Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GOP blows hot air to virtually empty room - LOL, LOL, LOL

Blatantly lifted this from Green Eagle and many thanks to him. I'm not crazy about stealing fom my fellow bloggers but this is so hilarious.

I'm still rolling on the floor.

The GOP holds press conference to do damage control. Apparently the media isn't all that excited.

BTW, if you haven't been to Green Eagle's blog, you're missing out on a rare approach to the world of politics.


  1. Fox News will report that there were one and a half million reporters in the room.

  2. I wondered who they were talking to, since it seemed that almost all of DC was at the White

    Good job.. and you know you can take anything from my blog you want... I don't consider it stealing, I consider it getting the facts out to a different audience... When I post it goes to my FaceBook account and that reaches a huge amount of people... So, in your words.... "steal away"

  3. I take enough crap from the local righties on Facebook without these kooks reading my blog.

    Had to laugh at Infidel. To think I thought he was a party pooper.

  4. LOLOL Infidel! This is too funny. Did ya seen Cabbage Patch man when he spoke after the bill signing? I'd like to see a picture from that too.

    Leslie most blogs don't care if we steal this type of thing, it's too funny to keep to yourself!

  5. All the press was in the next room listening to Joe Effing Biden.

  6. I agree that getting the word out is the important thing but I do like to credit my sources as a courtesy - plus it's an old habit.

    I used to post to my FB but since it's mostly family no one pays any attention. Anyway, I have a hard enough time tending to my blog and don't need another click.

    And only Fox, besides grossly overestimating the crowd, would make a thing of Biden's choice of words.

  7. Infidel753 wrote: "Fox News will report that there were one and a half million reporters in the room."

    Right, and Fox will use video from an August, 2009 press conference to show the crowded room.

    Re: the less-than-SRO press conference shown above, I just hope Republicans' fund raisers look like that throughout the year.

    (Tnlib, thanks for putting Name-URL in the ID form for commenters!)

  8. You're welcome. When I start getting trolls I'll send them your way. ; )

    Lordy, I hope the leeches don't find their way over here.

  9. Hey, this picture is from the AP, and I first saw it on Daily Kos, and I saw it on a couple of more blogs before I posted it, so don't worry about stealing it from me.

    I believe that as Americans, we are all entitled to know about public events held by our political parties. I don't think it's stealing to show the proof, as long as you are not making money off of it. Freedom of the press is not really about the press at all- it's about our right to know what is going on in the world. With all of the Republican lies about the millions of angry people that are supposedly right behind them, we have every right to see the truth.

    Thanks very much for the link and your kind words.

  10. Thanks Green Eagle. Mostly I go to the original source but sometimes if it's a fellow blogger, I like to give them credit. If a reader wants to link to their blog, I figure they'll see the other sources - if they even care. ; ) Personally I'm not real link happy.

    The right to know and lies vs. truth. Hasn't that always been the way it is? I wish we could get together, raise lots of money and purchase a newspaper or TV station to counter the WSJ and Fox. Anyone know Ted Turner?