Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arizona : The State's Rights State Suing Federal Government for Not Protecting Their State

Remember, if you will, that Arizona is the state that denied previously authorized life saving organ transplants for 98 low-income patients in order to save $4.5 million due to a $1.5 billion budget deficit.

Today, Governor Jan Brewer, who once claimed Arizona was under "terrorist attack," and state Attorney General Tom Horne, of the ban on ethnic studies fame, announced at a news conference that they filed a counter suit against the government in federal court.

The suit is in response to a government lawsuit last year blocking key parts of the state's tough law cracking down on illegal immigrants.
"Because the federal government has failed to protect the citizens ... of Arizona, I am left with no other choice," Brewer told reporters at a news conference in central Phoenix, as several boisterous protesters attempted to shout her down.
In a perpetual state of disconnect, the Queen of De Nile added, "We did not want this fight. We did not start this fight. But, now that we are in it, Arizona will not rest until our border is secured and federal immigration laws are enforced."

Wrong, she started the fight when she signed the state's controversial measure cracking down on illegal immigrants into law in April 2010.
In Washington, a spokesman for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security dismissed the suit as a "meritless court claim" that "does nothing to secure the border."

"Smart strategies, dedicated law enforcement personnel, and strategic partnerships with state, local, and tribal governments and agencies do," spokesman Matt Chandler said.
So, what's a state to do when it has a $1.5 billion dollar deficit? Why, sue the federal government, of course - and raise taxes and set up more death panels denying life saving treatment to the state's poor.

A beautiful state marred by too many ugly people.


  1. I guess chimpy protected them real good.

    I'm not from there and that hurt.

  2. Oh hell, Arizona is not that beautiful of a state unless you like rocks and cactus. It is dried up like many of it's residents...and it got McCain, another wacko.

  3. This country continues to sweep immigration reform under the rug. It’s time for a clear-cut law.

  4. I'm with Jerry Critter, and I'll also add they also have that dastardly Jon Kyl. I would strongly recommend that wackos like Michele Bachmann and Virginia Foxx go and permanently retire there.

  5. I lived in the Phoenix area for several years and met some really cool people but the majority - at least in the area where I lived - were decidedly cold. They were all clones of Insane McCain. But I did love the topography - the desert to the south and the mountains to the north.

    I've advocated before that Arizona should secede and all the right-wing nuts in the country be relocated there - and fenced in.

    It's hard to get meaningful immigration reform when you have the mindset of Republicans, I think. If we managed to pass such a law, what would the GOP have to bitch about?

  6. The crime rate has been dropping in Arizona since 2005. It's at its lowest since 1983. If this is a federal responsibility, they must be doing one hell of a good job.

  7. Frodo first apologizes for his abstinent absences, the improving economy has had much to do with it. Friend Pippen touches the soft spot in Frodo's heart for the beauty he has seen in the desert and the solitude he has felt in the mountains of Arizona. Unfortunately, some of that has contributed to the presence of what are truly the nastiest bunch of assholes in our entire land. United by a xenophobic fear of diversity, the residents rail against Mexicans, blacks, Jews, Catholics, Californians, Snow Birds, liberals, and whoever else pisses them off when Bill O'Reilly is in the midst of repeats.
    Perhaps it is simply because there is nothing else to occupy one's mind when all your days are spent merely in preparation for your demise.
    The best thing about Arizona's current populace are the obituary announcements.

  8. K: But, but, but - it's so much more fun (and more advantageous to them) to raise fears and make stuff up.

    Frodo: Lol - far too many of them are indeed just waiting for God. And many of those started out as snow birds who have chosen to retire there permanently.