Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bipartisan Affairs

Roll call - an incomplete list.

On the Republican side - you know, the party of family values who called for Clinton's head in righteous indignation :

Mark Sanford - aw you know who he is or maybe was - S.C. Governor specializing in International Affairs
Newt Gingrich - a real multi-tasker with a warm heart - former Speaker of the House
Bob Packwood - harrassment pro - Oregon Senator
Mark Foley - allegedly liked teenagers - boys that is - Florida Representative
John Ensign - at least he had the courage to come out of the closet - Nevada Senator
Rudy Giuliani - a real lady's man - NYC Mayor
Larry Craig - likes to make arrangements in restroom stalls - MN Senator

And on the Democratic side - the party of all the people all the time: 

John Edwards - as warm hearted as Newt - NC Senator
Eliot Spitzer - spent a lot to lose a lot - NY Governor
Gary Hart - crashed and burned while a leading presidential contender - CO Senator
James McGreevey - affairs of the male type - Governor, NJ
Bill Clinton - did not have sex with "that" woman - President, USA
Wilbur Mills - liked to booze with strippers (later resigned and went into treatment) - Ark. Rep
Gary Condit - Rep., CA
Wayne Hayes - Rep., Ohio
David Patterson - and, seperately, his wife - Gov., NY

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