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Sandy Hook

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Colorado Tea Party Candidate for Governor Full of Manure

Sometimes it's hard not to call a jackass a jackass when they are a jackass. Dan Maes, a Republican and Tea Party favorite for Colorado governor, has his stuck up higher than Mt. Evans which at 14,000 feet is the highest peak in the state.

Maes is running against John Hickenlooper, current Democratic mayor of Denver since 2003 and active civic leader since he owned the old Wynkoop Brewing Company microbrewery. As mayor, Hickenlooper helped start the first bike-sharing program in the country. "Comparable to Paris, Amsterdam, and Montreal, you can pick up a shiny new red 3-speed Trek bike at any of the 40 stations around town and drop them off at another station." There are already 14,000 memberships.

Sounds like a pretty smart way to cut down on traffic, air and noise pollution, and to contribute to healthy living, don't you think? Well, not according to Muck for Brains.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes is warning voters that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's policies, particularly his efforts to boost bike riding, are "converting Denver into a United Nations community."

"This is all very well-disguised, but it will be exposed," Maes told about 50 supporters who showed up at a campaign rally last week in Centennial.

Maes said in a later interview that he once thought the mayor's efforts to promote cycling and other environmental initiatives were harmless and well-meaning. Now he realizes "that's exactly the attitude they want you to have."

"This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms," Maes said.

"These aren't just warm, fuzzy ideas from the mayor. These are very specific strategies that are dictated to us by this United Nations program that mayors have signed on to."

Maes said in a later interview that he was referring to Denver's membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, an international association that promotes sustainable development and has attracted the membership of more than 1,200 communities, 600 of which are in the United States.
So, when is a jackass not a jackass?

t/h Think Progress


  1. "Sometimes it's hard not to call a jackass a jackass when they are a jackass."

    Had that exact thought today, with RN.

    "So, when is a jackass not a jackass?"

    Whenever a jackass decides to keep their mouth shut.

  2. Tom: LOL. I don't waste my energy on people like RN, SF and Lisa the Loon - except to tell her what a stupid s**t she is.

  3. Damn I missed something...

    Anyway Mr. Jackass is nuts. He is probably a danger to himself or others. Lock him up until he begs to watch Pee Wee's big adventure.

  4. I wonder, do the republicans have secret meetings over a closed circuit TV and discuss these hideously stupid things to say to the so-called smart voters of this country?? Who listens to them, they are dumber then dumbo the elephant. Dumbo the elephant as their logo is very fitting...

  5. "This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms," Maes said.

    My head hurts after hearing about this.

  6. This is Dan's career as described on his website:

    "Dan was able to quickly develop relationships and trust by keeping his word and delivering on his commitments. His natural leadership always led him to management roles and ultimately he earned part of a business through sweat equity. He has never looked back. Dan and his partners sold a telecommunications franchise in 1997. He then started and sold a credit reporting agency between 2005 and 2009 with the goal of public service upon its completion."

    Notice anything?

  7. So, when is a jackass not a jackass?

    When Dan Maes says: "Bicycles lanes OVER MY DEAD BODY" and John Hickenlooper replies: "In that case, you'll be my first speed bump!"

  8. Good post Leslie. There are many more like this guy here in Colorado. These people are too strange and the problem is too many listen to them. YIKES!

  9. The guy kind of looks like Scott Baio.

    Sorry Leslie. That's the best I got tonight.

  10. Leslie,
    Teabaggers are so predictable. No matter how logically you lay out your case for a given issue, if it in any way helps anyone other than the wealthy they will oppose it. Especially if it's something that will help them.

    There are parallels between teabaggers and zombies.Slack-jaws, lack of humanity in their eyes. Inability to reason and innate viciousness.

    Where the parallels don't hold up is diversity. If you've even seen a zombie movie Black and Brown people are well represented.

  11. Jesuski W. Christ. First Scott McInnis, and now this POS. Is the oxygen depletion THAT bad in higher altitudes?

  12. Here is a local article from this mornings fish wrapper where of course he's not a bad guy ya know there.

  13. Tom Emmer-Rep. the guy who wanted to cut waitstaff salaries because they were making $100,000.
    Of course he said he was sorry for making a mistake, he admits he knew no one who made that kind of money waiting tables.
    He's running for Gov. of Minnesota.
    He has two DWI's and is pushing for easing the punishment of drunk drivers.
    Defines himself as a Tea Party guy.
    These folks always say sorry, after it's to late. Then we are all supposed to accept that, like they are totally normal people now that they have said sorry.

  14. Octo: It should make for a pretty high speed bump given that his ass is over his head.

    Truth: No problem. I even had to look up Baio - yes, I'm that dum and yes, he does look like our friend Maes. Hope he's a little smarter.

