Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bipolar Series vs Yard Sale

The yard sale wins. Too much to do before Saturday and so far Murphy seems to be running the show. Will post the riveting conclusion after I make my first million.

Was going to sell my embroidery/sewing machine but of course it stopped working. Later.

Here's what I'm selling for those of you in the Nashville vicinity. Don't laugh, guys. Some of the most exquisite quilts I've seen have been designed by men.
Plus Yarn, Needlepoint and So Much More


Cotton and Flannel (Top brand names only)
 Fat Quarters

Horn of America Cutting Table (Drop leaf, wheels, 34” H, very stable)
Books and Magazines
General quilting supplies





Shredder and HP scanner (needs power cord)


October 16, 2010

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM


  1. I was a sewer for most of my life, starting in the 9th grade homeec class. I made money when I started selling my creations in gift shops, but got burned out and quit cold turkey. I never did quilt but appreciate the skill and beauty of quilting and one of my most precious of collections is quilts!

    Good luck with your sale, wish I lived nearby!

  2. I am still working on getting my boy scout merit badge for knot tying....lets see, been at it for 40 years!

    Now I need reading glasses to see anything so don't expect me to be picking up any bargains that involve equipment that that requires eye hand coordination!

  3. Sue, I'd be willing to bet you were actually a seamstress, or did lots of sewing. ;)

    L.P., good luck with the sale. I hope Murphy takes the day off.

  4. S.W. whatever do you mean, are you flirting with me?? ;-). Hey wait a minute sewer...sewer as in suuuuuwer??? are they spelled the same?? Damn how embarrassing! I said I could sew not spell! LOLOL!

    Oh BTW, S.W. are you male or female? I should ask before I accuse you of flirting! Hey what the hell, it's TGIT, tomorrow is my day off, I'm a happy girl...

  5. Thanks, guys. There's plenty of other stuff besides things for quilting.

    I haven't been sewing because I need cataract and lens implant surgery. The insurance covers the surgery but not the eye wear. Once that's done, I'll be able to see to sew. And yes, I'm keeping enough fabric for myself. Just not a football field of it.

    I could never learn that knot tying routine either. But you know, Rose Greer was a hell of a needlepointer.

  6. How about "Rosie?" Wonder if I'll type better when I can see.

  7. tnlib, my apologies for being away from this very important series of articles. After a recent trip, I returned to an emergency which is now resolved.

    Here is a link, Bipolar Happens that may be of interest to readers, especially to those who have a family member, a very close friend, or a loved one suffering from Bipolar. While meds and counseling are always an important part of symptom management, there is a third treatment modality that is often overlooked … the social supports of family and very close friends.

    The author of the above listed website, Julie Fast, fills this gap. Years ago, I had a very close friend, an especially brilliant and talented scholar and writer who was struggling with severe symptoms … whom I loved dearly. In an effort to help her, I researched the Internet and found the above link. Julie Fast has developed a program that helps sufferers document and communicate their symptoms to family, trusted friends, or other social supports (along with "what to do in case of" instructions). Thus, family and trusted friends can then be better positioned to serve an important role in symptom maintenance and management.

    My friend often wrote about the unspeakable cruelties of history and taught these subjects at a local University … genocide, the Holocaust, and torture. Survivors of torture, she used to say, remain tortured. Sometimes she used these as a metaphor to describe how she felt inside. Revolt, she used to say, is how one responds to unspeakable cruelties. At some point, she used to say, one must resign oneself to life’s cruelties because if you dwell on your mortal wounds, it will drive you mad. Revolt and resignation … that is how described her struggle.

  8. Octo: This is such an excellent comment. Would you mind putting it up on the last post re mania. I think more people will see it there. I'd do it but I just don't have the time.

  9. Done. My friend was especially sensitive and attuned to the human condition, and this is what I loved about her. She was, is, and will always be a GOOD PERSON, although she did not always see herself that way.

    Tnlib, you are loved too for the same reasons ... and for your courage.

  10. Octo: You're too sweet. Undeserved and blushing.

  11. Dang, Leslie. Such commercialism!! You aren't going Republican on us, are you? ;-)

  12. "Revolt and resignation..." Yep, know those real well! Having just spent the last two nights sleeping on the sofa for some grave injustice that was never detailed I then had to deal with the resignation part this morning...which is where I promise to never subject said patient to the grave injustice ever again....

    Still don't know what the injustice was but I get to sleep in my bed tonight so who cares! I also know that this is a resignation weekend which means we will be working like little beavers and enjoy a dinner date....

    Whew! Got this down to a science.....

  13. TAO: When you sleep on the couch, do your lower legs hang over the arm at one end and your head hang over the arm at the other end? Or, do you have a very long couch? I hope the dinner date is a success.

  14. Octo: The "wounds" heal into "scars" which means they never completely go away--some of us just learn how to accept them and move on...

    But on a lighter note...

    Leslie: Too bad I'm not in Tennessee, I'd buy up those beads! I sew, too, and I also make jewelry. GOOD LUCK with your sale!

  15. That's true, Pam. And I just wish you guys would form a caravan and come on down, or up or over. My worst nightmare is that no one will even show up.

  16. Frodo went to the gym his first day back from his Mother's funeral, thinking it was time to get back to normalcy, and to erase the blue funk from his synaptic network. Afterwards, he tried the combination on the lock he had been using on his gym locker every day, for four years.
    They had to use bolt cutters.
    Frodo still is unable to recall a combination totally committed to memory.

    A funny thing it is, all electric, and causal, just like a computer. Then it goes all to Hell just because your Mother dies, or some black cloud wraps her shroud over your eyes.

