Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, January 28, 2011

Media Bias: Sunday Lineup - Stop Bitching and Complain


This Sunday's lineup for talk show pundits is typical: all but one is a Republican. Bitching among ourselves accomplishes nothing. Send emails, write letters. Get active.

Point out at least three falsehoods. There's not enough room to list all of them. Back them up with facts.

Meet the Press: Sen. McConnell

Face the Nation: Bill Daley

This Week: Gingrich, Ron Reagan, Michael Reagan

Fox News Sunday: Speaker Boehner





  1. b b b b b but Leslie they're just giving Merika what it wants and voted for ya see.

    of course I agree.

  2. One Democrat? WOW. There's a lot of "liberal" bias for you.

  3. With the exception of Fareed Zacharia I have stopped watching the Sunday morning talking heads. They rarely have a clue about the things they spout and when a knowledgeable one is on the others don't give him/her a chance to fully respond. It just frustrates me.

  4. Ma'am you can't rabble rouse those elusive ratings if you just put people on who play nice and don't throw flames at every social issue.

    It's not commercial to have rational people sitting around discussing serious issues without bombast, thought you knew that?

  5. I don't waste my time with the dog and pony shows the MSM puts on to fool the sheeple.

  6. Maybe send emails saying, "I "did not" watch this show because . . ." ???

  7. THIS WEEK will be fun to watch because Ron Reagan and adopted brother Michael really don't like each other very much (truth be told, I think Ron JR's an OK guy).

    But don't you think that with the crisis in Egypt all of the guests should be pre-empted and some foreign policy geeks brought in? I think an intelligent conversation about what is happening and what could happen in Egypt is more important than hearing Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, or Newt Gingrich saying the same old schtick about the Prez and his policies.

    BTW....the usual right wing gasbags have been pretty silent about the Egyptian crisis.

    Rumor is Palin and Bachmann are helping each other find Egypt on GOOGLE MAPS.

  8. But first they have to find goggle maps, and that's proving to be a problem. Palin's been looking out her front window all morning with no luck and Bachmann is still trying to find her front window.

  9. Figures! With Fox in the sewer, CNN in league with the Tea Party Express, and NBC is the clutches of Comcast, do we have any objective news or liberal voices left?

    A supernova right now would be comic relief.

  10. Hugh: I've always liked Ron myself. His adopted brother obviously has some issues. It will be interesting to see if the networks change their lineups in light of the Egyptian uprisings. Can't imagine that any of these guests have anything enlightening to offer up about it - or anything else for that matter.

    JC: LOL - the two together don't have the brains to find their way out of a paper bag.

    Octo: The entire situation is very distressing, not only because of the right wing slant but because, I thinks, it signals the demise of legitimate news of any kind.

  11. Rock on, baby!

    Let's get it started.

    It's movement time!

    Meet you in front of the Washington Monument?