Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, January 22, 2010

We all need some cheering up and here it is

Liberal Values makes us happy with the results of a poll from Public Policy Polling which finds that only "19 percent of voters are happy with the direction of the Republican party." Believe me, this is a much more reliable group than those Rasmussen folks.

To make us doubly happy, in the very next post Liberal Values cites a couple of other polls  - CBS and the Wall Street Journal/NBC - which support PPP's findings.

And now I'm going to be the Wicked Witch of the South and tell you no more. You'll just have to link over there to read the articles for yourselves. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. This has been one s**t-filled week for us Democrats and we deserve to feel good.


  1. YAY!!! GO DEMS!!! Billo did a whole segment tonight on the downfall of the Democratic party. He was dead serious with charts and all! It was so full of sickening lies I could not watch another minute of it. I don't know how American citizens can watch such lying scumbags!!

    Thanks for the happy news!!

  2. Ron always posts respectable polls, so I generally pay attention to his. After this kind of eek, it's a bit of a moral boast to hear something on the positive side,

  3. Yes, it's encouraging. We are over-interpreting Brown/Coakley just as much as the whooping right-wingers are. The overall situation is still much better for us than for the opposition.

  4. After the supreme court's decision earlier this week, I just have to wonder how relevant any of this will be anymore - you know, what the people think, versus what Exxon Mobile and the other megaconglomerates think.

  5. Good news for sure, but I am with Beekeeper on this.

  6. Did I really say "this kind of eek?" Must have been a Freudian slip.

    I've commented on a couple of posts that this decision may backfire on Republicans. The low and middle income - and even the slightly above middle income - hate and are very suspicious of big money. The wing-nuts, who believe all the crap that's handed out to them, are a minority and we need to quit letting them spook us.

    There are even indications that some corporations aren't happy with the decision, as witnessed in my previous post. While they aren't on the same scale as Exxon, it shows a few cracks in the system. But I'll be the first to admit I know nothing about big money - or small money for that matter.

  7. Thanks for that, Tnlib. Before I became disabled, opinion research was my field. Rasmussen is well known for wording and/or ordering their questions in such a way as to skew the outcome.

  8. Hi Leslie,
    OT yes Barbara Jordan was an incredible woman.I always read about how she was LBJ's protege, which made me respect the man.

    I think she was the ideal politician-the people came before the party.

  9. Frodo apologizes for not commenting on the very good work you have been doing. Some times life infringes on dialogue.

    To call John McCain an old fart, well, that ignores the skid marks.

  10. TC: They also received some big bucks from the Bushes for polls. You think they were going to loose all that money telling pa and sonny they didn't have a chance. But, as we all know, they did win.

    Oso: She could send chills up and down my spine. Eloquent like Kennedy was. Totally honest. And then that old MS got her.

    Vietnam was LBJ's Waterloo, which overshadowed his many accomplishments and diverted his attention from some of the Great Society programs. But he was the politician's politician.

  11. The vote for Barack Obama was for CHANGE...

    So was the vote for Brown....

    Somebody is going to have to realize that the people want more change than what they are getting NOW....

  12. Frodo: Thank you. I've been wondering where you've been. Hope all is well with you.

    TAO: I can't tell you how much I disagree with you and anyone who wants change NOW. It just doesn't work that way NOW or EVER - especially in the world of politics, whether it's domestic or international conflict. I think we Americans are terribly unrealistic, whiny, self-absorbed and just plain spoiled. I think it's amazing that Obama has accomplished anything at all against that wall of concrete the GOP and yeller dawgs have built.

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  14. I wish to publicly apologize to TAO. I consider him a friend and think he's a hell of a blogger. I welcome his insight, of course, and hope he'll not stay away. I snapped when I shouldn't have and there's no excuse for it.

  15. Tnlib,

    There was no need to apologize...

    What you need to do is not get so emotional about the moment and step back and look for historical precedents that can explain what is going on today.

    Obama is a tranformational president. He did not have a great year but most transformational presidents do not have a great year (think JFK or Reagan).

    Obama has a 75% personal approval rating and that gives him a a large resevior of support!

    Remember, a large percentage of people who voted for Brown did so because they were angry at democrats for not being LIBERAL enough.

    In a two party system what options do the voters have to express themselves?

    The frustration that is consistent in the election of Obama and Brown is that our government no longer works for the people.

    The democrats in congress are as beholden to special interests as the repbulcians are and that frustrates people.

    Remember the pundits jobs are to spin stuff, half the crap you read on blogs is nothing more than spin....

    The teabaggers is just another example of this frustration....right now it is organized and directed at Obama but the real frustration that created the movement is that people are tired of everyone benefitting from our government but them.

    Americans are fundamentally fair.....and the anger is the unfairness of the political process.

    JFK represented a sweeping change when he was elected and the frustration at that time exploded onto the streets because the polticial system could not react to change fast enough...

    The same thing is happening today.....

  16. TAO: I want to think about this a little before responding. In other words, I want to be cool, calm and collected - which, as we know, is not always my best asset.

  17. TAO: "Remember, a large percentage of people who voted for Brown did so because they were angry at democrats for not being LIBERAL enough"

    I hear this and I read it, but it just doesn't make sense to me to vote for a proven conservative just because you're mad that the HC bill doesn't have a PO. There are just so many other issues at hand, issues which Brown will not support. If it is true, I have a feeling that Obama got the message and maybe that's why he pulled back - to be able to regroup and come back at it from a different angle.

    Obama is young and he's made some mistakes - some bigger than others. His desire to work in a non-partisan manner was noble but completely naive. Hopefully he learned a painful lesson.

    " The democrats in congress are as beholden to special interests as the Republicans are and that frustrates people."

    That's been going on since the country was founded and people have historically claimed that they weren't being represented.

    Maybe the Tea Buggers are frustrated because they haven't "benefited" from the government but them. 1) They were financed by big money from different corporations and their reps; 2) Seems to me that one of their complaints is there's too much government - the two don't jive; 3) There's a boat-load of ignorance amongst them; 4) I've said from the beginning that the basis for all this anger is hate and racism and I still think that.

    I have too many in my family who exemplify this - they're all ignorant and some are rich as hell. From day one of Obama's election, they and their fellow Tea Buggers have been pissed off as hell because a n* was elected president. As far as I'm concerned all this other yammering was a pretence. They're not going to admit out loud that this is the case but I know better.

    I couldn't vote for him, but JFK was the first presidential candidate I volunteered for. I respected him but as years have passed my passion has lessened to some extent. Had he lived I'm not sure he would have succeeded in getting the civil rights legislation passed. I think it took LBJ's nose-to-nose and arm-twisting persuasion - along with some help from the Republican side - people like Dirksen for one. Not one Republican had the balls to cross the aisle for HC reform - and then there was the turn-coat.

    Although Eisenhower was the first to send in "peace-keepers" to Vietnam it was JFK who actually sent in troops. It was not until 1965 that the anti-war demonstrations took off.

    I was one of those who took to the streets and stood on every platform I could find. I had already been very active in civil rights and remained so. The only reason I'm mentioning this is because that period of time laid the foundation for firmly believing that if you want people/Congress/the president to listen, you have to get active. People who simply sit around pissing and moaning need to get off their asses and start organizing, writing letters, sending emails (and I don't mean these online scripted petitions), going after their local reps, canvassing, holding meetings, getting press, etc.

    Andrew Sullivan isn't the only Brit who gave Obama good marks is first year - there have even been some in our own media, amazingly enough.