Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, September 10, 2010

Politico Sinks to New Low in Non-News Reporting

The main stream media has been receiving a lot of harsh criticism over the last couple of years, decades maybe, for using bad news judgement, most of it well deserved. Politico just beat the crap out of them by sinking to the bottom of the cesspool.

Are these non-entities serious? Where is the news worthiness in this banal non-news story? Has all judgement been flushed down the toilet? Another time of the year, I would think it was an April Fools joke or that I had landed at the Onion by mistake - or at Fox News.

In what is undoubtedly the most inane news story I have ever had the misfortune of reading, reporters
Patrick Gavin and Amie Parnes (requires two to write this garbage?) take the president to task for - hold your breath - going ringless at today's "presser." Oh my God! Rates right up there with jobs and medical research don't it?
Sometimes, a White House press conference can be a chance for a president to take some weight off his shoulders ... but weight off his fingers?

Eagle-eyed reporters noticed that President Barack Obama wasn't sporting his wedding ring during Friday's White House press conference.

"big to-do over potus not wearing his wedding ring today," Tweeted The Hill's Sam Youngman, who was at the presser.
Presser? Please, somebody tell me this is a joke. I actually read this piece of shiitake three times to make sure I wasn't missing something. The comments indicated it was meant as an honest-to-God news story.
Jim in Houston:  Which ring, the one for his finger or the one in his nose? Big Meshell leads him around like a dog on a leash.
MAC59: He is probably getting it adapted to fit in his nose.
maxovrdriv: I just figured he wanted his favorite verse from the Quran put on it.
But this conservative says it best:
zjak10: BFD! I mean who the heck cares, really?
So, why do I care? I don't.


  1. Small minds are attracted to small issues. Are those reporters from Politico out of Junior High School yet?

    Really. Don't get angry. They are the ones who've embarrassed themselves.

    Remember, Leslie, ridicule is the best revenge.

  2. I guess people can put up whatever they want on Politico?

  3. Politico is right wing vomit. I seldom read anything there.

  4. one of the pundits on Eds show said it's been a slow news week, so I guess that's their excuse for stupidity! Damn, those comments are so sick, those righties sure know how to spread the hate around!

  5. JR: I seldom go there either. I saw this on one of my news feeds and stupid curiosity got the best of me. That'll learn me, durn me.

    Sue: Yes they do and they're experts at it. And if we react and get angry at them, then we're the bad guys, don't ya know. Obviously I'm having a slow news day myself. . .

  6. Politico appeared from out of nowhere about three years ago. I got the impression it was a vehicle for harnessing the skills and talents of some reporters let go by downsizing or capsizing newspapers. (For cheap, perhaps?) Almost immediately, various Politico writers started popping up on cable news/talk shows. I was struck by how uninteresting they and their chatter usually were. Shortly, Politico turned out a rash of faulty stories. The guest shots all but ceased. I visited the Politico site a few times and didn't care for it.

    So, the inane insult to the public's intelligence in that mindless ringless story comes as no surprise. A better news source would have had a copy editor go over the story, almost certainly reducing the bit about no ring to a one-paragraph aside, or at the most a two-paragraph sidebar to the main story.

    Now for a bit of personal pique. Using D.C. jargon such as "presser" in a story published for a general, national readership is tacky.

  7. For some time now, everybody and his brother has quoted Politico. Not too long ago I went to the Web site to read the “About Us” section. The staff claims it leans neither right nor left and goes to great lengths to “prove” it.

    This non-story is on a plane with the National Enquirer-type headlines on’s “Latest News” roundup. I have checked this roundup for some time now, and the Web site crew is absolutely fixated on Sarah Palin. When CNN’s president got rid of Lou Dobbs and announced that CNN would cover straight news as opposed to the opinion shows on Fox News and MSNBC, I was delighted. Haven’t had TV in a year now, but if the cable channel has gone the way of the Web site, good luck to them.

    So, has this silly story been discussed on TV?


  8. Buenos Dias Leslie!

    Actually ... I didnt know a bloody thing about this .... GEEEEZZZZ ... a piece of jewelry now ... imagine that!

    You know ... one of the thing's that disgusted me the most I posted about in my earliest posting's ... was when President Obama was running for the primary I reckon it was ... but all the whining that came over the flag pin not being on his lapel. I mean I couldnt believe considering all the issue's we had to face ... that something like this was going to come up, caca nada! The reason why it disgusted me ... is because half of those that wear these damn pin's (no, I am NOT anti flag or American, just anti BS) are about as patriotic as the dictator of North Korea would be to America! I sware .... as I've once posted ... President Obama even could probably imagine all the name's he would have been called or title's labeled to him .. but I dont even think he would have thought he would have been labeled as the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. :)

    It's called these day's bi-polar mental disorder Dear.

    I'm fixin to shower and shave to go to work in a bit ... my work commute ... approximately 500 miles round trip ... now that's job devotion! :)

    But refreshing post for a laugh indeed Leslie! :)

  9. SW: Apparently Politico doesn't have editors of any kind or judgement or taste or facts. This is the first time I've seen "presser." Hope it doesn't go "iconic."

    BJ: Haven't seen it anywhere else, thank God.

    RC: It also reminds me of all the silly uproar when he didn't wear his suit coat in the office. Small people with small brains can only focus on small things.

  10. The President wasn't wearing his wedding ring and I don't find out about it till now!?!

    Dammit! Why am I always the last to know the important stuff? The next thing you know Obama will not be wearing a tie at dinner and forgot to say Grace.

    Oh shit. Don't tell me Leslie. God it sucks being small time and out of the loop.

  11. At one time, a slow news week meant an opportunity for investigative reporting or in-depth analysis. Not that today's media would know what either means.

  12. Truth: I think it's grounds for impeachment, don't you?

    K: Even if reporters know how to research and do in-depth analysis, their hands are often tied due to budget constraints. If ayone had bothered to check into the background of this Florida pastor early on, I doubt if the story would have been so overblown.

  13. oh, you know how I feel about the MSM and that Nutty McNuttypants down in florida.

    Honestly, the man takes his wedding ring off at night and forgets to put it back on, and it's news? DAMN this dumbing down of the country really gets on my nerves.

    Hell, I've LOST my wedding rings.

  14. Bee: And the media wonders why its eye is getting blacker by the minute.

  15. Ranch: The flag pin non-matter was the first thing I thought of too.

  16. Anything to divert attention from things that really matter. :-(