Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Can a Supreme Court Justice Be Impeached?

The answer is yes. But it's not easy and in fact only one justice, Samuel Chase, has ever been impeached. His subsequent acquittal by lopsided margins on several counts has led to speculation by some, such as William Rehnquist, that the case set an unofficial precedent that may have helped to ensure the independence of the judiciary.

But that was back in early 1805 when Thomas Jefferson was president. This is 2010, 205 years later. Maybe it's time to try again - starting with Justice Samuel Alito.

Miami Herald:
A request to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito by "birther" attorney Orly Taitz asking that $20,000 in sanctions against her be reversed was referred on Tuesday to the entire court.

U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land imposed the sanctions last year after he warned her and then gave her a time limit to explain why he shouldn't fine her in the September 2009 case of Capt. Connie Rhodes, who questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency.

Taitz appealed the sanctions to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. That court upheld the sanctions in March, and Taitz sent an application for stay to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas on July 8. Thomas denied it a week later.

Taitz then refiled it with Alito on Aug. 4. That request was referred on Tuesday to the entire nine-member court, the Supreme Court's website states.
Crooks and Liars:
It's not like we didn't already know Alito was a reactionary hater, but this goes far beyond the pale. Orly Taitz is a half-wit publicity-seeking nutcase who has just been granted a piece of the Supreme Court's attention. I think we can safely assume Alito shares Taitz' agenda to delegitimize the President of the United States.
But the poor lady is facing another hurdle.
On Monday, a lien was filed on all of Taitz's real property. Taitz said she wouldn't give the government the satisfaction of taking her property or potentially her law license, adding she would pay the fine.

As of Wednesday, Taitz said on her website that she had raised $1,740 in donations.
Back to the original question. By all means, let's impeach the hell out of Alito.


  1. what a disgrace for our country, for our Supreme Court! I say impeach the guy too and send his ass to some kangaroo court where he belongs!

  2. I heard this earlier today and it just disgust me.
    I'm surprised Thomas didn't go along with it. In any case, yes he should be impeached. What a disgrace to humanity.

  3. It's not surprising to me that an asshat would want to give another asshat a hearing.

    Alito is a judicial hack. How low we have sunk.

  4. Hell of a fine idea. These slugs can do what ever they want and the Bush appointee's help along the way.

  5. I rarely twitter my own blogs but I did this one. Alito really should be impeached but we know how far that would go.

    Orly is kind of an interesting study to me. She has pretty impressive credentials - married, 2 kids, dentist, attorney (altho it was an online law school not licensed by the ABA but she passed the CA bar), speaks 4-5 languages. She's also certifiably loony and reminds me of a caricature of the Russian work camp matron.

  6. Unfortunately it will take something more than doing Orly's bidding to impeach Alito. Now, if there was some sex or money involved...

  7. Seems there's already another petition up calling for Scalia's impeachment in another matter. There are only a little over 740 signatures.

    And this is information on the process, how it's done and under what conditions.

  8. The plot thickens, On KOs show he talked about this.
    From what he said, It's common practice for this to happen. Once the first Supreme taco declines, the second one agrees to pass it through. He explained,they do this as to not have all the judges bothered by a nut case. Which Orly qualifies for. Also according to KO, he suggested it will now be thrown out after a I think he said 10 days. I may have gotten some of this wrong but it might be up at his site tomorrow so all can read it themselves.

  9. Given the current structure of the court I half expect Alito will be chief justice one day. little turds like him always rise to the top.

  10. I think I had heard that a long, long time ago but had forgotten it. Hopefully, KO is right and this is much ado about nothing. I still don't like Alito, so I signed the petition anyway just for good measure.

  11. Ranch Greeting's Ms.Leslie!

    This was truely an "educational" piece for me, because it's one of them subject's that I didnt frankly know a bloody thing about. but have wondered before if there ever can be anything done about a "justice" on the bench? Yet never looked into it. An example of something that was somewhat upsetting to me here ....

