Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dairy Farm's Animal Abuse: Graphic Video and Petition

I've seen some brutal cases of animal abuse but this is without doubt the sickest and most outrageous. I know what I'd like to do with the clamps these bastards are using. The video is graphic and you probably won't be able to watch but a little but please watch some of it. I hope it moves you to sign the petition from

Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest write in an open letter to Conklin Dairy Farm:

Mr. Conklin,

Our daughter came to us last night urging us to watch the video of the abuse at your plant. She was overcome with grief that human beings could inflict such cruelty and unconscious hatred at the most benign of creatures and their infants. The shocking images were too much for her father and me but we watched enough to know where it led.

There are moments in all our lives where we face our deepest, darkest truths.

This is your moment.

What will you do?
We challenge you to have the courage, as the brave person who filmed this did, to open your doors and your hearts. Become the standard for safety and kindness and actually change -- change your mental state and spend the rest of your lives, and the lives of your descendants, trying to make your farm the leader in humane, clean, loving treatment of the very animals you profit from. You have the opportunity. Certainly one more than those helpless victims of your sick, tortured abuse.

This is your moment. From the ashes of your lives can you re-build yourselves?

We know it is possible, if you have the willingness. But do you?

We are all waiting for your outrage and the outrage of your children and families and friends.

We are all waiting for your next move because we certainly know what ours is....


  1. Signed the petition and will forward on, but given you saying it shows animal abuse, won't watch the video.

  2. I understand, Jess, but thanks for signing and passing on.

  3. god damn those fucking bastards. god damn them to hell.god damn it. Leslie I'm sorry but god damn those sick fucking assholes. god damn them.

  4. Oso: I share your thoughts. It's bad enough that they did this but it's almost worse that they were laughing and enjoying themselves so much. I'm sure they stopped off after work, had a few beers and then went home and beat their wives.

    I hope you signed the petition and I hope everyone shares this on their Facebook and wherever - even their blogs.

  5. Oso: Why don't you put this up on MadMike's?

  6. Disgusting. You really wonder what the fuck went wrong in the womb when you see stories like these.

  7. I didnt find it disturbing only because of my personal experience's working on the farm (upstate New York Correction's Dept)and animal barn's,and during my hunting year's, I had shot and killed many animal's, with bow/ arrow as well ( I havent hunted in year's now) and because this is a perfect video choice to post to show the reality of the nature of the human animal, being the most vicious of all animal's in many cases. I remember upstate (NY) when working what's called "squad duty" (agriculture duties) the abuse to animal's was incredible, and this was year's ago, the cow, pig, and chicken farm's I worked as well as the field's back then. Someone for instance cut up soda can's into piece's once and put them in the hog feed, it got bloody cleaning up the mess, several animal's were forked to death, and several animal's were used for sex, I wont further any detail's out of discretion. I seen some of this the other day on CNN, but not as graphic as this piece you posted. I kicked a few chicken's out of my way working the chicken barn's but nothing brutal, I had to collect morning egg's and these barn's were massive in chicken population, you could barely walk. We take the egg's to a bolier room in there to wash and crate. I dont know why folk's would want to beat up the cow's though, other than venting anger, I am sure they would love to do to fellow human's instead, if they could get away as easy with it. Nonetheless, as I said .... it's the reality of some of humanity, and it's nature.

    Thank You Ms.Leslie .......

  8. I forced myself to watch it and wished I were able to take that pitchfork to those inhumane brutes. I will happily sign the petition.

  9. I watched a bit, turned it off, and signed the petition. I'm sickened.

  10. Ranch Chimp: These low-lifes won't pick on real men because they know they'd get their asses kicked, so they pick on defenseless animals.

    I'm sickened by this; outraged; horrified...oh SO many emotions--after my initial shaking and tears stopped!

    I want to stomp on their necks with MY boots, punch THEM in the heads AND beat THEM with a tire iron! And believe me, if I saw them in person--I WOULD!!

    Don't mess with kids or animals because I turn into one nasty one wants to be around ME then!

    Just the other day I went off on some guy in our showroom because he didn't help his daughter's friend who accidentally knocked over a 500lb motorcycle which fell ON TOP of her and the guy didn't even see if she was okay! He was afraid he'd be responsible for the damages to the damn bike! The morally deprived idiot that he was, he sat in the corner and ignored her! I went ballistic on him! She was only 17 and scared out of her wits! The very least he could have done is asked if she was alright! Thankfully, she was. My gosh, there are days I hate people.

