Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tea Partiers Ready to Party

The Tea Party Convention is sold out! Can you believe it? I mean those ladies and gents are ready to get down, folks. All 600 delegates. Hell, I've been to  library conventions with a heap more attendees than that, like a few thousand - and I'm pleased to tell you those librarians know how to throw a party. No tea for them, by golly.

The Tea Party movement is "growing up," said convention spokesman Mark Skoda, Memphis Tea Party chairman. "We are all very mature people -- without the pointy hats and the signs. . . You will see people of quality and maturity to help bring this movement to a pinnacle whereby we actually change politics." Nothing like insulty your base; these people at Opryland are quality.

"If you take 1,000 so-called Tea Partiers and ask them what this movement is, you'll get 1,000 different interpretations," said Mark Williams, a talk-radio host and chairman of the Tea Party Express, which will begin a nationwide bus tour next month featuring Palin. "I've had pro-lifers practically standing next to pro-choicers, and gun-control people standing next to people with a pistol strapped to their hips. But they're all waving American flags and speaking out against the galloping socialist agenda."

Sounds like a bunch of damn liberals to me.

That Woman said she wouldn't be keeping any of the money from her big production number. "Any compensation for my appearance will go right back to the cause."

Aw shucks.

"As with all grass-roots efforts, the nature of this movement means that sometimes the debates are loud and the organization is messier than that of a polished, controlled machine," Palin wrote. "Legitimate disagreements take place about tone and tactics. That's OK, because this movement is about bigger things than politics or organizers."

On the other hand . . .

"The average Tea Party person is going to be sitting on their couch at home because they can't afford $600 for a lobster-and-steak dinner in a fancy hotel," said Anthony Shreeve, 27, a Tea Party organizer from Tennessee who is boycotting the convention and Palin's speech. "It didn't sound 'Tea Party' to me. It sounded more like a regular Republican fundraiser."

UPDATE: In Washington, the Republican establishment has wrestled with the tea party movement, but House Republican Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) said Thursday that there is "no difference" in the beliefs of Republicans and tea party activists. Appearing on conservative Mike Gallagher's radio show, Boehner counseled Republican candidates to "prove it to tea party activists that we really are who we say we are."

"We really are who we say we are?" Certainly.

Joan Billman of Greencastle, Ind., signs the back of a poster of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin at the conference.


  1. It sure does sound like that the Republican party is re-framing itself. Which is not a bad idea, to distance yourself from the 2000-2008 diabolical mess. Rather go to a Librarian Convention and have a "real" party.

  2. Oh how I wish I was a fly right ya think we'll get the truth about what actually went on in there??

  3. Library parties are wild - especially news librarians.

    According to spokesman Skoda, he's provided hundreds of press credentials to hundreds of media from across Europe and Asia, Japan's NHK. Fox and MSNBC are covering That Woman's speech. Sounds like they might end up with more media members than delicates.

  4. I can tell you two things, even though you are the poor person whose town is infested.

    Many years ago in Phoenix, I had a close friend (not a professional relationship) who was a high-end call girl. She told me that whenever there was an extreme right political or religious convention in town, local girls imported backup from Las Vegas, because the trade was more than they could handle.

    You can also be sure that we will get reports about the thousands who attended from Faux Noise.

  5. I find it odd that they are going to air live "that woman's" "speech" (I use that term loosely by the way) if it is anything like she normally gives.. like her resignation speech in front of the lake, competing with the geese and

    I think it is just wrong to give her that much air time... However maybe after this mornings news of her husbands deep involvement in the day to day running of the state of which she is from, it will start to open more eyes around the country what a loser she really is. I won't be watching it.. I can't stand her screeching voice.

  6. TC: Call-girls usually carry all the baggage, like all the secrets, don't they? ; )

    Annette: That's why I use "that woman." I'm sick of the amount of coverage she gets and hearing her name.

    I haven't heard "today's" news about Todd running Alaska's affairs but I did hear about it during the campaign. Allegedly he also guarded the door, approving or disapproving her visitors.

  7. I'd love it if they collected the same superhigh prices for the lobster dinners and all, and sent the money to Haiti.

    Haiti... that place. It appears to have dropped from the news.

  8. "... speaking out against the galloping socialist agenda."

    Interesting equine metaphor. If this agenda slows down and isn't galloping anymore, does it trotsky?

  9. dmarks: Very good. Haiti? What happened there?
    And where are your priorities? After All, there's the big Tea Party shindig going on.

  10. Frodo enjoys this little cross section of America. He enjoys the interviews with the black members. . .er, make that the Hispanic. . .well, how about the liberal arts graduates. . .say, any Chinese out there?. . .anybody here ever been overseas?. . .how 'bout you buddy, ever tried the 'South Beach Diet'?. . .