Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sign Petition Against HATE on Facebook

Please link to Vigil to get the information and links to this horrid hate group and to the FB group who is spearheading the petition. You have to be on FB and you have to register with the petition folks, so it will take a few minutes. It's the most dispicable thing I've seen on FB.


  1. I addressed this idiocy on my blog. I posted something by an actual Socialist who adamantly insisted that not only is Obama not a Socialist, he's not even Liberal!

    A million stupids on facebook are praying for Obama's death?

    Look at it this way. At least we know how many brainless assh***s are out there.

    The best thing to do is ignore them. They believe they're doing something clever when, in fact, this is merely a way for the pathetic jerks to vent their frustrations over a man who is still popular with the American people, who is a successful president, and who just passed a significant piece of legislation, and who has a gorgeous wife and two adorable children to boot!

    Obama gets things done; the stupids on that facebook page can only beg people to join an internet page?


  2. SK: LOL
    I have been saying the same thing that Obama is not a Socialist, and not even a liberal.
    He is a republocrat.

  3. I pretty much agree but I just can't sit still and not let my voice be heard. I really believe FB should make them take it down.

  4. Looks as though some hate-filled lowlife or group of same has found a medium with which to spew their poison.

    If Facebook doesn't have the decency to enforce its own policy without a public uprising, why not just have nothing to do with Facebook?

    As repugnant as the hateful Facebook page is, I'm not going to sign a petition to get rid of it. Freedom of speech includes freedom to express thoughts we hate.

    Let them show what they are like and what they are about. Decent people will reject them and their hatefulness. And as surely as water seeks its own level, lowlifes, gullible fools, paranoid personalities and resentful dimwits will flock to it. Fortunately, there are more decent people than there are ones who will join in the bashing and hating.

  5. Praying for President Obama's death? That's so silly .... obviously people's prayer's havent been doing a damn bit of good as it is on damn near anything in the world, or either God simply dont give a shit. :)

    You know .... I been following this man (Obama)for a while as far as his political view's, never even once cared what his religion was, or even his place of birth like most.Before he was even the democrat nomineee in the initial line- up, I was posting on this man, and writing that if this man were to ever get the nomination, folk's on both of these polarizing side's will not understand him, ( I understand him well, you can say were on the same wavelength I reckon)and he will have everyone from Wall St. to the factory worker's panties in a bind, and this "IS" exactly the reason I will support him all the way through, and hope he make's President of this country, which he did. His thinking is kind of a "new breed" if you will, more of the way that our children are going to view thing's and issue's to come, our children would think more like him "naturally" .... not being influenced by him or anyone else. You see .... this system of how we do thing's is history, or will be soon. We (our) generation see thing's only black/ white, good/ evil, left/ right, etc. We also feel that without these iconic government's, corporation's, churches, to hold our hand's, while we endlessly kiss their asses following behind them, that we are doomed and cant make it without them. We also have such a fondness to hypocrisy, pop culture, etc. This man, does not think like the herd, he is also a man of "reason". One thing that we will learn in time is how to act more productively and especially more with reason instead of just along some party line. Actually as liberated as we may think we are .... we are not, we are actually in a way ... in our own dark age's, and this era is about to end, as all great era's have, from the Egyptian's, to the Roman's, to the Mayan's, to the USSR. As far as their "hate" for him, it will do them no good .... change is on the way, and that is something that human's have a hard time adjusting too, but it is inevitable, you can bank on it. I will shut up now.

    Thnak You Ms.TNlib ......

  6. S.W. Anderson

    I'm not going to sign a petition to get rid of it. Freedom of speech includes freedom to express thoughts we hate.

    Of course. Congress does not have the right to limit 'free speech' on Facebook. The petition merely asks Facebook to live up to their own rules: not to publish gratuitous hate speech.

  7. Been there and done that. :-)

    Obama is a centrist. That places him well to the left of the GOP.

  8. People who criticize the state of life in the Soviet Union normally do not have a clue about the vicious, repressive aristocracy that it replaced. Of course we had things better in this country, up until recently, with our abundant natural resources and a climate which could easily feed our population, but as unacceptable as life in the Soviet Union would have been to Americans, it was a big step up for most people from their lives before 1917.

    As is usually the case, hard core governments like the Stalinist are made possible only when the self-serving mismanagement of a small oligarchy makes conditions so bad that people are willing to spin the wheel and try almost anything new. This is true for the wreck of Germany left from the monarchy's pursuit of conquest in the first world war, the ascent of the Ayatollahs in Iran after people had enough of their American backed dictator, the ability of Hamas to seize power in the wake of the terminal corruption of Arafat and the PLO, the miserable condition of the majority of Italians which made Mussolini seem appealing...I could go on and on here.

    These twisted governments rarely emerge from nowhere. The people who spew the most outrage at their existence paradoxically are the first to champion the sort of unequal divison of resources that lead people to end up living under such leaders.

  9. I just signed the petition with my full name to be displayed.

  10. Thx, Darlene!

    Green Eagle makes some good point. I get the feeling he/she's just getting rolling!

  11. I'm a bit of a tired blogger tonight, so will have to thank everyone for your excellent comments and a big thanks to folks who have signed the petition. I really do feel quite fortunate to have such bright concerned bloggers drop in.

  12. Reality said: ""SK: LOL
    I have been saying the same thing that Obama is not a Socialist, and not even a liberal.
    He is a republocrat."

    He's definitely a liberal/leftist, for sure. "Socialist" is a major exaggeration.


    Green Eagle said: "People who criticize the state of life in the Soviet Union normally do not have a clue about the vicious, repressive aristocracy that it replaced."

    Actually, Lenin's revolution overthrew a democracy. The czarist regime was already out of power. In fact, the old Russian Empire had dissolved. Lenin conquered them back. In just about every way, Lenin made things worse, and the brutality of his regime far exceeded what he overthrew.