Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Those Sly Little Devils: GOP Trying to Redefine Rape and Kill Public Campaign Financing

The Republicans are busy little bees and they're trying to stick their little stingers to rape victims and the entire voting public, people like you and me and even their own voters. Bzzzzz.


Remember their self-congratulatory "Pledge to America" which stung Democrats for "limiting openness and debate" and vowed to "ensure that bills are debated and discussed in the public square"? Remember how Speaker John Boehner's first words out of his mouth after taking control of the House were about "real transparency" and "greater accountability"? He declared, "we will welcome the battle of of ideas, encourage it, and engage in it--openly, honestly, and respectfully."

I don't know who the "we" is here but either "we" is a figment of Boehner's imagination or "we" have short term memory loss or "we" is up to Republican dirty tricks.

Without one committee debate, without one hearing, and with little fanfare, Republicans plan to rush a bill to the floor Wednesday that would eliminate the federal government's presidential financing system, which has been around since the aftermath of Watergate--another era of Republican dirty tricks.

In case Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann happen to be reading this, the Presidential Election Fund was created by Congress so that  candidates wouldn't have to rely on corporations and deep-pocketed donors to finance their campaigns. It provides matching tax dollars to the small donations received by candidates who agree to publicly finance their campaigns, instead of relying on private donations. The voluntary donation is a whopping three bucks.
Since 1976, every Democratic and Republican presidential candidate has used the public financing system except Barack Obama's 2008 campaign. Obama opted out of the program and instead raised $745 million from small and large private donors and corporations, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
Legislative reform to the bill to make presidential public financing more competitive has received wide bipartisan support over the years:
More recently, Rep. David Price (D-NC) introduced the Presidential Fund Act, which would notably increase the funds available to candidates who opt in to public financing. In 2007, when Price introduced his bill, cosponsors included three Republicans—Reps. Mike Castle of Delaware, Todd Platts of Pennsylvania, and Shays. (Castle and Shays no longer hold office.) Price offered the bill again in 2010, and says he intends to offer it yet again in the 112th Congress. As for the Republicans' plan to gut public financing, Price remarks that it "looks like the Republican Party moving to toss red meat to the tea party."
Reform experts say if it passes, "it will roll back more than 30 years of law born out of the Watergate scandal, eviscerating one of the few remaining protections stopping corporations from heavily influencing, if not outright buying, American elections."

To see what other sneak attacks Eric Cantor is buzzing about, go to majority leader dot com/you cut. You can vote for, but not against, three different proposals. You can also "suggest" ways to cut federal spending. For a start, I'd like to suggest cutting congressional salaries and increasing the number of days congressmen must be in session, and, probably even more importantly since they don't accomplish anything anyway, repealing their free government health care. They should have to work for it.


This was the title I used in an article stinging 30 Republican Senators who voted against the Jamie Leigh Jones' anti-rape bill last October. Obviously the GOP still has women issues because they're trying to rewrite the definition of rape--one of their "you cut" measures that the House Majority Leader seems to have overlooked on his web page.

Presently, federal laws prohibit the use of government funds to pay for abortions except in cases where the mother's life is endangered and for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. But the "No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act", which Boehner considers a top priority, "contains a provision that would rewrite the rules to limit drastically the definition of rape and incest in these cases."

A rape is a rape is a rape in my book, whether or not it is a case of force by a stranger, incest by a family member or statutory rape. A young girl's body is violated, period. An adult woman's body is violated, period.

But apparently the 173 GOP co-sponsors think that if a 14-year-old-girl puts on makeup and winks at a 22-year-old man, she's consenting to a romp in the sack. Forget about adult coercion and adolescent hormones just beginning to rage in a body possessed by a mind too young to have more than a vague notion of the consequences of s-e-x. Forget about the culpability of the perpetrator; he was just stoned or drunk and she told him she was 18. Boys will be boys - wink, wink.

Since young girls who get pregnant wouldn't be able to use tax benefits to pay for abortions, "parents wouldn't be allowed to use money from a tax-exempt health savings account (HSA) to pay for the procedure. They also wouldn't be able to deduct the cost of the abortion or the cost of any insurance that paid for it as a medical expense."

In cases of incest, victims would have to be under 18 to receive federally funded abortions.

"Other types of rapes that would no longer be covered by the exemption include rapes in which the woman was drugged or given excessive amounts of alcohol, rapes of women with limited mental capacity, and many date rapes."

