Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Monday, November 01, 2010

"Obama Hasn't Accomplished A Damn Thing": Oh Yeah?

Proudly lifted from NEWS JUNKIE POST:
There are a few excellent resources where the victories of Change and Reform have been assembled on the internet, including the Democratic Change Update (reposted on News Junkie Post), the 244 Accomplishments of Obama, and the Things Obama Has Done page on Facebook.

While the mainstream media narrative has been dominated by right wing and Tea Party talking points, many of the fundamental changes in direction of this country have not received the attention they deserve. Now in one day, the very politicians who venomously opposed these reforms, the very people who want to take America back to the days of Bush are poised to retake the US House of Representatives. They are banking on the short attention span of voters, so share this list liberally!
Following are the "chapter headings" with categories further defined under each heading - by the bucket fulls.
And being good liberals, there are links to back up each and everyone of them.

Banking and Financial Reform
Civil Rights
Commerce, Trade and technology
Education: College
Education: Health of Children
Employment: Jobs
Energy: Green
Energy: Old
Energy: Oil
Foreign Affairs and International Relations
Government Efficiency
Health and Wellness
Health Care Reform (See also Taxes)
Law and Justice
Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security
Military and National Security
Military Veterans and Families
National Disasters and Emergencies
National Service
Scientific and Medical Research
Space Exploration and Space Station
Transparency and Accountability
Recovery, Progress and Change



UPDATE: I just saw this chart at Politifact:

Tracking Obama’s promises:

Promises Kept: 122
Compromises: 41
Promise Broken: 22
Stalled: 82
In the Works: 236
Not yet rated: 3


  1. I'm not only voting Democratic, I have campaigned for Congressman, John Boccieri (D-OH) against a tea-bagging milliionaire. I will vote a straight ticket for the first time in my life. I think my dear departed daddy, who taught me to vote for "the candidate not the party" will understand.

  2. Kay: I've never gone for that voting for the man, not the party theory. The man represents the party and is beholden to it for funding his campaigns. He represents all the special interests and supports the platform of that party. But having said that, I'm thrilled that you're voting the straight line. I just hope all these Democrats who've been sniveling for the last two years will do likewise.

  3. I ALWAYS vote a straight democratic ticket. You are right about the man and his party, a thug is a thug is a thug, no matter how you look at it!

    I'm expecting some surprises tomorrow. The young people with cell phones who are fired up for this election have not been a part of the polling!

  4. Sue: Well, I'm not sure all Republicans are thugs but Tea Partiers sure seem to have a monopoly on it. I think your point about young people not being a part of the polling is very important.

  5. don't be so nice Leslie. Can you name ONE GOPer you like and think votes the interests of America? I can't...

  6. Well . . . . no I can't. There used to be some once upon a time.

  7. Ron Paul.Against the wars, against the empire, wants to slash military spending.

    Dems always say "well, ok he's right about ONE thing". I point out that "one thing" cost the lives of one million innocent people. Al Franken, Obama, all the liberal icons supported the attack on Iraq-Paul opposed it. It's not one thing, it's a BIG thing.

    Health insurance stock shot up following the enactment of obamacare.Why? Because they wrote it,because it contains loopholes and because there is no enforcement mechanism at the state level.Oh and it means 100 billion a year into their already swollen coffers. You can make the same case against his toothless financial reform.

    Obama has done a few things-Increased defense spending and drone attacks in Pakistan.

    Would a Republican president be even worse?

    Almost certainly. But please, could we emerge from the Babe in the Woods fantasy world?

    Obama is an excellent politician who has accomplished a lot-for his legacy and his Party and his campaign contributors but he's done jack shit for the rest of us.

    Vote lesser of two evils but do it with your eyes open.

  8. We'll get through this. Don't let the bastards get you down.

  9. Sue - maybe they should run Linda for "something." You can decide what. ; )

    Oso: I love you dearly, but this has been your mantra since day one. You have a right to your views and the freedom to express them, of course. But, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have a few views of my own, which I will lovingly and respectfully repeat for the umpteenth time.

    I don't think any of us here are in la-la land. Heavens, you make us sound like a bunch of Tea Buggers. Most of us voted for Obama happily and willingly. Most of us recognize and are critical of some of the very things you mention. But I think most of us can see the whole forest instead of just a few trees. We see a glass that's half full rather than one that is half empty. We also recognize that no other president in the history of our country has had to deal with such a wall of obstructionism, much of it ugly and racially motivated.

    I can't think of one single president I voted for who I agreed with 100 percent of the time.
    Realistically, NO president gets all that he asks for all the time. NO president ever delivers all that he has promised, often times rather foolishly. That's simply the way politics is. It is a game of give and take. Is this a sign the system is broken? Considering it's been around since 1776 I'd say it's operational - not perfect, but a hell of a lot better than anywhere else.

    I think you have an unfortunate case of tunnel vision and maybe you need to broaden your horizons a little, to allow yourself to see the whole picture and not just a few rotted out trees here and there.

    As far as Ron Paul goes, I've never for one second considered casting a vote for him and never will - or for any other Libertarian.

  10. Oso- how about giving Obama some credit for keeping the economy from falling of a cliff and having unemployment fall to 1930's levels?

    Or making sure the nation's banks recovered rather than starting a domino effect that took down the economy not only of the US but of the Hemisphere and Europe as well?

    Or keeping Chrysler and GM from going belly up, and putting thousands of autoworkers and parts manufacturers on the street, and watching more and more communities fall into decay as a result?

    Or how about his reforming health care, or saving thousands of jobs for teachers, firefighters, and cops?

