Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, August 06, 2010

Cop May Have Resigned But Jail Is Where He Belongs

I don't know what cops call cops over reacting, but this cop is way out of line. Not only is he acting without compassion but he's abusing an elderly man trying to take another elderly man to the hospital in an emergency. Listen to the police chief's defence.

The victim says he should get six months. How about six years? This is the kind of thing that gives cops a bad name - like Pig. In this case, I think that would be a compliment.


  1. I hear the cop is applying for a job in enforcement in Arizona.;)

    I kid the cop because he sucks.

  2. If not enforcement he'd fit right in as governor of AZ.

  3. We can only hope he'll find himself in an emergency predicament and receive the same treatment. But, that'd be hoping beyond hope, wouldn't it.

    Send him to Columbia as a member of a drug cartel security force. That's the kind of treatment expected there.

  4. That cop is a bully. He should've been caught out by psychological testing or by his trainers before ever being given a badge. On top of that, he either completely ignored his training or was never properly trained in the first place. Good thing he quit.

  5. Nice posting Ms.Leslie!

    Many dont even realize that this is not some isolated incident here in the Lone Star State, this is widespread ... and big time here. Compassion here can be rare, trust me. Having been all over the nation and spending time in various state's I know well how thing's work and where. Your big cities here are different, but still can be rough, but rural Texas is a different ballgame, I could tell ya stories that would give a person chill's.

    Goodnight Leslie ....

  6. Insurance wouldn't pay for an ambulance?!?!?!

    Fucking Nazi cop pulled his weapon on two old men??!?!?!?!

    Sheriff said it was an "unfortunate incident for both."

    Hey, I'm sorry this I find this funny on several sick levels. One being a man in a terrible medical condition having to be driven by a friend. The other being cops for whom that semi-automatic they wear on their hip has long since gone beyond simple protection to a full-fledged power trip.

  7. I realize rural Texas (Oklahoma, Miss., etc.) has real problems with this kind of thing - it's just a matter of degrees.

    I'm not excusing this cop, but I've often wondered how big a role heat plays in these incidents. It's been hot as hell here this summer - unusually hot. People in my apt. complex are fighting like cats and dogs and I even got into it with a black dude where we MFered each other nose to nose out in the parking lot. I've never done anything like that in my life - regardless of the person's color.

    I even used to remark when I was doing the motor home thing, that people in parts of the country where the terrain is flat and boring and the weather is harsh and oh so windy are mean as hell. I would drive hundreds of miles to avoid these areas.

    That still doesn't excuse this cop though and I doubt if he quit on his own. Possibly he was about to snap anyway but I thought police departments had counselors for this kind of thing. Or, maybe he's just a hot-head, period.

  8. Some professions attract the powerless who hunger for some power over another human. Law enforcement is one of those professions. It attracts assholes.

    Tnlib, I cannot envision you nose to nose m'fering with that guy...but you go girl! :)

  9. One more comment here Ms.Leslie if I may .... Yes, heat can play a factor ... the heat here is about normal actually, it's alway's hot in summer. I dont feel heat is at all an issue in this case. No officer in a unit is driving without a cold air conditioner either. This officer first when "thinking" pursuit, has (if he followed standard proceedure that is) already called in the tag's, to get a make on the vehicle, which I am sure came back "no want's/ warrant's" clean, then he start's pursuit, I say pursuit because if the vehicle does not show any sign of pulling over immediately once signalled by cruiser unit with light's and or siren, the officer will suspect that the vehicle may be trying to outrun him, thus he should use caution and if he can even pull alongside the driver side to see if he can make an assessment of the driver and/ or get driver's atencion, never the passenger side because the passenger alway's has "free hand's" (unoccupied) and can be a threat, when in doubt. All of this get's the adrenaline going whether it is foot or vehicle pursuit ... Texas has alot of "runner's" who like to play the cop's too, you know.... just for fun or to avoid capture, his adreanaline got going, and he simply lost control and then of course his redneck instinct's took over .... unless you experience these type's of thing's it is difficult to analyze what all are feeling and the adreanaline in these type's of situation's. The minute the door opened and he seen this elderly man, his arm/gun should have went into a non threatening position and index finger at ease, his adrenaline couldnt be shut down quick enough, and this was the result ... you are trained also as you say as far as sensitivity, and all the prodeedure's .... he fucked up under pressure ... and cant cut the mustard ... yes ... I am sure he was informally forced to resign ... but also .... he wont have to go to Arizona to find a job .... there are plenty of small rural town's in Texas that will hire him and say .... "Let's start fresh, and let bygone's be bygone's"(good ole boy shit) ... then if he fuck's up again ... they be at each other's throat's for ignoring the warning sign's.

