Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's Happening in the Neighborhood

Recommended links: April  18 - 24, 2009

Loving the Constitution to death.

Malcontent and the Teabag. Includes an interesting analysis and map of TP concentration in the U.S.

Open letter to the Tea Party.

How WellPoint treats women with breast cancer.

An Autralian's look at American extremism.

Tea Party Racism and the Black Vote.

An unusal exchange between the Son of Murdoch and the opposition.



  1. Good Morning Ms.TNlib!

    Just wanted to comment on the music video .... an excellent piece of string's work! Nice visual art also.

  2. mornin' L, I'll check out your linky recomendations today. I'm slowly coming around but am in a terrible slump! Most bloggers catch it some time or other, I'm right in the middle of it and it sucks!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. RC: Thanks. This is a favorite of mine.

    Sue: I've been there as you know and so have many of us. It doesn't last, thank God. Will send you an email.

  4. The Klanbaggers will not write the final chapter, but-as always-their selfish stupidity has written the first one.

    They've set the stage for a lot of this country to turn into one of those left wing SOCIALIST (read: diverse) places they're all so scared to death of. Their only hope is that they'll be allowed to freely emigrate to Jesusistan, where they can bask in that apartheid theocracy of a third world hellhole they all want so much. And as an added bonus, those of us who remain in the north will get rid of the costs of having to take care of them in their "golden years."