  11. JR: I don't know if it started in the womb or if they were abused as children or watched their mother being slammed all over the place. The American Humane Society, which protects children and animals from cruelty, published a paper that said children who abuse animals grow up to abuse people.

    RC: Chickens can be nasty peckers.
    These guys weren't angry. They were laughing and having a gay ole time of it. They probably stopped off for a few beers after work and went home and beat their wives.

    Darlene: I wouldn't just settle for the pitchfork. I would grab one of those sharp clamps and gone after their family jewels.

    TC: Thanks for signing the petition.

    Pam: I've always preferred the four legged beast myself and think there's something psychologically wrong with folks who don't like animals. My ex was abusive and I don't know how I would have survived without the comfort of my dogs.

    I don't know why the link to the article didn't show up but please put it on your FB page.

  12. Well, I did watch the whole video, although this is the kind of thing that could give a person nightmares. Sickening. Such people would, in another time and place, have been death-camp guards or witch-burners or pogrom mobs.

    I did sign the petition and I'm going to link this on my blog tomorrow (Oso put it on Mad Mike's).

    I do wonder how exceptional this behavior is on farms. I doubt most farms are that bad, but how bad are they?

  13. Infidel, thank you for signing.

    "Such people would, in another time and place, have been death-camp guards or witch-burners or pogrom mobs."

    Absolutely true and I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't members of some patriot mob.

  14. Jess, definitely don't watch it, you won't be able to handle it. Trust me.

    Ok, I grew up around animals...cows, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, etc. Cows are not the brightest animals on the planet, but there is ZERO reason to beat on them and stab them. A broken tail for a cow is absolutely excruciating pain. For these sorry little snot-nosed SOB's to treat them the way they are is...well, they need that pitchfork shoved up their asses a few times to let them know how it feels.

    I saw some of the animals that went through the local stock markets...broken down dairy cows were the worst, and one could suspect that some were subjected to similar treatment.

    Honestly - to treat a thing that way, and laugh and brag and be all excited about it. FBI better watch this videos, because there's a few future serial killers in training. If they'll treat an animal that way, they'll treat their kids/wives/etc. that way too.

    Ever see a kid in a pet store banging on cages and beating on the fish tank, with no one saying "knock it the hell off!"? That's how this sadistic shit gets started.

  15. Bee: I'm as angry as you. I may be repeating myself but animal abuse in Ohio isn't a felony. For each charge the thugs get 90 days and a $750 fine. Big deal.

  16. Pamela: These low-lifes won't pick on real men because they know they'd get their asses kicked, so they pick on defenseless animals

    And "defenseless" is the key point. They wouldn't dare beat up on free-roaming cattle that way either, because the animals could fight back.

    Give these guys some human beings who were physically restrained like these cows are, and the assurance of not being caught, and I shudder to think what they'd do.

  17. I was appalled at the treatment of these farm animals. I have been an animal activist since '92, served on a board of local humane society for 10 yrs. and currently involved with Ohioan for Humane Farms. We are petitioning to get a ballot initiative on the Nov. ballot to set minimum humane living stds. for factory farm animals. That's right folks, there are no living stds. for these animals in OHIO. BUT, besides this blatent abuse on the Conklin Dairy Farm, animals in many of the factory farms live their whole lives suffering in veal crates where they cannot move, chickens in battery cages where they live in a space no bigger than a piece of 8-1/2 x 11" pc. of paper; meanwhile getting debeaked w/o anesthasia because they peck eachother due to lack of space. I have seen videos of pigs on a farm hung by their necks till dead. Everyone must watch the DVD, FOOD, INC. to understand who controls their food supply and how many factory farm animals are really raised. That is REAL cruelty that lasts until they are slaughtered. Big agribusiness has millions of dollars to fight any humane laws we try to pass and they hold the small farmers hostage!

  18. Thank you for your heart rendering comment. Sadly, I don't think Ohio is the only state with a lack of needed legislation. There was a petition that went around right after the story broke but I can't remember who it was from.

    Please don't give up. Stay active. More people like you are needed. As graphic as this video is, I think people sometimes need to be shocked into waking up.

  19. Anon: There's an article in the latest AARP mag about an outfit in NY State called Farm Sanctuary, an organization that rescues farm animals from abuse and slaughterhouses. The executive director is a fellow by the name of Allan Kornberg. The NY sanctuary is in Watkins Glen and there's another in Orland, CA.
    Margot Dougherty is the author.