Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, October 02, 2009

Sanford Stonewalls

S.C. Governor Mark Sanford has been under scrutiny by state lawmakers since returning from a clandestine five-day escapade last June with his Argentine mistress. Attorney General Henry McMaster "asked the Ethics Commission to review Sanford's use of state and private planes, his purchase of business-class airfare and his use of campaign funds."

In a move reminiscent of the Watergate era, Sanford is stonewalling attempts by the panel to release its initial findings of the investigation to lawmakers. The man who once wrote in an online opinion piece that God will change him so he can become "a more humble and effective leader" seems to be having trouble climbing Jacob's ladder.

God may or may not be on the side of this egomaniac. The S.C. Supreme Court may or may not decide in his favor. According to The State, Sanford is arguing that "only prosecutorial bodies can gain access to the State Ethics Commission's preliminary report, which is akin to an indictment and does not contain the governor's full defense."

"The Ethics Commission maintains that the S.C. House would become a prosecutor, and therefore entitled to the report, if it opens impeachment proceedings against Sanford."

Republican Sen. Larry Martin of Pickens thinks the Ethics Commission "is correct in concluding the House is entitled to the preliminary report." He accuses Sanford of trying to delay the commission probe.

Rep. Greg Dellaney, R-Chester, is "still preparing an impeachment resolution and does not need the Ethics Commission Report." The representative added Sanford committed "serious misconduct" when he left the state for five days, slipped his security and lied to his staff about where he was. "There's not anyone in the private sector or military that would keep their job" under such circumstances.

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