    Mr.Olbermann in this video above really got by atencion on this, and I am not trying to take any party side's at all, just stepping out of the box, to take a clear look at the reality.

    There was a schlew of complaint's the other day of course over this new gal Kagan (most from the right of course) BMB-ing (bitchin, moaning, and bellyachin) about her lack of experience, not having been a judge or doin this and that before, etc, etc ... I watched several of the drill hearing's when she was getting drilled actually. I was actually thrilled she got approved, whether she had experience or not, because for long, frankly I'd like to see an overhaul of that bunch as well ... I just am looking for something "fresh" ... and if she "isnt" experienced ... well ... she will be now. As far as Alito ... I never been fond of him anyway you slice it.

    These birth certificate type's are another freakshow, we can do without ... frankly .... I never even gave a rat's ass whether the President was born on Mars for that matter ... if you act American, and love the idea of our democracy and support it ... that's all in Hell I need. At least I learned he was born in Hawaii, for some bloody odd reason ... I thought he was born in Kansas before that ... I think he lived in Kansas for awhile or somethin.

    Thank You Much Leslie ....

  12. One more thing if I may Ms.Leslie, a lil insider info here from investigative journalism. The "birthers" been "had" without no clue. The real culprit behind this is here in this video.

  13. Because of the far reaching (effects every American) and long term effect on law, the Supreme Court is the most powerful branch of government.
    At all costs, we need to keep it as free as possible from politics. That's impossible, but political hacks like Alito should never have been confirmed.
    It would be hard to impeach a Justice of the Supreme Court, unless the other jurists were bringing the call to impeach.
    Most of their work is a judgment call, and even if I think a ruling is directly against the Constitution, mine is just another (legally uneducated) opinion.
    I'll sign any petition to get rid of Alito, or Scalia, or the other political hacks on the court.

  14. As much as I hate to defend Scalito, whom I despise with passion, this isn't the whole story.

    Taitz had already applied to Thomas to get her case considered. He refused. She went to Scalito next, and would have kept applying to every Justice had he refused. Because they have seen so many similar situations, it's an unwritten rule of courtesy in SCOTUS for the second judge who receives an absurd application to accept it. That way the court can refuse to hear the case in unison, and thus spare the other Justices from having to respond to idiot petitioners like Taitz individually.

    If we want to campaign to impeach justices, let's do it for something like Citizens United, not for following common courtesy.

  15. Kagan follows over 40 other justices who had no prior bench experience. These a-holes don't know what they're talking about. Surprise, surprise.

    The link to the petition and another link to the process are in my comment right after Jerry's.

    You know, even when we all agree on something, everyone comes to the table with a plate of unique perspectives and new ideas. Ain't it fun? Of course, it helps if I catch my typos before publishing them!

  16. I'd campaign to impeach justices who voted AGAINST Citizens United, because they clearly forgot the First Amendment when they plumbed the depths of their imaginations to concoct their dissent.

    But actually, unlike Tom, I really DO believe "we need to keep it as free as possible from politics", and I would not do as he would and willy-nilly sign any petitions to get rid of anyone who does not share my political views.

    So no signatures from me.

  17. Rancho said:

    "I never even gave a rat's ass whether the President was born on Mars for that matter ... if you act American, and love the idea of our democracy and support it ... that's all in Hell I need"

    That's the way I tend to think of it too. I don't believe Obama was foreign born, nor do I believe he's a Muslim. But even if he were, it would not matter to me. I think like you do on the first, and the 2nd is covered under the Bill of Rights.

  18. I don't think it's a case of sharing my politics. Politicis should not play a role in SCOTUS. What it's about is following the Constitution and only the Constitution.

  19. She has been harassing all the SCOTUS since this thing came down the pike. My best guess, like they do with other cases, one rejects it and so they are not aggravated by this woman and her minions, they decided to stop her once and for all by the whole court hearing it. SHe will probably fight them too knowing what she has done here in CA with this case. The CA bar has her on some kind of investigation, I hope they disbar her ass and she floats off into the ether using those horrid eyelashes, never to be seen or heard of again.