Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tea Partiers Speak and Scare the Pants Off of Me

It all started with Tom T at Two Seeds On a Blog. If he hadn't written such a lucid article called The Myth of the Founding Fathers (HERE), the wing-nut blood pleasure levels wouldn't have shot up to near catastrophic heights. It's odd how intelligent mild mannered reason from one source can cause such anger and near hysteria from another.

Just a few highlights so you can see how Tom T riled up the know-nothings. What a guy.

Led by Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin, Tea Party worshippers of the Founding Fathers want to return to the “good ol’ days” of 1787, when most African-Americans were slaves, many poor whites were indentured servants, and women couldn’t vote. At the time the Founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Native Americans were being slaughtered for their land, and Mexicans who were indigenous to the Southwest and the West coast of what became the United States were included in the genocide.
Conservatives have trouble seeking sensible solutions to our present-day problems of poverty, violence, and perpetual war that make rich folks richer while poor people suffer and weapons makers and war profiteers make big bucks while killing and injuring innumerable innocent people. The problems are caused by big moneyed interests with the help of simple minded sycophants like Beck, Sarah Palin and the Tea Partiers. . . . The Tea Partiers believe the mythologized Founding Fathers are more intelligent and moral than anyone today except maybe radical right-wingers like Beck and Palin.
At this point Tom T provides an intriguing analysis of Glenn Beck, including his psyche, Beck's speech at his Come to Jesus rally on August 28, Palin's cliches, and the Tea Party mythology. The comments are just as absorbing so you have to jump over there (HERE). But not before you read what follows.

Judy T, the other seed on their blog, is understandably upset over some of the hate language that has been sent Tom T's way. She tells us to Listen to the Tea Partiers Speak for Themselves. (HERE) She writes:

Tom posted on our blog recently about the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington.  It was a controversial post that elicited a lot of angry comments, on our blog and several other places where it had been published or reposted. He was called some really bad names!  The commentors said over and over that he was an angry man (that was the nicest thing they said about him).

I found a video of a young reporter who had been there, circulating through the crowd, interviewing ordinary people, people who had come with friends and family to be part of the huge event. They were eager to talk to the young man, and very enthusiastic about sharing their views.

Proceed with caution. In fact, you might want to brace yourself with a stiff Jack Daniels with no branch water. Maybe even two.

These paranoid folks need some heavy counseling and anger management classes. More importantly, if our education system doesn't improve, these poor ignorant people are going to pass their handicaps on from one generation to the next. This 13 minutes of ignorance boggles my mind and makes me worry for the future of our country.


  1. I am so worried for our country too. Tonight teabagger and non-masturbator Christine O'Donnell won the GOP primary in Delaware. It truly scares me and makes me sick to my stomach! WTF is going on?????

  2. The primary is one thing. It's the election that counts. Just wish we socialists had as much money backing us.

  3. One thing that gives me some hope is talk about the teabagger candidates winning primaries does help Democrats because these teabaggers are SO extreme they won't win in November. This is also making the GOP very nervous even tho they will not admit to it.

  4. The seeds do a terrific job...again! And the video here haunts me. Tonight, I watched the HBO docu-drama on the 2000 election "cliffhanger" in Florida, "Recount." I'd never seen it, since we don't subscribe to HBO. Between reliving that story, once more pondering the what-if's, and watching the poor fools on this video, I conclude that I need to get my ass down to local Democratic Headquarters.

  5. Thanks for spreading the word, especially about the video. I want as many people as possible to see it. Some of my friends have reacted by laughing, granted, sort of nervous laughter.

    I didn't.

    To me it is not funny.

    We should be very afraid!!!

  6. Thanks, once more, for pointing us to “Two Seeds.” Sure wish I could view the video. But, then, maybe not. I have spent the night catching up on news and blogs and watching the NH primary results. The wingnuts and their Fox News champions are really getting to me. I think I need a BIG OLE BLOGGING BREAK. Then, I read something like Tom’s post, realize there are still sane people in this country, and am inspired to keep on keeping on.

  7. Thanks, everyone. I had replied with a response to each of you and then I lost it!

    I've been debating whether or not to put the video on my FB in hopes that my rightest family and friends would view it and then think about it. Sadly, they'd probably sit there and shake their heads in agreement.

    Frankly, this video is a good example of why I don't bother visiting the blogs of my conservative friends anymore. It is nothing personal. I like them and consider them reasonable people. But their followers are an echo of this soundbite minus the vulgar name calling you see on the blogs.

    These people are paranoid and believe everything they're told by Beck & Co. If he told that Amazon that she was as smart as Hillary Clinton and as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe, she would believe him. And she still wouldn't get the quote right.

    These people are under a spell of mob and mind control that is just like the one that destroyed Germany in the 1930s.

