Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vilsack's Apology Missing One Thing

This statement: "I swear on this Bible never to listen to Andrew Breitbart or any other Tea Party member again."


  1. I think it is missing a big eff you to Breitbart and Fox news and an, oh by the way, turn in your press credential before you leave tonight. They should be ashamed of themselves for turning this into what it was. All because the NAACP smacked the pretty off the tea baggers faces. Breitbart did his O'keefing of a video so he could win either way on this. Now it is all the admin's fault, and I was one of the idiots that fell into that trap myself for a bit yesterday. Instead of focusing on what NAACP had done to the citizens of Teabagistan, here some of us were blaming this admin of being the same way.

    Dimbulb has even said, he thinks the farmer's wife is a plant.

  2. If they offer this lady her job back.
    I hope she refuses.
    In the quote he says he will never listen to them again.
    So how many OTHER times have you listened to them?

    These scum are null and void. Why would any one listen to them?
    Unless it is the sound of them being flushed down the toilet.
    The D.C. sewer system is not big enough to deal with all of them.

  3. I don't think Vilsack did this on his own. It was to big a story from the right pushing their agendas.
    He may have gotten word from higher up. She claimed from the White House.
    Whatever this lady has been vindicated and that's great. I hope our side learned something.

  4. Will she get a big raise if she returns.

  5. No the apology is not complete. It should be,

    I apologize. and I resign.

  6. Exactly right, tnlib, about the need for Vilsack to swear off giving any credibility to dirty-trickster Breitbart and GOP propaganda machine Fox News. The White House should make that pledge as well -- saying why, loudly and often.

    But we need to be clear about the intended beneficiary of Breitbart and Fox's deliberate deception. It's not the tea party, it's the Republican Party. The tea party is a stalking horse. Its function now is to generate racial friction, fear and division in blatant ways without Republican pols being directly involved.

  7. More Tea Party/Republican projection...
    The only way they can confront prejudice is to believe they are prejudice's victims.

    I'm sure a thousand other people are saying this. Might as well say it again....

  8. Jess: Sounds like McCarthyism to me. You can bet that the MSM won't pick up this part of the story.

    RZ: Well, I kind of feel that it would not serve any purpose - personally or professionally - for her to turn it down.

    Tim: I don't get a feel that he had orders from on high. At least I hope not. In any case, it was a quick reversal on his part and I think the petitions and emails had a lot to do with it.

    OneFly: As I understood the video, it sounds like she is being offered a bigger position.

    Vigilante: I doubt if he'll resign (or have to) but it was a really stupid thing to do. Hopefully he and the whole administration will finally get it through their thick skulls just how devious these jerks are.

    SW: I totally agree with you that the Tea Party's function is to be the dirty front men while the GOP looks squeaky clean. I hope and think most Americans are smart enough to see through that.

    Magpie: Certainly you are right on this as well. Not only do they project but they are extremely paranoid - which probably goes hand in hand. Do you have anything like this down under?

  9. Well... hypocrisy and prejudice are pretty much universal, but there is no real parallel here for the tea party.

    A game changer here is that voting is compulsory and on a preferential system.

    No-one forces you to go on the electoral roll, but once you are on it you are required to vote.
    This means most people vote whether they're particularly interested in politics or not, which has the effect of sending the political parties to the center, extremist elements getting marginalized and largely eliminated. You simply cannot afford to disenfranchise a whole segment of the country if you want to survive in politics.

    Thus - looked at from afar - the difference between our mainstream Right and Left is not that great in terms of stated policy. It seems like a big difference to us, but it's not in American terms. Absolutely nothing like the yawning chasm that separates the Democrats from the Republicans.

  10. Magpie: What an interesting concept - I like the idea of extremist elements getting marginalized. That would be refreshing after the last two years of the Tea Party.

  11. Frodo hereby extends an invitation to all readers herein who might find wit and wisdom at "Come On People Now, Smile On Your Brother." Frodo has noted their complaints about the vapid nature of recent days, and, since he is on a mission from Pat Robertson, felt that now was the perfect time to place blame right square on the breast of the beast.
    Please note that Frodo will be out of town for a few days.