Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Right Wing Review: 8/21 - 8/27, 2011

This is the first of what may or may not turn into a regular week-end post. The main focus will be on what's happening in the world of the right-wing follies that may or may not be reviewed in the mainstream media.

The presidential candidates probably won't be the major stars, mainly because yours truly is already sick to death of their lack of collective talent.  Instead they will have minor roles - just in case a few stray Fox-News listeners happen to saunter in.

ACT I: Those Crazy Christians and Jews

Proving once again that he has cracks in his belfry, crackpot televangelist suggests that the cracks in the Washington Monument caused by the August 23 earthquake could be "a sign from God, and the natural disaster 'means that we're closer to the coming of the Lord.'" 

Rabbi Yehuda Levin is apparently blind to God's message about love as he declares that the earthquake and gay marriage are connected. "'We don't hate homosexuals,' he says. 'I feel bad for homosexuals. It's a revolt against God and literally, there's hell to pay.'"

For the love of God. A pastor falls back on a fail safe message used at Tea Party rallies a year or so ago. The sign in front of his Hazlehurst, GA Baptist Church reads:

 PSALM 108:9

Georgia Politico is careful to print the verses surrounding Psalm 108:9, which are even more repugnant, and to provide phone numbers and street and email addresses, so people can let the Pastor Ronnie Wilcox  know that this really isn't a very Christian thing to do.

ACT II: Racism

MediaMatters  points to a run of sleaze stories about First Lady Michelle Obama on right-wing blogs and in a British tabloid that were picked up from the King of Yellow Journalism The National Enquirer. The article attacks this smart, sophisticated and classy lady "as a spoiled and arrogant shopaholic with expensive taste in alcohol." Ugly, personal and unsubstantiated.

America's Voice contributor Mariano Cardoso writes about his first experience facing an anti-immigrant crowd at the Secure Communities Task Force Hearing in Arlington, VA.

Arizona, the state that wanted to deny organ transplants to the poor because it was so financially strapped, has found enough money to sue the federal government over the 1964 Voting Rights Act. "Arizona is the first state to challenge the constitutionality of sections of the federal law that forbid states from enacting a law or process that denies or limits someone's right to vote based on their race or color."

ACT III: Marching to McCarthyism

GOP Congressmen put constituents who ask tough questions on a "Watch List." Reps. Dan Webster (R-FL) and Tim Griffin (R-AR) don't want none of your bull. Guess they don't want none of your votes either.

ACT IV: Comedy Hour

Grover Norquist's most hysterical Twitter moment. His audience was rolling in the aisle and screaming with laughter. What a comedian this fat head is.

ACT V: Kiddie Korner

An online coloring book, called "We Shall Never Forget 9/11 - The Kids' Book of Freedom,"  book for children over five years-old is receiving some unfavorable reviews. ". . . critics say that the book portrays all Muslims as radicals or extremists. Some have also expressed concerns that the images of the Twin Towers on fire and a bullet heading for bin Laden are too graphic for children." No applause here.


GOP Congress "diverted $30 billion in bailout money allocated to help struggling homeowners prevent foreclosure in order to pay down the national debt instead."



  1. How do you know the Kiddie corner book is a right wing publication?

    Hahahahaha. I crack myself up.

  2. Looks like five reasons NOT to vote republican to me.

  3. I like this new feature!!! And I found a few things that I had missed -- like my fragile blood pressure needs it!!!!!! LOL

  4. John: Keep bring your priceless sense of humor here.

    Jerry: I'm sure we'll find a few hundred more.

    Kay: Whether or not it continues will depend on the insanity that is the right. I don't think I have a lot to worry about, though.

  5. If fundamentalists are attributing cosmic significance to a minor earthquake, imagine what they'll do with Irene!

    I need to take a look at that 9/11 coloring book. Sounds unnerving.

  6. I cannot read right wing crap. depresses me all day. and gives me indigestion. doan know how you do it. seriously.

  7. Frodo is reading "Team of Rivals," and just happens to be coming to the end of "The Turbulent Fifties," (as in 1850) and he has finally learned to accept the fact that Republicants are simply reborn. What they had to say to justify slavery is not a dime's worth of difference from the diatribe of (Eddie) Cantor this very day.

  8. @Ahab: I'm sure we haven't heard the end of it. These climate deniers will blame sex and sin as they're being swept away by a tidal wave.

    @Okjimm: I understand but it's important to know the enemy.

    @Frodo: A good argument for castration in selected cases.

  9. This would be a great feature to keep! Thanks.

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhh Leslie, I really don't think we have to worry the insanity from the going away -- that would involve rational thought. And oh yeah, you made the blog round up at Crooks and Liars today. You go, gal!!!!

  11. Les, in this feature, I see your personal plan for the campaign: keep the focus on what's wrong with the Right. That makes sense to me and I'm with you. Do it. I'll love it.

  12. Nance: We all need to focus our energies on the right instead of fighting between and thus destroying ourselves.

  13. Kay: Didn't mean to overlook you. Apologies. Oh, there's plenty of subject matter out there alright. The beauty if that I don't even have to write the script. They do it all by themselves.

    Yes, I know about that kind link. Very nice indeed.

  14. Great rundown. A few reactions follow.

    Those who look to Pat Robertson for spiritual leadership are beyond gullible and hard up. Lord, forgive them for they know not their butts from their bunions. Ditto that piece of work in Georgia, where the bar for pastors is obviously set very, very lowdown.

    So, Norquist has a sense of humor. I'll bet he's handy with banana peels and whoopee cushions, too.

    Why should the GOP House help struggling homeowners with their mortgage woes? Did those homeowners ever do anything for Republican House members? Anything like U.S. Chamber of Commerce members, the Koch brothers, Richard Mellon Scaife, et al, do for House Republicans?

    I rest my case.

  15. Thanks, Kay. Blushing. I have a lot of good help. They just don't know it.

    SW: The tragedy is that so many of those who are being hurt the most can't seem to connect the dots. I find it inconceivable that any woman in her right mind would vote Republican or senior citizens would proudly carry signs saying "Get the government out of my Medicare."

  16. Hallelujah and Amen!!!!!! My young neighbor, who is a low-income single mom, just got her children's health care cut -- not good. Of course, the children's other parent is not performing his child support duties. (I'll spare you that rant).

  17. What can I say that hasn't added to praise for this new direction. It's informative and depressing at the same time. Thanks for doing the awful work of gathering this stuff together so we can find it in one place. Be sure to take a nice long shower after you've been to those nasty places, and we'll be sure to give ourselves a nice eye-bleach washing as well.

  18. Thanks for this, Leslie. And, Frodo, you must mean Eric, not Eddie Cantor. He's been dead a long time.

  19. Thanks Kay, Shaw and Paula. I think Frodo was being tongue-in-cheek - as in the Joker maybe.

  20. I loved this post L, I hope you continue it! We do need to know all there is to know about the enemy, so true!

  21. As a resident of our state now ruled by right-wing nut cases, my blood boils over what has happened to the rulers in Phoenix. It's hard to believe that the voters of Arizona once elected Janet Napolitano for governor and then turned around and voted in another Janet. Maybe they got confused by the name. There is no other rational explanation.