Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, April 05, 2010

Finally, John McCain and I agree on something

I've been saying it all over the Blogosphere ever since I started Parsley's Pics but would anyone listen? No. But now here's proof. The man himself agrees with me - at least this week.


  1. Poor old guy. He says exactly what he THINKS we want him to say at any given time and place, He says what he believes will further his career. Dumb 'ole geezer.

    I often say President Obama reads my blog, AND listens to me too! ;-)

  2. If Obama doesn't listen to you, he should Sue. I think I read that someplace before. Huh.

    He should listen to Leslie also. As should John McCain.

  3. Leslie,
    TPM left out the remainder of the quote. After "I never considered myself a maverick", McCain then went on to say:

    "I never considered myself a scumbag. I also never considered myself a lying piece of crap, nor did I ever consider myself a worthless slithering weasel.In spite of all the evidence to the contrary I never considered myself to be bought and paid for by Charles Keating, nor did I consider myself a cad and a sleazebucket for dumping my wife after finding she'd been disfigured in a car accident. I never considered myself a pimple on the ass of humanity and I certainly never considered myself a plane-crashing degenerate psychopath".

    Apparently at some point the Senator realized the interview was over and the lights had been dimmed, at which point he screamed at his driver to get off his ass and drive him home.

  4. Oso,
    And those are the nice things about him. :)

  5. Old McKeating is getting so senile he'd forgetting the ads he ran in 2008.

    Sad, that is.

  6. One day Palin will claim she never went "rogue".
    Actually that would be true too, 'cause she's a brainless puppet.

  7. Those who are remembering "McKeating" probably have selective memories: remembering the one Republican in the Keating 5, instead of the 4 Democrats.

    Magpie: Of course. She's brainless just because she does not share your exact political views.

  8. I don't agree with Cristopher Hitchens on some things, dmarks, but I don't regard him as stupid.

    You're welcome to see things differently of course :-)

  9. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that SP is both dumb AND ignorant - a very, very dangerous combination. I dare say a mid-level mental health pro would be able to spot some other issues there.

    I neither like her nor respect her - just as I have no respect for her admirers, defenders and followers. Hope that covers all of them. And frankly, I don't give two hoots in hell whether or not I agree with her. She is what she is.

    Yes, JMc was the only Republican in the Keating 5, however, unlike the four Democrats, he escaped being censured. Instead he merely received a mild slap on the wrist for using "bad judgement." I guess this is what is meant when it's said that he works both sides of the aisle.

    Oso - that is the best comment I've read since I've been blogging.

  10. Leslie,
    Here's an oldie I wrote back in 2008 about the senior senator from Arizona.

    John McCain has never met a policy or statement that he couldn't change his mind about.

  11. "Of course. She's brainless just because she does not share your exact political views."

    dmarks, We can always count on you to always defend SP whenever someone gives their not-too-flattering opinion of her intelligence on blogs.

    But let's be honest, we understand that SP has "star power" with only a small percentage of the American people--people who are willing to overlook her deficit in in being able to seriously understand and discuss domestic and foreign policy.

    She is essentially a spokesperson for the extreme right, who has exploited her fame for personal gain.

    People who truly believe in what they say or do don't quit--she quit her job and let down the people in Alaska who voted for her to do it.

    She has NEVER been able to sit down with a serious journalist/interviewer for an unscripted discussion on foreign and domestic issues facing this country. She was not able to do what every candidate running for high office in this country has done--she's the only one.

    The only explanation for this is that she is not intellectually capable of indepth discussion of such important issues. This sort of discussion never happened when she was hoping to become the second most important Constitutional officer in the country.

    She's fine in the role she has carved out for herself--attracting donors to the GOP, exciting Tea Partiers with lies [death panels anyone?], and making money by speaking to people who admire her glamorous superficiality.

    People don't say she's stupid just because they disagree with her, people determine she's not too bright because of what she says.

  12. Leslie agreeing with McPain (rubbing eyes, shaking heard) unless it was satire?

  13. Mycue: Terrific piece - great satire - and urge everyone here to link to it.

    Shaw: You hit all the nails right on their heads. When people such as David Brooks and George Will call her stupid or C Powell indicates his disdain, people need to pay attention.

    Holte: I don't know whether it's truth or fiction or satire. Have been arguing for a year that McC is no maverick.

  14. He's no maverick...and no hero. He is just an old man past his retirement age.

  15. I always thought McCain was just senile anyway.

    LOL!!!!! Oso, that had me on the floor.

  16. tnlib said: "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that SP is both dumb AND ignorant".

    It doesn't take a rocket scientist, but it does take someone on the left side of the aisle. The hatred of Palin is for the most part based in partisanship.

    Shaw: I haven't even thrown in my support for her as a candidate of any kind, but I think it is senseless when I see people call her dumb for not having the correct political views, people bash her because she is female, and also because she is a special needs parent. I've seen this all on left-wing blogs.

    If I frequented the type of blog that does that, I'd defend Michelle Obama against partisanship-based insults as I saw them come up.

    "She is essentially a spokesperson for the extreme right"

    She's no more extreme than Barack Obama. This is clearly use of the word "extreme" for effect without regard to its meaning. I agree that the Right is baseless to call Obama a member of the extreme right, but it is just as baseless to tar Palin equally as meaninglessly with the "Extreme" label.

  17. dmarks,
    re:Keating 5,it wasn't selective memory rather selective sarcasm.But you are absolutely correct.

  18. Yeah, LOL, I can agree with him on that.

    OSO! LMFAO!!! Oh, dear, my face hurts, that was the funniest damned thing I've read in awhile. I'm telling you, you need to write a book. I'll even collaborate on it with you.

  19. dmarks said, "It doesn't take a rocket scientist, but it does take someone on the left side of the aisle. The hatred of Palin is for the most part based in partisanship."

    I suppose this is why over 200,000 PA Republicans switched parties in 2008 - as noted on national news (NOT Foxy) several times.

    I said, "I don't give two hoots in hell whether or not I agree with her."

    If she were a raging member of the left Socialist Party, I'd still say she is stupid, okay? I know too many Republicans who think she's a total ditz.

    dmarks, I want to proceed very slowly here because I do not wish to be insulting. I think it's very admirable that you bend over backwards to be fair (except when it comes to Obama who is by no means an extremest)but I am really tired out of my gourd with the SP thread. It has gone on forever - everyone says the same thing over and over. Repetition is stagnating my comments section and, to be perfectly honest, I don't like it.

  20. Any very slight claim McCain still had in 2004 to being a maverick dissolved when he embraced George W. Bush at the Republican convention, then praised the incompetent jerk to the skies.

    Talk about licking the boot that kicks you. For that matter, talk about grubbing for future votes, whatever it takes.