Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Arizona Under "Terrorist Attack" Says Governor

I wonder why it is that GOP politicos always run to Fox News after passing controversial legislation which generates a public backlash. "Why is everyone picking on me?" It just rips my heart apart.

Megyn Kelly, in an interview with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer, asked her what she thought of the three states, with two pending, that have banned official trips to Arizona  on account of the new "Show Me Your Papers" law.
Brewer whined, "It is thoughtless and harmful to innocent people. It is wrong."

Maybe I didn't hear this right. Listen to this load of hypocrisy and tell me if I'm wrong. I really wouldn't mind being wrong in this case.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? What about the innocent people who just happened to be born with brown skin? Aren't they receiving "thoughtless and harmful" treatment?" I don't see them running to Fox with big ole crocodile tears.

Brewer further said:

You know Arizona has been under terrorist attacks, if you will, with all of this illegal immigration that has been taking place on our very porous border. . . .

CrooksandLiars looks at the death of an Arizona rancher by an alleged scout for the drug cartel and Fox's contribution to the hysteria by falsely and consistently claiming his death was due to an illegal immigrant.
With statistics from Media Matters, the drop in crime from 2006 2007 and 2008 -- the most recent year from which data are available -- is the greatest since 1983.

I am not diminishing the need for immigration reform but this prohibitively costly and unconstitutional law is not the way to go about it. Worse, but not surprisingly, for the right to blame President Obama for the the lack of reform is factually wrong but typical of  people who do not let facts stand in their way.

Particularly egregious has been Sen. John McCain who ducked the issue until 2005 when he and the late Senator Edward Kennedy co-sponsored an immigration reform bill but failed to get out of committee..

The bill, which combined amnesty, guest worker, and border security programs, served as a template for similar bipartisan legislation attempts in 2006 and 2007, none of which succeeded after coming under pressure from all sides of the immigration debate.

McCain fell silent again, but it is Obama's fault we don't have an immigration bill.


  1. These Red States want less government but blame the federal government when things get a little sticky. You are right about McCain, he has been there for years doing nothing but feather his own nest.

  2. Holte, I don't know who I have the least respect for - Boehner, McConnell, Grassley, Selby - the whole lot of them. Instead of blaming the president, people should blame the GOP.

  3. The statement by the Arizona governor that they have been under terrorist attacks is so ridiculous that it defies comment. Next, I suppose she will claim lawsuits directed at blocking this law are attempts to overthrow the Arizona government.

  4. JC: When I saw this my teeth fell out.

  5. Terrorists my ass. Can you imagine being of brown skin in Arizona, and in fear that you are constantly in danger of being detained and badgered by the police, if not locked up? That is terror. So who are the real terrorists in Arizona, Ms. lily-white Jan Brewer?

  6. A friend just sent an email with a link to a column by George Will. A lot of typical Republican hypocracy as far as I'm concerned.

  7. I agree with JadedJ...this law is a terrorist act.

  8. "You know Arizona has been under terrorist attacks, if you will, with all of this illegal immigration "


    Shining Path, Aum Supreme Truth, Hezbollah, and Jamaah Islamiyah are REAL terrorists, to name but a few.... hyper-violent radicals with set agendas armed with automatic weapons, taking hostages, killing people and blowing things up.

    This politically generated hysteria is nothing but typical Right wing conflation of terms aimed solely at distracting people from the matters that genuinely impact on their lives. And at making everything 'someone else's' fault.

    If this is too cerebral for the average Right wing moron then I recommend they simply watch the original Die Hard movie again. Even that had a more accurate representation of terrorism.

  9. Brewer comes across as not being especially bright. Did you notice that when the Fox anchor read the list of cities and states that were boycotting AZ, she led with San Francisco and West Hollywood?

    My Republican Hypocrite of the Week was Lindsay Graham. On Monday, he throws a hissy fit because Harry Reid wants to put immigration reform ahead of climate change. By Thursday, Graham criticized the government, of which he is a part, for inaction.

    Over time, McCain is the worst. He's essentially failed to obtain immigration reform; now, he's suddenly against it except that he's for it. Sarah Palin must have rubbed off on him.

  10. BTW, re George Will: I'm waiting in the lobby of my dentist's office. A guy sitting across from tells his wife that he likes Will, except that he can never understand Will's writing. True story.

  11. That's rich. He likes Will but doesn't understand him! I told a friend that I'm not always opposed to everything he says. He and David Brooks had some uncomplimentary things to say about the Palin.

  12. The only thing Arizona is under attack from is Fascism sponsored by Ms. Brewer.

    I think every U.S. citizen should drive through Phoenix AZ dressed in Serapes and Ponchos all in one weekend.

  13. Boomer: I think we can add McCain to the equation. I like your idea though.