Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Violence on the Right

I like to hear someone else say what I so strongly believe.

Joan Walsh: "Right now there is a climate of violence on the Right."


  1. Damn straight there is and given the right circumstances those people will hurt us if they think that will help them achieve life the way they want it. LTFO!

  2. I hope they don't and I really don't think they will. Their base isn't growing enough to be a serious threat. In fact, I think they are beginning to turn people off.

  3. I remember vividly the same air of violence by the right wingnuts when Clinton was president, ie: Timothy McVeigh (curiously enough a man named Joseph McVey was arrested in N.C. carrying a weapon and driving a car with "law enforcement like strobe lights" just as Obama was preparing to leave Asheville, NC).

    The nations top FBI agent, Director Mueller warns the nation that the "home-grown and lone-wolf extremists” now represent as serious a threat as Al Qaeda and its affiliates,"

    "When the Department of Homeland Security issued a report warning of potential violence by "right-wing extremists," the right-wingers of the internet were enraged. Then some right-wing extremists started killing people.

    Three—three!—political shootings by right-wing extremists does actually make a trend, mostly because it's not accidental that the crazies are turning violent now. Right-wing domestic terror, weirdly, spikes when the right-wing media step up the intensity and violence of their rhetoric—which they happen to do when Democrats are in charge. Hey, remember Oklahoma City? Guess what: now we don't just have a regular Democrat president, we have a black man who is a secret Muslim! Sean Hannity and Dick Cheney and Bill O'Reilly tell the nuts that the nation is literally in danger because a terrorist has stolen the White House. So what happens then?"

    Bill Cliniton Warns Teabaggers Could Incite Right-wing Extremism

    Arizona immigration law creates rift

    White Supremacists Anti-immigration reform rally sparks violence in LA.

    I wonder when we liberals are going to find ourselves buried in muddy dams in Mississippi?

    tnlib - I truly fear that the violent right-wing groups look forward to the moment the peace loving left is least suspecting to demonstrate their vitriol through death and carnage. After all, who would've though OKC would be a target, babies and all, until it happened.

    They may very well be turning off the more sane of us who choose not to respond to their threats, but in doing so, the true nutcaes like McVeigh are taking this shit damned seriously and it's those we need to fear and take damned serious.

  4. Boomer, Boomer: What a fabulous comment but a very dire one, I must say. I wasn't aware of the NC and LA incidents. Your last paragraph is right on the mark.

    I'll check out those links. Maybe they will be worth a blog. If so I will by all means give you credit.
    Would also like to use portions of your comments because they are so very good.

    Thank you. It all scares the hell out of me.

  5. Kooks have always been among us. And they use whatever means necessary to justify or get away with their kookiness. The tea bagger movement gives nutjobs a great excuse to go in public spewing their nutjobbery without fear of embarrassment.

  6. One fly is absolutely right. They will hurt us if it helps them. Good piece.

  7. The Klanbaggers are more furious every day that the uppity n____r is strutting around like he's as good as THEY are.

    I suspect that Pretty Boy McVey will not be the last one caught with a gun in the proximity of the President. The Klanservatives seem to be intent on teaching that damn n____r a lesson.

  8. Oh you guys, I'm getting so discouraged. We just need one courageous Republican to speak out publicly against this insanity, but they have all prostituted themselves. Even someone like a William F. Buckley. I didn't care for him back then but I think I'd like him now.

  9. It is frightening and depressing. I do take them seriously and think everyone should too. The violent right wingers are unhinged.

    I think the Limbaugh's and others that encourage this line of thinking should be arrested for yelling fire in a crowded theater.

  10. They want us (meaning everyone) to be afraid of them.

    I don't fear much, and I sure don't fear them.

  11. Darlene: Beck and Co. and Fox all bear a lot of responsibility for this insanity. The accurate wording is, "falsely crying fire." I don't know how much the
    "falsely" would add or take away from a case but it would certainly have an impact. I see sedition more than anything else.

    Bee: You go first and I'll be right behind you. ; )

  12. Both sides have been violent in the past. As a former Green Party chair and former DFL (that's Minnesotan for Democrat) precinct chair I have been part of the Left culture enough to know their is plenty of intolerance and a willingness to 'do what it takes' to create a utopia. Having realized that and allowing myself to trust other people more my libertarian, Small is Beautiful, thoughts have come out and led me to the Republican party as the lesser of two evils. The things advocated for my the left are great, if they can be done is small consensual groups, but when forced upon the masses by a group of 600 people living in Ivory towers and White Houses is wrong. Thus, pay attention to how things are accomplished. Accomplish them through your local efforts, not through the brute force of the federal government. I believe it will be more meaningful for each of us and we too will be benefactors of our efforts.

  13. From the way it sounds, you'll probably be much happier in the Republican party.