  8. my brother (poor soul) was here yesterday pleading for me to read an article he wants to send me about our government and whats ahead with One World Rule, One World Government, whatever the hell it is, he is a Beck reciter. But he left mad and said he prays me and my family will be in the rapture with him and not left behind to live in the hell that is coming...

  9. My way of thinking is we won the republican primaries. Yes the teabaggers won but we did too.
    I love our people going up against these jerks. A very stark contrast. It's Republicans that are hand wringing. They embraced the tea people and look what they got for it.

  10. Sue, Tell your brother we already have one world government and it started with FREE TRADE....

    Thats when the actual government of this country moved from Washington to Wall Street....

  11. That video is absolutely mindblowing! No, there's no racial aspect to the Tea Party movement. Glenn Beck has NEVER said that the President is a racist? I posted the video of Beck on FOX & FRIENDS saying just that twice.

    BTW....I had to turn it off at about ten minutes....anymore and I'd be jumping out of my second story window.

  12. I'm afraid every morning at work when the purest examples of the Teabagging Marching Morons working day shift come in. Thank God I work nights!

  13. Okay, I want to ask one simple question...okay more than one:

    1. Anyone care to explain to me why we should not have a basic test to determine if one is educated enough to vote?

    2. Is getting rid of the department of education a bad idea?

    3. Explain once again how providing a free public education benefits society?

    Before you answer please ensure that you have watched the complete video...

  14. Living proof of where "anti intellectualism" will get you....

    Now when I am told that I am an arrogant elitist it won't bother me as least now I can come back with "oh, and crawl out from your darkness and join me!"

    that video needs to be set to the song Dueling Bangos...

  15. Tim: You,re right I think, but we Dems can't count on that alone. We have to get to work.

    Hugh: I had a little trouble watching all of it but it's those last few minutes that really grab you.

    TAO: Are you writing tongue in cheek here? I've thought of such a test but it smacks of those stinky ole literacy tests given to Southern blacks to keep them from voting. One does have to wonder about the value of our educational system. I kind of like that smart, tough and effective Superintendent of Schools in DC. But she's unpopular for those very attributes even though there are fewer dropouts, and math and literary skills have jumped considerably.


  17. The only thing I have been saying for a while can we stop referring to them as teapartiers and start claling them what they really are, Republicans. Notice, this diverse group of reps, dems and indies supposedly belonging to the Tea party movement are not running in democratic primaries. They are all running in and winning rep primaries. The repubs with help from the astroturf groups created this Frankenstein, they need to own it now.

  18. Yeah...I am tongue in cheek...but come on, you know the thought crossed your mind!

  19. Jess: I think you're probably right. I don't see them being referred to as a "third party" anymore. The GOP has allowed itself to be raped.

    TAO: LOL. Oh, it has once or twice.

  20. The woman slouching in her folding chair, who spouted the Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity GOP line and followed it up with, "That's just my opinion" and went on about how she has a right to her opinion, epitomizes the tea baggers. To the extent they're informed, they're ill informed with propaganda. They swallow that propaganda whole and regurgitate it freely as their opinion.

    And sure enough, in this country that woman and the heavyset one with the low-cut white blouse, and all the rest, do have a right to their secondhand, ill-informed, propaganda-laden opinions.

    The problem is that they believe and insist that their opinions are as valid as anyone else's better-informed, more carefully considered opinions. Worse, they think it's their right to have their crackpot, twisted opinions accepted as being just as valid and worthy as other people's objective, verifiable facts.

    Down to brass tacks, the line separating Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity disciples, Dick Armey's paid stooges and the rest of the tea bagger fringe faction from the rest of us is one of fact vs. fiction. Teabaggers can't tell one from the other, but insist what they think is fact because they think it is. And they have rights as good as anyone else's rights.

    So there.

    Lewis Carroll, who wrote "Alice Through the Looking Glass" would understand perfectly.

  21. SW: I agree to a point but I tend do go back to the thought that with freedoms come responsibilities and being responsible doesn't include spreading lies. But yes, they do have that right but we have the right to try extra hard to get the truth out.

    People might want to check out some of the over 17,000 comments on YouTube.

  22. Tnlib, I have seen this videographer's work in the past at other Tea Party functions. Does anyone know who it is?

    The responses he gets are fantastic, much like the old Leno man on the street interviews, clueless.

    But to be fair, I have also seen videos of liberal/left leaning events, and even Obama rallies where conservative videographers did the same type of interviews and the people did not come off much smarter.

    TAO, I am afraid if we had a little test to allow you to vote, most people on both sides of the political spectrum would fail.

    That is what is really scary...

  23. Dave: Chase Whiteside and Erik Stoll are students at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. I think they did a better job than the lame street media.

    Most political videos are edited to a certain extent but there's a difference between editing and doctoring - as in including footage from a
    two year old event into a current happening. This one seems pretty straight forward - more like a documentary with simple questions and answers.

