Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, March 22, 2010

Wasserman Schultz calls Issa on GOP lies

I love Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She's an astute eloquent young lady who easily walks circles around these dunderhead Republicans. She's poised and articulate, smart and focused. She can chew those lying Republicans up and spit them out without betting an eye.

The video I originally posted, which I got off of CNN, is not nearly as good as the one at  CrooksandLiars:

Following the vote on the health care bill, Wolf Blitzer talks to Rep. Darrell Issa and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Issa claims that the Republicans were "shut out of the process from the very beginning" and Wasserman Schultz calls him out on it.

Schultz: That is just a brazenly false statement. From the very beginning...
 Issa: Is that like you lied?

Schultz: No, it's a brazenly false (crosstalk). With all due respect there are two hundred amendments that were offered and accepted by Republicans, offered by Republicans and accepted by Democrats and incorporated into this bill. This is a bill that is bipartisan in content, unfortunately not bipartisan in the outcome of the votes. We gave every opportunity over and over again and the American people saw a President in Obama extend his hand and saw Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid ask Republicans repeatedly to sit down with the rest of the negotiating table and we were repeatedly rejected.

After Issa pretends like they would have used the amendment process for anything other than trying to either stall or shut down the bill being passed and Blitzer repeating his Republican talking points about major pieces of social legislation never being passed without bipartisan support Schultz comes back again.

Schultz: It passed without any Republican support by their choice.

She then pointed out David Frum's statement when he called the Republicans failing to cooperate in negotiating on the health care bill the GOP's Waterloo.
Issa then goes on to pretend like the GOP cares about jobs and if I'm not mistaken it sounds like he was just praising that evil Canadian socialized medicine.

Our Democratic women have brains and class. No two ways about it. I'd love to see Wasserman Schulz take on Bachman or Palin.


  1. She is great.. she was a wonderful campaigner for the President during the election all the while undergoing her own personal drama and mess with cancer..

  2. She is great, always on MSNBC and a huge supporter of President Obama. Florida is lucky to have her and Grayson!

  3. I vaguely remember seeing her during the campaign and thinking she's a sharp gal but for some reason she seems to have faded out of my sphere. Have to start paying more attention.

  4. Interestingly, the difference in the video I downloaded (or uploaded?) from CNN's site cuts off Wasserman Schultz's responses that show up that other idiot. Talk about biased editing.

  5. I saw her around 9:00 p.m. last year, on CSPAN. i forget what she was talking about, but the chamber was nearly empty, and she was really doing a great job making her case, I thought. It's nice to see her moving up in the ranks of importance.

  6. The only problem I have with Congresswoman Wasserman Schulz taking on the batshit crazy GOP chicks is that there would be no way she could debate either of them. Palin can't talk beyond the limited space on the palms of her hands for notes and Bachman is actually living in some other parallel universe were the laws of reality are different.

    Wasserman Schulz would have a better, more intelliegent debate with two trees.

  7. It is remarkable to me that when Issa claims Republicans were shut out of the process from the very beginning, he is either counting on his fellow Republicans being completely uninformed and/or having Fox News as their only source of information. Is there any other way to explain his comment? BJ

  8. Good for Wasserman Schultz. If Republicans, or CNN, give awards for going on TV and lying with a straight face, Issa must have a closet full of them. He deserved the comeuppance he got.

    Wasserman Schultz has a lot spunk. I've seen her do this kind of thing before, and she's very good at it.

    (tnlib, could you please add "Name - URL" to the choices in the "Comment as" popdown?")

  9. Can you imagine having a right-wing blog where no one had a sense of humor? How dull it would be, or is.

    I had a serious problem with Issa's bald-faced lying but I also had a problem with the CNN video on their own site which edited out W-S's revealing rebuttal. Talk about bias. I don't know how CrooksandLiars obtained the whole thing but I'm glad they did. I'm not sophisticated enough in these matters to understand them.

    SW: Thanks for the heads up. I've been messing around with the comment settings trying to find that one. Will keep playing.

    Love your comments, folks. Even the MSM is beginning to put out a few limp criticisms of the GOP. It's gotta be painful and I'm loving every minute of it.

  10. Facts always get in the way of a Republican argument being made convincingly, she slapped him with the truth.