guzling, Chavez loving Humvee because your fat was rolling around from the potholes your big assed tires made in the roads that hard working, real Americans have to drive to work."

    We're smarter than those ignorant hypocrites, so I think we have to play smarter - a little psychological warfare if you like.
    He's a hideous old fart and needs to wear brown shirts.

    But if we don't call him names, or say anything, the hypocrites on the right aren't going to have anything to complain about. It seems to me we're giving them yet another weapon for their arsenal.
    Yes, I'm sure they'll find something else to lie/complain about but why hand them their shit on a silver platter?

  14. My experience of talking to people who quote the bible at you (usually the old testament) and to the people who have a right wing way of thinking, is that they know nothing about religion or politics as a whole. People who have studied Theology or Political Science are different, a pleasure to debate with, but those mobs, who write their own banners and have conversations with God and hang on to Limbaugh's every word, are living in some strange bizarro world, the thing that bothers me most, is that there are 10s of millions of them.

  15. Holte, I totally agree with what you're saying. There's a vast chasm between those who interpret the Bible literally and those who have had theology and religious history classes. This doesn't necessarily indicate that they're non-believers or un-Christian, they just have a more scholarly approach to it.

    A few statistics that might cheer you up. Remember, I mentioned that
    70,000 Tea Baggers gathered in D.C. last month? The March on Washington in 1963 attracted over 250,000. Of course the organizers in '63 had more sense than to schedule something in Dec., but the a lot of the Tea Baggers were hired help. They didn't have to hitch-hike and sleep in the park.