    Maybe they could have found some smarter folks but I'm really pretty sceptical of it.

    Thanks for your comment.

  24. The more I see of these idiots the more afraid I become. I become afraid for the President. I become afraid for our front line responders, police, fire and the military and I truly am afraid for the country.

    These people are so extreme and so set they are told to believe it is scary. I hear them say we on the left have "drunk the kool-aid" yet they just don't realize they are doing the same with Beck, Palin and Limbaugh. I actually heard a rethug say those 3 were the leaders of the rethug party.

  25. Annette: Much of me is very afraid. I'm not only afraid of pathetically ignorant people like these. I'm afraid of Beck and Co. I'm petrified of all the big money behind this insanity, including the media - and not just Fox and the WSJ.

    On the other side, I just have to hope and pray that the majority of Americans are decent and half-way intelligent. I think they are but I'm still uneasy.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  26. I knew (or suspected for various reason's) several year's back that there would be a revolt in this nation of a significant magnitude, way before I started talking about it my blog/ journal 2.5 year's ago Leslie ... I been talking about it since Bush/ Cheney's first couple year's actually, my calculation's made it evident ... BUT ... what I didnt even remotely suspect ... is that it would come from a right wing type spawn ... this caught me somewhat offguard as far as the alternative to America's current business as usual issue. But all of this was visible quite some year's back ... simply by listening to the folk's in the street's and communities, seeing the way investment's were being done and tax/ fund diversion's, offshore interest's, etc,etc ... such as in my ealiest posting's saying that the people are going to get keen to what many of us actually know what is happening, and eventually revolt/ retaliate .. and according to my calculation's ... it will defeinitely get more intense over the next few year's than now. I am just saddened that it is just no real "alternative" that is doing the retaliation to the corruption, because frankly, I have been hearing out this so called alternative, such as this Teabag movement, and frankly dont see one thing alternative about any of their proposal's, if I did ... I would have at least supported them to a degree. What I see is also them being again controlled by elite corporate propaganda in the disguise of freedom and enterprise .. basically conned. And I even have belief's/ suspicion's of my own, that some democrat's were behind helping these Teabag's, in hope to prosper to some degree, out of banking on, to simply divide the republican party, for strategic purposes to dem's advantage of course, but it could also backfire ... let's hope I am inaccurate on this one .. because if I'm NOT ... were in for a heap of new shit from this, but nothing alternative ... just same ole same right wing in a new label and package, and a tad more hardcore. I'll shut up now, since I know many democrat supporter's may not want to hear this. But thank you Leslie.

  27. One more thing I would like to add if I may Leslie.

    I actually feel sorry for alot of these folk's and know damn well, if this previous administration did not relax all the tax and corporate oversight, etc ... and thinking it would trickle down and boost domestic economies, causing a major unsupervised offshore tidal wave that effected the global economy, most of these folk's would be saying what they are now. They also obviously instead of reading and doing research ... have no idea of nothing of this President Obama. I was following Obama, before he was even a candidate, and the reason why was simple ... he was actually as close as you can get to a down home American patriot, believe it or not ... who had a American Boyscout look at what this country was lacking ... he was also an "Abe Lincoln" fanatic, actually believed in the American Dream, and exdperienced it, and gung ho constitutional law guy, as a Senator ... he was one of the most outspoken, realistic folk's there was. This is also why I could care less if he wore a flag pin on his lapel ... because he spoke from the heart, and didnt need a flagpin to show how much he loved his country. Many of these ordinary citizen's as you see here ... just been simply listening to inaccurate info on this President, through the media's that paint this portrait to decieve folk's for their political agenda's their paid to do. The reason why the President has only failed to get certain thing's done, is not because he wasnt open for idea's, he's more open and bipartisan than most for that matter, but is because so many in power did not like the idea of fresh bread coming in, especially younger and trying to change thing's ...even his own party has not sufficiently supported him, and he was stuck intentionally not with just a full plate, but a bunch of slacker's and backstabber's who want him suppressed and silenced more, or to play all one way. This is all forcefed bull, and these poor folk's have no idea, what is truely even happening!

  28. RC: I've often said that there is a difference between being stupid and being ignorant. No amount of education is going to save a stupid person; they're simply too stupid to know they're stupid. This is certainly the case here.

    An ignorant person is not necessarily stupid, although the lines can get a little blurred sometimes. An ignorant person would most likely benefit from education but they just haven't had the opportunity or they haven't been exposed to other things in life. If they had, they might broaden their minds instead of their butts.

    A stupid person is more interested in broadening their butts.

  29. tnlib,

    Please read what I posted this morning on my blog. You, too, have the suspicious "fearthedragon" following your blog.

    Read the warning posted today.