As Mother Jones so cryptically states, the bill, introduced by Rep. Chris Smith (N.J.), represents a "frontal attack" on long standing exemptions. This essentially means that young girls and adult women get raped twice - once by an adult male and once by the Good Old Perpetrators under the influence of stupidity, heartlessness and the right-to-lifers. All to save a few pennies.


  1. First of all, the republicans NEVER do what they say. Transparency? Accountability? The GOP say the words but never do the deed.

    Speaking of "doing the deed"...their redefining of rape is disgusting. And "Boner" saying it is a top priority should piss everyone off. What about the economy? What about jobs? What about the wars? NO! It is more important to let some more raped children become parents.

    Are the republicans going to have a companion bill to pay for the support of these children?

    Again, I say, look at what they are doing, not what they are saying.

  2. Bastards. One more way to show women are always gonna be second class citizens in the eyes of certain scumbagatarians.

  3. I wish the people in this country would wake up and PAY ATTENTION! Most citizens haven't a clue what goes on in Congress, they just vote for a president and then go about their daily lives, not knowing what kinds of bills are passed into law....

    I have heard words like "buyers remorse" when it comes to the GOP wins last election. The voters are so uneducated it's frightening!

  4. Lizzy: Those are pretty strong words for you, arent they? Had to read it twice to make sure I wasn't misreading it. ; )

    JC: Of course they won't have a companion bill. My God, man - what do you expect? Sensitive geniousess?

    Oso: I just don't understand how any woman could vote for them. They really do want to keep us barefoot and pregnant.

    Sue: Voters deserve buyers remorse after this last election.

  5. I would vote for your repeal of federal healthcare for congresspersons! Let them buy their healthcare on the market like they want the rest of us to do. You know, I'm not sure Boehner would be able to qualify for good rates--that boozy complexion, the happy hour habit, and high blood pressure would probably constitute a pre-existing condition.

    And I can't even speak about the rape redefinition without losing it. I worked for the Alaska state rape crisis program for a time and have volunteered in other rape crisis agencies.

    Most rapes go unreported; think about the percentage of women who have experienced rape at least once. And we all know someone who has been raped. All of us. We vote.

  6. In all my years of blogging I've never really came out as pro life or pro choice Leslie. Frankly, it's none of my damn business.

    This however is despicable.

    These asshole right wing Bible thumpin pricks bitch about government making decisions for people then turn around with this crap.

    It's about control with these kooks. And pandering to religious zealots, bigots and homophobes is how to get it, that's what they'll do.

  7. "They really do want to keep us barefoot and pregnant."

    They sure do,even if you DON'T want to be pregnant.

  8. I guess the Republicans have finally found a constituency whose support they consider worth pursuing -- the rapist vote.

  9. Once these rapists' babies are born, it's still okay to execute them, though, right? Right?

  10. Nance: Congress is meeting less and less, and making more and more. Boehner has been behind the move the last few years. Have to hit those links.

    A couple of good sites for stats:

    Truth: People on the right like to control and be controlled. They are paranoid and gullible and don't have the ability to reason.

    JC: Well, Jerry - all women have to do is just say No.

    Infidel: Kind of sickening isn't it.

    Murr: Right! And send them off to kill and die in war. Onward Christian Soldiers and all that rot.

  11. Not if this change in the definition of rape goes through. "No" will not be enough. You will have to get beat up too before it will be rape.

  12. On this one, I don't think the SOB's even care about the money. This is about destroying Planned Parenthood and pandering to their base.

    I also think Republicans feel secure in the knowledge Senate Dems, or surely President Obama, will kill this evil nonsense before it becomes law. That will be a win, win, win for Republicans. Here's why.

    Introducing and backing this bill panders to their base of social/Christian conservatives. But having it actually pass would take away the carrot Republican pols perpetually hold out in front of those voters. Last but not least, once Dems kill the bill, Republican pols will build attack ads against Dems for having killed it. That will whip up even more support for them (Republicans) among social conservatives. Support doesn't just mean votes, BTW. It also means word of mouth, volunteer work and donations.

  13. JC: And sadly, so many women do get beat up before, during or after a rape.

    SW: I think you've hit the nail on the head. And in the process they divert attention away from really serious matters, such as jobs.

  14. GOPers had complete control of the entire government from Jan 2001 until Jeffers said enuf to them and again from Jan 2003 until Jan 2007, why didn't they do this then?

    Because they would have had to follow through, with a bill signing by Bush, which would have energized the rest of the country, not their dumb as a box of rocks base, which would have set back the attempts by Koch ET AL to control the entire government.

