Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

The fascism series has to be put on hold. I'm absolutely furious with Blogger and am going to make the jump to WordPress. Along with many other users and for the second time in two weeks I can't sign in. It'll be interesting to see if this posts. I can read my blog and link to and leave comments on other blogs but I can't leave a comment on my own damn blog.

When I try to comment, I select the profile (Google Acct.) and hit "Post Comment.  This takes me to the sign in page. I put in email and password and get a comment form back that has "Anonymous." When I hit "Post Comment" it just takes me back to the sign in page. Some people get a little red bar underneath the  comment form.

I would appreciate any advice from WordPress users - pros, cons, pitfalls to avoid, etc. Keep in mind that I can't respond in the comments, so email or Facebook might be best.

I have run virus protection twice - nothing beyond the usual mild threats.

This will take some time. Stress is high and I have no money or cigs.  Blar.


  1. No Money? No cigs? If I lived near, I'd be runnin' over with First Aid!

    My Blogger appears to be working okay but I haven't tried to post today. I'm being good and following the doc's orders.

  2. I just did some checking on your problem with Blogger and you can go here for the solution:

  3. Sometimes I have problems posting, but it is usually solved by hitting Preview first.

  4. I'm having trouble as well at night, I think they're playing with the code again.

  5. //Blar.//?

    I only say Blar after at least six beers.... just saying

  6. One thing you might try is deleting all your cookies in your browser. Then, close and reopen the browser, go to Blogger and log in.

    A few nights back at another Blogger blog, I went to comment and got an error message saying "This blog does not permit anonymous comments." Of course, I had gone through the rigamarole of filling in my email address, URL and the captcha. When I backed up and tried it again, my comment disappeared. After muttering a few things not fit for polite company, I just left in disgust.

    Blogger has eaten eight to 10 of my comments on various blogs in the past three or four weeks. In some cases, they disappeared after having published and appeared with the other comments so that I thought everything was OK. I believe the problem is that I included perfectly valid links. Why then doesn't Blogger say links aren't allowed, including on blogs where I left links in the past with no problem?

    L.P., I have some encouragement and tips for you about Wordpress but don't think I have your email address. There is a "Get in touch" tab at the top of my blog so you can reach me, which would make your address available to me.

    The short of it is that while I use stand alone WP on a separate blog host I pay for, I know that WP on WP's own servers is free and very good, although there's been a couple of times when they had some problems/outages. You can try it for free, play with it and see how you like it, which is a good way to get a feel for it.

  7. Good luck. I didn't like how Blogspot destroyed entire posts and scads of comments a couple of weeks ago, and never restored them.... it all appearing exactly like they didn't have any sort of backup in place.

  8. I've asked Sue to post this for me since I can't comment. It's a damn good thing for Blogger that I don't have a business that depends on this.

    Anyway, thanks everyone for all your tips and ideas. Believe me, there isn't anything I haven't tried. The last message for Blogger Status is from May 13 saying everything is "under control." Ha. That's why so many folks are bitchin'.

    SW: Will do. I had already started investigating WP some time ago but wanted to wait until I could do a stand-alone. The Gods, however, seem to have other ideas. Must be my turn to rupture.

    FYI, my email is in m y profile - if they haven't destroyed that as well!!!!

    Meanwhile, I can be thinking of a new name, logo and look. Leaping Lizards anyone?

  9. Leslie,
    Welcome aboard! I left Blogger for the same reason. WordPress was a little tricky for me at first, but now I love it. It's MUCH better!Contact me at, and type LESLIE in your title. I'll help you with setup if you need. You'll be glad you made the change!

  10. Hey Folks. I switched to Chrome and now I'm back on. Amazing. But I'm still going to switch to WP but now I can do it at my leisure.

  11. I have moved to Word Press
    Please let me know your new address when you change.
    I have you linked here, for now.
    TOM - Stay A While

  12. I know how it is. I lost an entire week. And I had a "guaranteed" nightly backup.

    Needless to say, I am now performing those backups myself, on a new host.