Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1960s: Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon

The Moody Blues are absolutely one of my favorite groups. Because I like classical music, I enjoy the blending of symphonic with rock - taking the music of the 60s and 70s to a whole new level. There were many of their songs that I would play repeatedly for an entire evening. And with the help of a funny cigerette or two, I would dance the night away - interpretive. God, I had energy back then.

The song was first recorded in 1967 as "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)" on the album "Days of Future Passed." Justin Haward wrote the song and wanted to call it "Tuesday Afternoon" but the producer insisted on the awkward title which made no sense. But in 1968 Hayward got his way when it was released as "Tuesday Afternoon" on a single. This was filmed in 1968 at the 1968 Jazz Blitzen.

No way can I sit here without my feet jumping around.


  1. OMG Leslie my feet are jumping right along with ya!!

  2. The Moody Blues are my favorite band, for the same reasons. I have seen them live three times.
    I have to admit to being old enough to have first heard of the Moody Blues when they released their first hit "Go Now."

  3. Sue: I keep listening to the video to keep the old blood flowing.

    Tom: Sadly, I never got to see them in person.
    They were incredible and I don't think there's one thing they sang that I didn't like.

    I think they're still performing?

  4. Leslie,

    Yes, they will be starting another road trip in the spring.

    Their web site:

    They give a great concert. If you get the chance, see them.

    They sound a little better on disc. The complexity of their sound comes across better in the studio and on recordings.

  5. Tom: Thanks for their URL. Will check it out for sure. I seriously doubt if they'd come to Music City U.S.A., though. Too country in these parts.

    Infidel: Groovy. I love that video - the dress, the hairstyles, the guy enjoying his pipe, the dancing, and the music of course.

    I'm sure I'll post something else of theirs in the future.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. "Stay tuned."

  6. awesome Infidel, the best of times, I miss them...

  7. Hi! I'm making an assumption that I'm not 100% sure of and that's that Music City, USA is Nashville TN. If I'm right, The Moody Blues will, in fact, be appearing there March 18, 2010!! So, again, if I'm right, grab your country boots and hike yourself down to the Andrew Jackson Hall and get yourself some tickets before they are all gone. As for me, I live in Florida and already have my tickets to six of the seven concerts they will be performing here in my home state. Can't wait for March to get here!!!!!

    Arline in Florida