Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Future Generation?

I shudder to think that these spoiled brats are representative of the next generation. 

Read more at BuzzFeed, if you can stand it.


  1. Argh!! My neighbor's son was simply delighted to get an iPhone -- and it was black but that didn't seem to matter.

    I recall driving over to the small, expensive, private college my son attended (on academic and athletic scholarships) to bring him home for Christmas and we stopped for breakfast on the before heading home and had the following conversation. (Note: he was the last one in the frat house because he had swimming practice)

    E: The cops were by the frat house this morning.
    Me: Oh?
    E: Yeah, some girl's parents came to pick her up and she ran away from them.
    Me: Really? Why?
    E: Because she found out that she wasn't getting the BMW she wanted for Christmas!

    I reached across the table and and said: "Son, you aren't getting one either."

    He feigned getting up from the table with a grin and I said, "Bye! Write when you get work!"

    He then said, "I really get tired of the yuppie scum here who have no clue about earning anything."

    That was about 17 years ago and I assume that it's only gonna get worse. Our generation dropped the ball -- I can't wait to see what these kids do when it's time for them to take over the country.

  2. No, nope, no further reading for me. I wouldn't buy these brats anything. I guess they do have a lot of competition for keeping up with their peers, but still. It's so sad.

  3. They need their dads to go all Alec Baldwin on them.

  4. @Kay: Nice story about your son. Hopefully, these will be the kids who end up working in the mail room and their more sensible and less selfish peers will be the ones in leadership positions. The least we can hope for is that they rue the day they ever spouted such crap on a social network or even thought those thoughts.

    @Rubye: Apparently these kids have no boundaries, haven't been taught any manners and have most likely gotten everything they want (probably by throwing temper tantrums). It is sad and sick.

    @dmarks: I hope not. Talk about bad parenting skills.

  5. There have been spoiled brats in every generation. I see no reason to think these examples are typical -- they certainly don't resemble any young people I know.

  6. For the most part, spoiled brats are a product of rotten parenting. If your kid is a spoiled brat, look in the mirror. You reap what you sow.

  7. Thanks, Leslie! He's coaching college swimming in Kentucky and he and his lovely wife have given us two beautiful grandsons. Since they married ten (?) years ago, they have moved 5 times and lived in four states and he acquired his M.A. in Sports Administration and it's always an improvement. We are very proud of him and his family!

  8. @Infidel: I don't know any kids that are like this and never have, thank goodness. I sincerely hope they aren't representative of how most kids think and talk these days, but even if they do I have really problems with announcing it to the whole world.

    @JC: Agree. I'm thinking of parents who spend time with their kids, don't interact with them and give them things instead of nurturing them.

    @Kay: You have every right to be proud.

  9. I think every generation has had it's "spoiled brats", it's just now we have social media which can really advertise just how horrendous they really act and sound!

    If I read my kid writing something like that though, it would be a serious wake up call. Like what have "I" done! Because Infidel is right, these kids are a product of their upbringing. But oh goodness, are they going to be in for a rude awakening when they get out in the real world...unless Mommy & Daddy "support" them.

  10. Gaah. We give kids no chance at happiness by fulfilling all their transitory desires. Terrible thing to do to them.

    These kids are a walking advertisement for retroactive abortion. Did I say that?

  11. Those messages are so similar, I wonder if this is some kind of affectation that has become a fad. Sort of an in joke and monkey see, monkey do. I would prefer to think that, anyway. The alternative is depressing.

    I expect airhead parents who've given their little darlings every material thing but not enough time, attention, and when called for, proper hell, have much to do with what many of those kids are like.

    Our culture, too, plays a role. We're immersed in commercial advertising and promotion day in, day out. Pop culture is preoccupied with the rich and infamous, and their excesses. We get these less-than-wholesome messages incessantly throughout our lives. It's mostly all materialism on steroids.

  12. Santa obviously knew who's been naughty and who hasn't been nice...

  13. Sorry for being so slow in responding - had my eyes dilated yesterday. Could see but not well.

    @Pamela: A book called "There are no problem horses, just problem riders" comes to mind. I guess I'm a little skeptical that parents who create these products have the brains to get the message.

    @Murr: "Retroactive abortion"? Hah! I kind of like the idea - or preventive castration.

    @SW: I thought about the copycat aspect as well, which has always been at play with young people (and adults, too) but wonder how much the Internet and social networking has magnified it. I think we're looking at something that is the result of many different phenomena, which you describe quite well.

    @Magpie: Maybe a message from the parents?

  14. @Dave: MTV? Uh, okay.

    @Anon Tom: What a great Christmas present. And an even better idea. If you don't want me to share your vile comments, stop sending them. Duh.

  15. There was no way to comment on your most recent post so I wanted to offer my sympathy/understanding. Do keep in touch!

    Happy New Year!!!!

  16. I can't imagine that these kids will ever have jobs that will allow them to live the lifestyles they apparently think they are due.

  17. If Daddy has enough money, they won't need jobs. They can play like Georgie Bush.

  18. @knittergran: I'm sure they're in for a rude awakening - hopefully sooner than later.

    @JC: I know one should never judge a book by its cover, but, unless these kids are going through a phase, they don't look/sound like they're members of the privileged class.