Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bay Buchanan Claims Obama Has "Dummied" Down SCOTUS

Bay Buchanan, mirror image of Pat, said that Obama's choice of Sonia Sotomayor last year and now Elena Kagan to fill Supreme Court vacancies are signs that he has "dummied down the Supreme Court."

On "Larry King Live" on Monday, she asked fellow guests James Carville and David Gergen:

"What makes her qualified?" Buchanan asked, referring to Kagan. "She has -- being a president of Harvard makes you qualified? It does not. What he's done is dummy down. He has dummied down the Supreme Court. He has given two of the best appointments of his administration to people who are not the best and the brightest. That's unfortunate."

Harvard Kennedy School Professor and CNN political anlayst David Gergen disagreed: "I just don't understand why someone who has lived a life of excellence, someone who has distinguished herself in role after role, including that of solicitor general, can possibly be described as someone who is sort of mediocre. He's gone to a choice of quality."

Political strategist James Carville, who recently claimed that airport scanners could measure his penis, hit his usual stride suggesting that Obama should have appointed author John Grisham to the Supreme Court post.

"The next Supreme Court justice should be John Grisham. He's written a lot. He went to Old Miss. And, you know, I think he'd be a dog gone good Supreme Court justice," Carville said. "I read his books. I like the way this guy thinks."