    Oso: Too much. What I've really found jaw-dropping amazing is that these Tea Baggers seem to have a unique talent to consistently support the most ignorant and least experienced candidates. Maybe it's because the Buggers are so paranoid that these yahoos make them feel better.

    JR: Can't be the lack of oxygen or Higgenlooper wouldn't be who he is.

    OneFly: CO isn't immune to the crazies anymore than the rest of the country. I posted his "career" in a comment above - you can tell more about him than by what's not included than by what is. I always liked and admired Higgenlooper for his efforts in revitalizing Denver's LoDo, his environmental and civic contributions, and quite simply, his smarts. But being smart is fast becoming a liability.

  15. OneFly: You forgot to provide a link and I'm curious as to which fish wrap you're referring.

  16. TOM: It's like an attorney asking a damaging question of the witness and knowing the judge will strike it but the damage is done because the jury has heard it. Besides that, their apologies are about as sincere as them saying, "I don't want your money."

  17. Go back and the link is "local article". It may be hard to see because of the color scheme.

  18. I think it's a simple matter of the thin air in the mountains. They don't get enough O2 to their brain cells, thererore starve their thought processes into extinction.

  19. Re the profile, the first thing I noticed is the incoherency of the last sentence.

    Following Maes logic about the UN, it's clear that he wants to set up the state as one giant credit reporting agency. Do Coloradans really want the governor's office snooping into their credit histories and monitoring their debts? I think not.

  20. OneFly: It's kind of bad when you can't see your own links. I changed it to the red zone because the blue wasn't working, no pun intended.

    I linked to it. Maes really is a monumental idiot. A couple of his comments that struck me:

    “I have a mountain bike. I like to ride a super trail by our home in Evergreen. It’s right at the end of our driveway. I ride early in the morning, and I see wildlife.”

    Echos of the Palin?

    BTW, Evergreen is not exactly a poor man's land.

    "It’s paid for with taxpayer dollars,” he said. “We need to ask, how compatible is this program with our state Constitution?”

    As compatible as state parks maybe? Or roads?

  21. Well, the bikes are red, aren't they? That proves the program is Communist, right?

    Some of these guys just recoil on principle from any kind of environmental concern. They'd mandate coal-burning cars if they could.

  22. Most of these types are off the wall for sure but what kills me are the #'s of humans that are even dumber than they are because they listen to this drivel.

    Of course the media (and how I hate that term anymore)gives them the mouthpiece to spew their nonsense without calling them on the obvious bullshit and lies or what have you.

  23. Coal burning cars. Perfect. I imagine they'd make us all paint them red, white, and blue and mandate a bald eagle as a hood ornament.

    It appears that people like Maes will be opposed to anything a Democrat will be for.

    Perhaps Mr. Hickenlooper [I love that name] should come out for prayers in school and more off-shore oil drilling.

    We could beat the numbskulls at their silly game.

    I'm afraid, my friends, we've entered the period of "Teh Stoooopids," and it will continue until the first Wednesday in November.

  24. It appears Maes is channeling Marceaux on some level. But I'm quite sure that in Maes case it's calculated.

    It occurs to me Maes and Sharron Angle would make a cute couple. I wonder if the producers of Reno 911 are looking for some fresh talent.

  25. Sorry folks. A bunch of thunder and lightening, shutting down the computer, helping my 4-legged baby up on the bed, letting him stretch out as close as he can so I can soothe his trembling!!! So, where were we.

    boomer: I would agree with you but Denver has had some good leaders - Lamm, Romer, Hickenlooper, and even Pena - or John Love, a Republican Governor.

    K: I know folks in Colorado - and everywhere else - don't want their debts and credit histories looked into by the state. I think it would be awful. But don't prospective employers already do just that?

  26. Hey now, these are red bikes, red is the color for China, China is a Communist country, we are turning into a Communist country by allowing this to happen. This ditty brought to you by some weed and a glass of wine, along with a chalkboard and magic chalk, a la the king of the Beckerheads. Yer welcome


  27. Jess: Too, too funny. Even Beckerhead would be impressed if he could read and understand it.

  28. @tn,:) I don't know. I think his drug of choice was cocaine, something that really messes with your head. You can tell looking at him, dude's a tweaker and that just kills brain cells dead, no coming back from that.

  29. What Teabuggery! Next he'll claim that bicycles are too gay and insist on heterocycles.

  30. This fringe is frightening. Do people have to work at being so damn dumb? And, how scary is it that people on a cruise ship would want to throw darts at the president? Caught up on your posts. Wish I could play the videos.)

  31. It appears Maes won the primary Leslie. It won't be long and we'll see how screwed up the state of Colorado is.