Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, July 17, 2009

Tennessee Tales: Portals of Exit

The Nashville Tennessean reports that a Chattanooga nurse accused of shooting her ex-husband in the groin inside his chiropractic clinic on July 10 appeared for her initial hearing today. A Hamilton County Detective testified that Tina Loher had written in her diary that she needed to create "portals of exit" for demonic spirits.

Terrence (Terry) Loher, her former husband, underwent surgery for the gunshot wound. He was seated in a wheelchair about 20 feet away from Tina. He cried as he asked the judge to deny her bond. The judge increased it from $140,000 to $600,000.

The detective testified that Tina Loher's diary contained an entry that said, "Terry is filled with three demonic spirits. One is assigned to me, one to each of my children. The purpose is to destroy us. The only way Terry will stop trying to destroy us is if the spirits exit his body today. I will have to create three portals of exit, that way they can leave."

The couple had been fighting over custody of their two daughters who Tina had left in the car as she went inside the clinic.

"Employees of a nearby business told the Chattanooga Times Free Press after the shooting that the 7-year-old daughter told them her mother was not a bad person but was just mad."


  1. I'm entirely open to the possibility that I might have demonic spirits within me as well and if they need a portal to exit my body that's totally understandable but shooting holes in my groin?! Couldn't we just try a laxative first and then proceed from there?

  2. Chattanooga is a little ways from here, but it is vaguely on this side of the state. That sounds about right for some of my neighbors.

    And a pissed off conservative on another blog called ME 'downwardly mobile white trash.'

    This is a funny world. :)

  3. It takes all kinds. I used to get called a pinko hippie queer. Pinko maybe, hippie absolutely, queer no. This is not to say that I have anything against the gay community because I don't and am researching what the Bible really says about homosexuality. It doesn't.

  4. Hmm, not nearly as fun as the Laying on of Hands; however, I believe the procedure in expelling evil spirits is not to touch the person possessed, so a gun and bullet clearly solves that problem. Makes perfect sense to me and anyone else possessed by a spirit of religion! [Louis Newton]