Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, August 13, 2010

Security Guard Takes Down Deaf Man

It's not entirely clear what provoked this incident in a Hollywood, Calif. mall. Was the guy stealing or was he just suspected of stealing? Did the guard not understand that the man was deaf and couldn't speak? That the guy had at least two friends with him who were also deaf mutes?

Do I think the guard abused the poor man? Not in any real sense but the victim really wasn't fighting back either. I certainly don't think you could say he was resisting arrest - just trying to breathe.

I don't know what to make of it and hope that more information will be forthcoming. There are security guards and there are security guards. Some are caring hard-working people; others are frustrated cops who couldn't make the cut. Most don't get paid enough to live without a second job.

This is a comment left by "frunkdafried" on Youtube.
I'm glad they were exposed. I have a friend who is deaf that I love dearly and would HATE to think that this could happen to him. I refuse to make hateful comments regarding have assholes in every race and these dudes are idiot shitheads. Can you say - jerkaholics?!!!!!!! I hope they get sued and the mall get sued for hiring people so eager to abuse what funky little power they get. I am immensely pissssed!!!!!


A friend that was shopping with Rea, believed to be his brother Pablo, was trying to catch the security guard's attention as well to let him know that they were deaf. He attempted to show another staff member receipts for their purchases.

Since then, Rea was charged with robbery and assault. Police say that there were items within the bags that were not purchased. Rea's bail was set at $55,000.

Forever XXI released a statement declaring that they have launched their own investigation and do no condone the use of excessive force.


  1. At a loss. As you said, not enough evidence. There was another security guard named Richard Jewel who might like to comment. BJ

  2. Those security guards are just a bunch of nigger's no changing them it the ultimate proof nature is bigger than nurture just a fact of life.

  3. Well what are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes. This was definitely abuse. At one point I feared for the life of the guy being wrestled. This is what happens when proper training and standards are not of importance. These guards are making probably 8.50 per hour. What the hell can you expect. I'll ignore Anon. Anyway tnlb thanks for this post, makes my blood boil. If I were there,I'd be arrested too. See if they could handle a cripple. Ignorant people of any race in power are hurting us all.

  4. I'm not going to leave up this illiterate comment by Anon for very long but I want people to see a good example of right wing ignorance and hate. This individual is apparently from the Flagstaff, AZ region. Go figure.

    Of course I've made a copy in Word with all the other kinds of illiterate hate and stupidity the right so loves to flaunt. I'm saving these for my book, "The Ugly Un-Patriotic Un-American." I believe I even have a few of Lisa's.

  5. Greeting's Ms.Leslie!

    First of all I disagree with the view of Anon, and DO NOT think that any of this is skin color motivated. But simply some security guy's ... again, slow, inexperienced, with lousy social skill's, and a pumping adrenaline, as if they got a big collar/ bust.

    True Story if I may .... I worked street security in a nightclub district, as well as a security doorman part time on weekend's for a punk/ hardcore venue/ club a friend owned. When working street security, my biggest threat was car smash and grab's, and other street related stuff as random strongarm robberies and alot of intoxicated fight's. I was offered a job recommended by a officer of DPD (Gang Unit Div) who done contract work, to work undercover at a WalMart security system (they have their own inhouse security force), with a higher rank and much better pay, because of my background ( I have a criminal record/ background of theft, just more elaborate than this sort, and was a difficult one to catch at a time ) I met up with the Captain of this crew ... and was briefed on the programme and such. When I told the man that I could "make" the score going down with no problem, these type's are fairly simple and easy to make ... and I could save the store as well as taxpayer's money, by stopping the theft before it actually goes down. But .... they had a policy where they wanted the subject to take the merchandise out the door, then detain/ collar and turn over to local law to book/ charge. I told him .... what's the point? I can guarantee you that I can deter theft significantly in this store without even having to involve local police or spending hour's in court hearing's, or taking anyone into custody, at the taxpayer's expense and store's. But ... NO ... their policy wasnt about detering theft (apparently), but making sure subject's actually get the merchandise out of the store to make a case. I was even offered yet a higher starting pay ... I told them I had to decline, because I dont see the point, and dont operate like that.

    Thank You Ms. Leslie

  6. Oh yeah ... I forgot to add my opinion on ...was this abuse? Absolutely in any stretch of the word, this type of restraint could have been avoided, and the matter could have been much smoother ... it doesnt matter if the subject had merchandise or not ... this is what I consider as making a mountain out of a molehill, and as silly as it get's on decision making, both of these officer's are really lousy as far as aprehension and communication's ... way too excessive and unecessary as well.

  7. I wouldn't work security under any circumstances but I'm proud of you for turning down their offer.

    I tend to agree with you about the two officers, especially about the apprehension and communication skills, or lack of. When someone is in your face using sign language it ought to tell you something loud and clear.

  8. Damn that was really hard to watch! I think the guard used unnecessary force, he should have had help to handcuff the guy so he could calm down. It seemed to take much too long.

    Anon is plain nasty, damn that really is one of the worse comments I ever read!

  9. I agree about taking so long. Actually this might have been as abusive as knocking the guy around.

    Anon needs to have his head shrunk.

  10. Leslie

    What really bothers me is why more people didn't come to the aid of the guy. I could not stand by and watch this happening. I couldn't.

    There's just no justification in the behavior of the "security" goons. Any moron could have determined there was something wrong when his friend was attempting to communicate with him.

    If you err, err on the side of humanity.

  11. The guy in the headlock appears to be tapping - every atom of training should be telling the guard to ease off.

    You don't put someone in a headlock and maintain it unless you mean to induce temporary unconsciousness and that should not take more than 10 seconds, and the guard is definitely got the wrong hold for that.

    If the only control you have over the guy, as in this seg, is via the neck (meaning no holds or hooks over any other part of the body) and yet he still cannot resist... then there is not even justification for going that far, you've already demonstrated dominance.

    Lazy, incompetent, dangerous, stupid and a one-way ticket to an excessive force charge.

  12. For various reasons, very few people have the moral fortitude to get involved in situations like this one. Fear? Of the guard or of standing out and being the only one intervening or of being wrong? I wouldn't, at least not physically.

    I've watched this video several more times. I think it's that long slow headlock that gets to me - and the woman in the background yelling "he's turning purple".

    Thank God for cell phone cams and for folks who know how to use them. Still, we don't know what happened before the camera was rolling.

  13. Hey anon, you DO know that the definition of that word is lazy and shiftless. Kind of defeats your bigotry when it is a working man does it not?

    Other than the ignorance I just answered to, wow, I have nothing really to say about this. Same thing with those poice officers that Tazed the elderly lady in her bed, because she was confused. It's almost if as a species we are just becoming more intolerant of the "other" among us. Very sad, people willing to just stand around and not get involved with this.

  14. Wow, I didn't hear about the poor old lady. What the hell is going on with these people?

  15. Oh yeah, 80 something years old, bedridden. 10 police officers and she reached for a knife I guess she kept beside her and she was tased. Woman relies on Oxygen for breathing assistance. Here is the link for the story that happened 09 end of and she is suing the city.

    This isn't the first time either for the elderly. Couple yrs ago I think in Texas an older woman maybe in her 70s got it, because she wasn't responding to the officer quickly enough for him. I have elderly gparents in law and I can telly you for nothing, if anyone did that to my gammy and pops I would move the planet to see them brought to justice.

  16. Here's another I did about a week ago:

    I frankly just don't understand this kind of behavior. Are we so uncivilized?