    S. W. Anderson is right, the GOPers are pushing crap like this for their base, counting on the reality based element of the government IE the Democrats to stopping the insanity their base calls on.

    GOPers are more about the image and sound bite for the next election cycle not actually HELPING the American people with bank accounts less then six figures.

  15. I want these sick people out of Congress. What I really want is to get these sick people out of my country. That Obama wants to play nice with them sets my blood pressure crazy.

  16. Kay: I think there's a method to Obama's seemingly playing nice. I think most people will remember who called for a higher level of discourse and for coming together for the sake of all the American people - and those who wouldn't meet the challenge. I think he is making them look like fools in the long run.

  17. All to save a few pennies.

    For republicans everything always comes down to that one simple but very true sentence. While having some change in your pocket is always cool the obsession over money is a disease and will ultimately destroy the country.

  18. OMG, I got so angry about the second part of your post I had to go back and see what the first issue was! Now, I’m angry about both. The first favors big money while the second masks the first from the “base.” I just don’t know how much more of the GOP mindset I can handle. I have a T-shirt which reads “I survived Bush.” Don’t know if I can survive the new kids on the block.

  19. Suicide. Backyard abortions. Abandonment. Permanent psychosis. Abusive relationships.

    All the misery to be inflicted on the most vulnerable people, and all in days work for the fundamentalist-appeasing Right.

    And is it my imagination... or do fewer Republican trolls appear in the comments to posts about this sort of thing? Is it possible they actually feel a twinge of shame...?

  20. BB: I'm sure money is part of the equation but I think SW's analysis can't be ignored. These people are devious to a fault.

    BJ: I'm not as pessimistic as some. This country has survived other right-wing movements in our past. As disturbing as this one is, there's something inside of me that believes Americans will come to their senses, hopefully sooner rather than later.

    Magpie: I'm always wondering why I don't get right-wing trolls such as the ones we see on Sue's blog. Maybe because they know I will delete them? Maybe because they just think I'm a harmless little old lady? Who knows but I'm delighted they haven't targeted me yet. Maybe it's just a sign that not many folks visit PPs! Or simply that I don't engage in name-calling. I have no clue.

  21. What fools these mortals be! At least the Republican ones defintiely are.

    In federal law, there is no definition for forcible rape and the proposed bill doesn't include one either. Some states have deinfitions for "forcible rape," others don't. In the law, definitons of terms are everything. This haphazard approach sets the stage for massive confusion.

    Rape by its very definition is forcible. It is unwanted sexual assault perpetrated upon a victim who either did not consent or was unable to consent. This notion of forcible rape is like saying deadly murder. Given the large number of lawyers in Congress, I am appalled that 173 legislators sponsored this bill. A third year law student could has out all the reasons why this is a poorly constructed law, even if you agree with the content!

    This is a great informative post on both issues. The plan to eliminate the federal government's presidential financing system is indeed a devilish trick. Let's make certain that those with money and corporate America control who runs for office and ultimately who wins. I've got to shoot off emails to my elected officials. Ic an't believe that this finance vote is tomorrow.

    I don't feel well and I think that my head is going to explode. I really need to slap somebody. Wish I knew where Limbaugh lived.

  22. I also did a post on this and I still can't get my head around it. There are some things that are just wrong.

  23. "GOPers had complete control of the entire government from Jan 2001 until Jeffers said enuf to them and again from Jan 2003 until Jan 2007, why didn't they do this then?"

    I've been saying this since Mr. Obama was elected president and while the wingers continue their hypocritical rampage against a woman's right to determine what happens to her body.

    The GOP bigwigs play the fundies like a cheap fiddle. They were in control of the WH and both houses of Congress and proposed not one piece of legislation to overturn Roe v. Wade.

    The GOP bigwigs know that the fundies will continue to vote for them so long as they pretend to care about the abortion issue. The truth is they don't. And the poor deluded folks who do haven't figured that out yet.

  24. Sheria: You bring up a good point about forcible rape not being defined by federal law and that states vary - one of the problems of "leaving it up to the states." itm, I'll be sure to duck if I see you coming. ; )

    Michael: And this is definately wrong - and a total waste of time and money.

    Shaw: The Tea Buggers really are deluded, aren't they? They simply don't realize they're being used but only as long as they serve a purpose.