    How about you posting a critique that has fewer holes in it?

    Ron Paul would be a great 1881. But it ain't.

  11. Shaw: I hope you're right.

    Hugh: Three thumbs up.

    I have to confess that I'm as nervouse as a pregnant nun in church. Critter's Crap expresses my thoughts pretty well:

    I might even carry it a step further and say that after two years of listening to the bull shit from the right, I'm not very receptive to listening to it from the left.

  12. Leslie and Hugh, you are 100% right on! Oso I love ya too, but daaaaaamn.

  13. i have been very vocal about my issues with the Obama administration - and i also realize that a lot of it comes from high expectations

    but i also know that the teabaggers would be 40,000x worse - that they are out to destroy this country and take down everything we ever stood for

    yes i will vote tomorrow - straight dem - i have gotten to the point that i cant even vote for a good or decent republican (then again i dont think there are none) becuase they ultimiate would support a joe miller or worse sarah palin

    sarah palin is probably the WORST thing that has ever happened to this country - a brainless, evil dolt with the chance of becoming president - and they laughed at the little corporal in 1933

    i hope this election will wake up obama to realize that working with these people is fruitless and ultimately damaging......

  14. Distributorcap: First, I completely agree and I'm thrilled you recognize how dangerous these nuts are and will vote accordingly. I don't think Palin has a chance in hell of becoming president. She doesn't have the following and apparently the Republican Party is out to stop her. She's so delusional she'll run anyway but I don't think she'll go anywhere. She is definitely the worst thing that ever happened to this country but remember, Insane McCain picked her.

  15. Thanks, Leslie! You and I have listed Obamaa’s accomplishments, close to 100 during his first year. The problem is the right-wing would rather read, “Obama hasn’t done a damn thing” than to take the time to read what he has done.

    I just left this comment on “Diversity Ink,” and it works just as well here:

    When your party has no other plan or priority except, as Mitch McConnell explained: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president”, then the only way you can attract voters is through lies and trickery. If people are fooled by these methods, they themselves are to blame for not bothing to keep themselves informed. Probably one of the most dangerous elements this country faces today is the uniformed voter.


  16. BJ: 1000 percent correct you are. Uninformed voters are a dime - or more - a dozen and they are a real danger to the electoral process and to this country. Maybe they should be rounded up. ; ) I love your last paragraph and will put it on my FB.

  17. I'm not certain that people grasp how hard it is to get anything done in the face of a legislative system with a fundamentally dysfunctional body (the senate). The Affordable Care Act, flawed as it may be, was nonetheless a political miracle. As for financial reform, how is anyone going to break up banks when a mediocrity like Scott Brown can hold up modest reform over a minor point?

    It's my experience that when a bill barely passes, any movement at all to the right or left would kill it. The Republicans won't deal in good faith, leaving the president little choice but to work with the likes of Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, and Max Baucus. No snarky left-wing columnist or blogger in the world can change that.

  18. K: I wish more folks had such a realistic approach to the arena of politics. We can have all the dreams and hopes in the world but in the end it is the cold reality that wins. Such reality includes what you have just described. It also includes the realization that all presidents are subject to the whims of many, many others, no matter how destructive or petty they may be. Some presidents are more adept than others at negotiating their way through the political labyrinth. Some get through their presidency by playing it safe and not proposing anything that makes waves.

    But in the end, you have people like Brown and Lieberman and Nelson and Lincoln whose egos get in the way of sound judgement, who are more interested in their 15 minutes of publicity when they throw a wrench into the process or when they're more interested in keeping their high paying lobbyists happy than they are in doing what's best for their constituents and the whole country.

    The comment that Mitch McConnell made that his main goal is to make sure that Obama is a one-term president says it loud and clear.

  19. Oso, Obama has disappointed me on some things, too. I haven't been shy about mentioning them.

    Still, it's easy to forget that he's not only a rookie president, but wasn't a senator for all that long before becoming president. Considering that fact plus the solid wall of opposition from the right and machinations of head-up-the-butt DINO's he's had to contend with, it's no wonder some of the things Obama has accomplished leave many of us less than fully satisfied.

    Still, there is a health care reform framework to build on. The same is true for financial reform and some other things. I've seen several presidents come and go with less to show for their time than Obama has accomplished so far.

    For the record, Al Franken wasn't elected until 2006, so he didn't vote for the Iraq war. He never supported invading Iraq. I listened to his radio show for three years or more. I can tell you he opposed that war and held GWB in contempt for it.

  20. I'm late to the party and the voting is now over. I couldn't bear to watch TV last night and only caught fragments of the returns. I knew I would be depressed and angry and didn't want to feel those emotions. Today I know the results and am numb. I am not surprised. Any electorate that put George Bush in the White House a second time doesn't have the brains God gave a goose. The next two years are going to gridlock and things will continue to get worse. Sigh !!

  21. I haven't ignored your comments but have been following the election and then writing a few thoughts, which I just posted. Didn't watch TV but jumped around the Net reading returns. I didn't want to listen to idiotic analyses, Paul's acceptance speech or watch Boehner cry - again. Anyway . . .

    SW: I appreciate the details. Sometimes they get lost in all the muck. No, Obama is not perfect but look what he's had to work with.

    Darlene: I'm thrilled that your comments are coming through. I couldn't watch it either. Listened to NPR a little but that was about it. Finally went to bed only to get up about two hours later to see what, if anything, had happened. The weather in Nashville is cold and dreary - fits my mood perfectly. I guess things can get worse but I don't see how. : (