Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Palin, Palin, Everywhere You Look, Palin

How can such a mindless wonder attract so much attention from a media that should be smart enough to know better? This is a step by step process.

It begins with The Daily Beast.

"With the publication of damaging e-mails from a climate research center in Britain, the radical environmental movement appears to face a tipping point," begins Sarah Palin's latest op-ed in The Washington Post. Skip her piece though, and go Marc Ambinder's blog post, which debunks Palin's argument claim by claim. "[The climate-change scientists] 'actions' here consist of insulting climate change skeptics, immature name-calling, and, at worst, devising a strategy to keep the climate change deniers out of debates and peer-reviewed journals," Ambinder writes. "The 'concerns' that Palin speaks of are the result of years of accumulated science denialism that now, conveniently, has been seemingly 'validated' by the fog of a grand conspiracy, suddenly revealed." The Huffington Post, meanwhile, surveys the attacks on The Washington Post op-ed page for running its second piece by Palin in five months.


  1. Because the WaPo can't sink much lower.
    Palin sells like sex (appeal) sells.For ignorant rethugs, that is.
    I wonder how far they think they'd get with her if given a chance? She wouldn't give them the time of day for less than $100,000.