  25. Good Morning Leslie!

    I read this the other day, so this is my 2nd read. Well put together posting too. I have tried to cover alot of these scam's over the last few year's even ... this one on the "vote" is new to me, but no suprise. Our political representation in this country is almost totally corrupt. And you hit the nail straight on when you talked about salaries for member's ... Girl, I'm into term limit's and a schlew of other treat's for these worthless slacker's. The hypocrisy alone leaving out the habitual lying is pathetic. I done several post's on these folk's, and especially focused on this TeaBag group, their nothing but corporate manufactured too. Then I done one back over a year or so ago I picked up on a Supreme Court ruling from Olbermann or someone (cant recall off hand) where they want to give more leverage to corporate influence's in campaign's, yep ... it passed of course, and the usual crowd like Roberts, Scalia, Scumbag, etc had their view on "why?" ... Ohhh yeah ... it was to be fair to union's or similar crap. Then I did a post almost a few year's back when McCain bellyached that Sen. Obama decided to pay for his own campaign, basically telling Obama he "wasnt right" for declinng to use government funding, making McCain I reckon and the GOP ... welfare recipient's I figure, bellyaching that the man (Obama) wanted to use his own money (I thought that is what the GOP independent way was about?) They were pissed because Obama got so much public support over Prune Face(McCain) and his sidekick and corporate flunky Wailin Palin. What the problem is ... they have big plan's Leslie, and why I was so gung ho that NO GOP majority get in, it WAS more importante than ever in 2010. I compare this group as TRUE tyrant's, and basically not much different from the early 20th century KKK, when they were so strong in Washington. Thanx for the post.

  26. One more thing here Leslie ... back a couple year's ago I was posting mentioning about this new "state to state" talk that these folk's are trying to use, the reason why I caught it so early on that, was because I seen the move they were making as far as them with HCR and other issue's (this hadnt even a thing to do with the rape issue, but ... but you can see, where they stand on that as well, all in the same basket) ... even stem cell research was a scam ... on how they planned that, using excuses like it's a "life" ... but what I was pointing out is that "stem cell research" is actually "pro- life", so you can see the blatant hypocrisy. Actually Leslie, what is so fascinating to me ... is that this crowd of supporter's, dont even see what they support? They are one's also pushing this secession talk in Texas which was just humor small chat for year's over barbeque and beer, but they have tried to make that a reality ... they want everything to be state to state these day's, and of course state's like mine "Texas" (and when you do that, national federal gvmnt will fail, and divide the nation almost into individual nation's corporate controlled) will suffer the most from their move's. Also Leslie, I have been posting about a new gig they have going, which is to try to privatize everything in America, and the way you do this, is by making gvmnt service's fail ... SSI, Medical, Postal, Libraries/ municipalities, bond's (which are on the edge this year to possible failure/ crash, I just posted on too) but understand ... if this happen's, the people will NO LONGER have "ANY" representation/ voice at all ... it will be ALL corporate manuevered and controlled. So we better hope this doesnt happen, once this slippery slope hit's that level ... it will be so difficult to pull out of that without using some sort of revolutionary tactic's, or similar. And as usual, I will bet my paycheck on this all.

  27. Well, RC. I think you've pretty well covered all the bases and doubt that I could find much, if anything, to add! It all proves what reprobates they are, doesn't it. Thanks.

  28. There is are times republicans do not lie.

    1. When sleeping.
    2. When their mouths are closed and their fingers are nowhere near a keyboard.

  29. Actually Tomcat, one other time they don't lie, is when they are telling their corporate masters, how much they will lie to us, for their corporate masters.

  30. Outlaw abortion, vote against any help for young cash strapped mothers.

    Tell the Schivo family what should happen to their mother, but deny health care to those who cannot afford the prices their corporate medical friends charge.

    Tell Americans family is most important, then toss them to the curb.

    Bail out banks with TARP, let citizens go homeless.

    Easy bankruptcy laws for corporations, pass harder bankruptcy laws for individuals.

    Claim to be concerned for the future of America, then bankrupt America with their policies.

    I've been blogging about their hypocrisy for a long time, and I still don't understand why Americans vote for these liars.

  31. Because they believe the words and don't look at the actions.

  32. The rape thing is pretty bad.

    But I support completely zeroing out the "public financing", which is nothing more than ruling elites annointing candidates. It short circuits the democratic process.

  33. dmarks: So what you're really saying is that it is okay for women with the money to have abortions but poor women have to return to the back alleys and coat hangers. Doesn't sound very democratic to me - or to most women I'm sure.