Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, August 14, 2009

The 60s and 70s: Arlo Gurthrie @ Woodstock

I can't let the 40th anniversary of Woodstock pass without some kind of tribute to one of the greatest events in popular music. Thirty-two of the best known acts of the time played in frequent rain before an audience of nearly a half million music lovers. 186,000 paid the $18 fee (worth $74 today) before the fence was cut and the concert became a free event.

For more about Woodstock and a list of performers go to Wikipedia.

Sadly we've lost some of the greats - Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia - to name just a few but Ritchie Havens, Paul Kantner of the Jefferson Airplane, Canned Heat and the Holding Company are returning.

I've read a lot of comments recently by these young and dumb types. "It's over." "Get over it." Well, babies, you just don't get it because you never have experienced and you never will experience anything like this in your lives. More's the pity because you might learn to chill out.

I've chosen this video, not only because I happen to like Arlo Guthrie, but because it captures the essence of Woodstock. Watch and you'll see.

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