    Thank You ....

  10. A little over forty years ago, I was speeding in Denver to get my wife, who was in labor, to the hospital. I was also stopped by the police. Once I explained, the officer said "Follow me," and led me there with lights and siren to clear the way.

    This is what that pig should have done. That term is not intended for all police, most of whom serve honorably.

  11. Cops are human also. They make mistakes and have their bigotry, not to mention their power trips.
    They are also citizens, who should be put in jail when they mistreat people and break the law.
    It's hard to get through the protection they give each other.
    Like other public employees, they should get more severe punishment because of their position of authority.

  12. Bee: Law enforcement does attract assholes as well as those who are a thin line from being crooks themselves.

    I'm colorblind - the guy could have been white. The top of my head probably reached all the way up to his boobies!

    RC: What if that poor old guy who needed to get to the hospital had died just because that cop had to do a power play?

    TC: You had a decent man in blue and there are plenty of them. It's just that guys like this one damage the rep of the entire force.

    During my early days in Denver there were several incidents where cops stopped diabetics who were going into a coma and arrested them for DUI.

    Tom: I agree with all that you say but all professions close ranks to protect their own.

  13. Please don't send this jerk to Arizona. Maricpopa's sheriff Arpaio is one too many of this kind of power hungry idiots; we don't need another.

  14. Here in my town, we had a cop get drunk, drive at dangerous reckless speeds, and wreck his car (upon which it burst into flames).

    Two other cops arrived on the scene, and gave the drunken maniac a completely free pass. These cops proceeded to cover up the matter for weeks.

    So many came to the defense of all 3 cops, saying things like it was just one little mistake, or cops should not be held to the same law as everyone else.

  15. Darlene: Isn't that goon being investigated?

    dmarks: It's the rule rather than the exception. One year the Denver Chamber gave its annual "Cop of the Year" Award to some fellow who's name was vaguely familiar. I was working at the newspaper so pulled up his clip file. Sure enough he had been envolved in a high speed chase where the driver of the car he was pursuing crashed and died. The man driving the car was dead and innocent, as it turned out, and the cop who caused it didn't miss a day of work and was awarded by the Chamber on top of it.

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  17. tnlib: I disagree on what you said above. There is no excuse for fleeing and eluding. In fact, it is specifically a crime just about everywhere. In many places, fleeing and eluding is specifically a felony. The perp was legally required to stop. He made a conscious decision to flee and endanger himself and others.

    "The man driving the car was dead and innocent"

    Reckless driving and fleeing and eluding? Not innocent anymore. Not to mention the non-criminal traffic violations. And dead due to his own choices. his own very suicidal behavior. And the cop had nothing to do with it: the request to pull over is not a request to drive like a maniac and try to kill yourself and others.

  18. If it's in a congested area and the alleged crime is petty, is it worth the loss of life of an innocent bystander or even the driver? I don't think so.

  19. Again, the decision was that of the person who fled. If it is a typical fleeing and eluding case, then the cop never even laid a hand on him.

  20. dmarks has a valid point about the driver who ran from the Denver cop, going strictly on the law. But what L.P.'s post is about, and what the Denver incident is about is police being well trained and led, and exercising sound judgment.

    Across the country a whole lot of innocent third parties, suspects and officers have suffered serious injuries or been killed in situations where the infraction was minor and doing a high-speed chase was inadvisable.

    Some guy makes off with a half-case of beer from a convenience store – petty theft. He gets in his old beater with loose steering and worn-out brakes, and tears out down a wet street on a dark night. A responding cop goes after him 80 mph on city streets. A few blocks away some unlucky person gets T-boned and killed at an intersection.

    Was it worth it? Ask the deceased's next of kin.

  21. S.W.: Exactly. If I remember correctly, Denver had been having a rash of high speed chases, many of them during the day on downtown or residential streets. I'd have to check, but I think the Denver City Council put a stop to them because, as you say, too many innocent people were getting killed over a six-pack of beer.

  22. What if the old man died? .... Then there would probably be some heavy lawsuit's against the juristiction's law enforcement, and it would be harder for the officer to find another job.