Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, July 12, 2009

And Here She Is Again Folks: Chapter 12, Verse??

Just when we were hoping we’d heard the last of Sarah Palin, she’s back in the news. Not surprisingly, she faces two new ethics charges.

According to ABC one complaint alleges that she “misused state funds by accepting a housing stipend even when she stayed at her own home in Wasila instead of at the governor's residence in Juneau.” The other “contends that the governor was paid for giving certain media interviews." The last one is not only evidence of her well known, or should by now be well known, hypocrisy, it leaves me rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.

Palin's chief of staff Mike Nizich fired back: "Although the governor would not have thought it possible, the latest complaint rises to a new level of absurdity in alleging that she has been paid for interviews that she has given to the news media. It is amazing to me that anyone could think that, let alone put their name behind it and once again seek to distract state officials and needlessly increase their work load."

The soon-to-be ex-governor claims that all of these frivolous ethics complaints have cost the state millions of dollars. Like a bull of another sort, she charges that “adversaries would love to see us put on the path of personal bankruptcy so that we can't afford to run."

Palin's office confirms that the mounting legal bills associated with the ethics charges have cost the governor and her no-brainer husband more than half a million dollars. The governor's critics say she is leaving the state high and dry in order to plot a presidential run in 2012. Doesn’t this imply that the state is not footing the bill and that Palin and her no-brainer husband are? And that the cost is “ more than half a million,” not “more than one million?”

If the Republicans are serious about improving their image, which is spiraling downward at increasing speeds, they not only need to distance themselves from Palin, they need to become more pro-active in publicly criticizing her.

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