    We are, none of us, always alone. However, since Sam has refused to ever use a sewing machine, there will be no Hobbit at your sale this weekend. He remembers some artwork however, and if any of that should ever come up for sale, the Hobbits would take the opportunity to search for a restaurant in Belle Meade (near the Theatre) that was named for Jimmy somebody, and it was where all the real musicians would gather for a nightcap.

  17. Frodo: It does get better but it can take a long, long time. My brain totally froze up after my mom died of cancer nearly 15 years ago. I've never been able to remember numbers under the best of circumstances but I was impacted much as you were. I was working on this beautiful needlework canvas - a fan in an Imari pattern. I haven't been able to touch it since. If it doesn't sell at the GS as an unfinished project, I don't know what I will do because I can't stand the thought of throwing it away either.

    I used to go to the Belle Meade Theatre when I was young and dumb. It became a bookstore/photo gallery and is now a Harris Teeter. Beautiful old theatre, though. The only restaurant I can think of with "Jimmy" in its name is Jimmy Kelley's Steakhouse, which is further in toward downtown and off of West End. There used to be one called (Jimmy) Irelands but it was on 21st near Vandy and catered to faculty and students. There's one called Sperry's a bit further out and I'm wondering if that's what you're thinking about. Very upscale and out of sight food.

  18. Belle Meade Theatre is now a grocery store?

    Haven't been to that neighborhood in a while....for some reason I used to go to the Belle Meade Cafeteria all the time and then I stopped....

    Yes, I have a real long sofa, but I alternate between feet hanging over the edge to feet propped up on the arm...

    The other night I sent the lamp on the side table flying accross the room...not sure how I did that.

  19. FRODO: My cousin and I were talking about this restaurant thingy during the garage sale - thank Gawd that's over. She's lived here most of her life and hubby is connected to the music in dustry. Jimmy Kelley's she thinks.

    TAO: It's kind of sad to see a beautiful Art Deco building turn into just a grocery. The Belle Meade Cafeteria is gone also. I used to eat there once upon a time. Remind me to never sleep with you!

  20. If I ever say "Yard Sale" again, please someone, take me out and shoot me. A beautiful day and did OK but didn't sell big ticket items, so have to put off eye surgeries until after Step 2. An estate sale?

    Mostly people were nice, but quilters usually are. Those who only buy fabric at Joanne's or Walmart thought my $2/yard prices were too high - not realizing that they originally cost an average of $9 - $15. And when we tried to explain it they still couldn't understand.

    The main thing is that it's over.

  21. oh sorry you didn't do well....

    Yard sales around here can sometimes be a waste of time too. People want stuff for a quarter then take it back to their yardsales and resell for 2.00! A friend of Kims made 300.00 last week selling mostly toys. I was shocked, I think the most I ever made at a YS was 50.00!

  22. Sue: I made $400, mostly from fabrics. Being in an apt. complex is a drawback. People can't see you from the street; this one is on a somewhat busy one, so people don't even notice the balloons and signs.

    Advertised in two places on C-list and I think that was the main draw. Such sales just take so long to organize. I used to mark things for future sales as I went and put them aside. In this case, I had to measure, fold, put in plastic bags and mark. Very time consuming.

    I'm a bit spoiled because I made $2500 each on two sales in Denver. Had one starting on Thanksgiving Day. People thought I was nuts but it attracted the largest crowds on Turkey Day, proving once again that folks can only take so much family time.

  23. Have you thought about putting your items on Craigslist? People would come to you just like a yard sale and you wouldn't have shipping costs like if you put things on Ebay. Or you could sell on Ebay.

    I've been gone for a couple weeks for a death in the family, so I will catch up on the bipolar series, since I am on that spectrum,(according to doctors) with some symptoms.

  24. Leslie,
    I'm glad you made the 400.00.I saw your HP device needed a power cord, if you take the long way home some day this week and swing by NorCal I'll give you one :)

  25. Jess: Good luck.

    Oso: I could get one on ebay but never can find one that goes with my model! That would be a hell of a detour.

  26. If you had a tenner for every one of the comments this post!

    So, did you sell that Kitchen Aide? 'Cause I should send my son around to claim it for me!

    And do try out that Craigslist option. I know it's big in Nashville.

    Also, I absolutely crave the banner blurb!

  27. I want to have a yard sale....

    I swear that we have not thrown one thing away since we moved into this house in 1989...not one thing!

    I have clothes in the closet that I have not worn in 30 plus wife has clothes from high school (she can still wear hers, if THAT style ever comes back).

    But my wife refuses to part with anything...

    I figure that I will sell the house "AS IS" which will mean buy the house and get everything in side...

  28. Nance: LOL. What's really funny is that I had to put a comment in spam for the first time in months! Some wing-nut equating the thinness of a quilt with my brain. Oh my.

    If you're serious about the mixer, I'm all for it. I'd like to keep it until after Halloween so I can make these special cookies for some of the youguns in my complex.

    TAO: Sounds like my neighbors across the breezeway. Wouldn't care if they kept all the stuff they collect from the trash bins but it's all piled up outside my door. Since I moved here I've slowly tossed out, sold or given away anything that I haven't used in two years. A little at a time and nobody misses it.

  29. $400?? That's GREAT if you ask me, but compared to $2,500, well.....

    TAO you sound like my daughter and husband, if not for me and my love of tossing everything we would be on that TV show about hoarders! I'm always telling my husband it's time for a dump trip honey! If we get too old to care for this big 2 story house we will have to walk away and leave it all to the kids. They can do what they want with all our "stuff", the house would be an added bonus!

  30. Hope you get or got good money for these.