Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Friday, April 02, 2010

Don't speak English, speak "Teabonics"

"Teabonics, an entire Flickr photo album featuring the best grammatical and spelling errors from the party that commands all Americans to speak and write in English."

Courtesy of Nashville Scene


  1. Almost too good to be true! We're not looking at any spelling bee finalists here, that's for sure.

  2. I misspell because I'm slightly dyslexic - not because I'm ignorant.

  3. LOL, this is as good as people at Walmart for laughs.

  4. tnlib,
    Wasn't it you who took me to task for posting a video of Obama mispronouncing "corps" twice in the same speech? These people didn't even have a teleprompter.

    Good laugh.

  5. This is the funniest thing I have read all day. I need to copy it. Thanks for a hearty laugh.

  6. OMG, Toooooo funny! These teabaggers are so stupid, not only can't they spell but if you ask them what they are protesting they can't answer. Unless of course it's a Beck or Palin quote.

  7. Well, sometimes it's not stupidity. I've been know to screw up a sign or two back in the old days. I finally learned to pencil in, review and then paint.

    However, when you see so many within one outfit it is cause for alarm. The irony of misspelled signs reading "Speak English" is just too funny.

  8. There is nothing wrong with being ignorant, it is a treatable condition, unless you are proud of it.

  9. DARLENE: Of course, go ahead and copy. I don't own it.

  10. I love "English is our language -- no excetions -- learn it."

    Good advice.

  11. The signs are everywhere :-)

    love the post man (not the postman, just the post), well, you get the pic.

  12. @LOT:

    Perhaps I shouldn't bring this up, but I'm surprised you didn't speak up in defense of our evil, hateful, jihadi, "seething toxic dump of leftist hatred," tnlib over at Don's place...

    While you didn't exactly toss tnlib under Don's bus, it might've been nice had you made it more clear that those sites with the name-calling and vitriol didn't include Parsley's Pics, in your opinion...

    I'm sorry if you think this query rude, but after reading your generally reasonable replies on sites like this one-- Douglas labeled "hate site" The Swash Zone and Truth101's place come to mind, immediately--I've taken to wondering how you walk that fine line between Donald Douglas considering you a blog buddy and he and his thinking you an evil nihilist collaborator for actually treating folks with whom you disagree with common decency and respect.

    While I disagree with your politics, I for the most part think you a fine fellow, but I do kinda wish you'd speak your mind more clearly when Donald engages in these attacks on the individuals and blogs you visit pretty regularly, whether in agreement with him or otherwise...

    (Two bits well spent, after waiting entirely too long... Unless there's a comment in need of reply, that itch is scratched, and I'll say no more on the subject...)

  13. I didn't know about Dr. D's post until I revisited Brain Rage who alerted me to it. I only responded very briefly to the accusation that I didn't have any conservative friends. I pointed to my blog roll as evidence to the contrary, even pointing out that my friend L&OT is on it. Failed to mention that my second husband was a very ((intelligent)) conservative. Oh well.

    As I've said so often, I'm not going to get down and dirty with anyone who engages in smut and derogatory remarks and who massages the truth. I had a momentary slip when I called the professor a "prick" but I'll let that stand.

    I've only been to his blog about twice and left with a decidedly bad taste in my mouth. I do visit Pam, L&OT, dmarks and some others because I enjoy what they have to say but I don't leave comments most of the time.

    I grew up in academia and was associated with various universities in one way or another for over 40 years. I'm delighted to say that I never ran into anyone quite like the "learned" professor. People should not think that he is a representative of most faculty members.

    Thanks everyone. Here's to free speech and civility.

  14. The conservative media blogosphere is attempting to co-op the phrase "hate speech" as a reference to dismiss any strongly worded argument against them. They also do this as a means of justifying there own excesses.

    Hate speech incites violence against a person or group. Glenn Beck urging his listeners to "eradicate" progressivism straddles the line. The phone calls to Bart Stupak's home were unquestionably hate speech, as was a teabagger sign (at a meeting in Asotin, Washington) exhorting others to geld the president.

    Snide, pompous, egotistical, and free with the truth though he may be, Rush Limbaugh has not, as far as I know, crossed the hate speech line. He knows how to bump up against it, but he's far to clever to actually go over it. Which doesn't mean that people don't find him hateful, but that's a different thing.

    tnlib's remarks were not even close to hate speech. She may (or may not) regret them, but that's up to her.

  15. K said "Glenn Beck urging his listeners to "eradicate" progressivism straddles the line"

    Uh, no. Not based on your summary of it. Eradicating an idea does not imply violence. Now, if he said he wanted to eradicate progressives, that'd be an entirely different thing.

    I also count as hate speech bigotted insults, such as the N-word, Michael Steel using a racist word for Native Americans in his speech, and Rahm Emanuel bashing the mentally disabled.

    But true, I do not see tnlib using hate speech.

  16. Given the use of the word "eradicate" in the context of Beck's constant tirades against Democrats, liberals, and progressives, I stand by "straddles."

  17. Good, but only if you can tie it to actual calls for violence. Since it's Beck, maybe you can. But without it, there's no straddling.

  18. respac,
    Sorry for the late reply. I've been otherwise occupied. While I don't agree with your politics I believe with all my heart and soul in the battle of ideas.

    Your statements are fine with me, although I will engage you when I feel you to be off base. Your comments on my site re: Johnson were a little out there in my opinion, but you certainly feel strongly about them.

    I attribute my mellowness to my life experiences. I don't feel threatened by words. A free exchange without name-calling leads to some kind of understanding. I thinks those who name call in response to a measured reply are diminished in doing so.

    As Wilson said, "Nothing chills nonsense like exposure to the air." If you knew how much I disliked Wilson as a president, you'd know how serious I am about that quote. I tell my students two things, one, after you've been shot at everything's downhill from there. And when you fail to listen to someone else, you fail to learn from others. Bad place to be I think. After all, I used to be a cop, everyone hated me.

    The reason I read tnlib is I respect her intelligence, she may be a little misguided, but obviously intelligent and worth listening to. :)

    Good day sir.

  19. "The reason I read tnlib is I respect her intelligence, she may be a little misguided, but obviously intelligent and worth listening to. :)"

    So, not a "seething toxic dump of leftist hatred," then... That's what I think, as well...

    I'm only suggesting that you be so kind as to say so, the next time someone says otherwise about a liberal blogger you find intelligent and/or worth listening to... Your reply to Dr. D's characterization of tnlib seemed a little wanting, if not outright vague/actually misleading on the subject... (It almost seemed as though you were implying that her site was among those with the name-calling and the vitriol... Fortunately, I knew better, but there's a whole lotta folks there--perhaps including Dr. D., himself--who likely don't know that you frequent this and other bloggers and sites identified as hateful and hurtful dens of anti-americanism and godlessness by Mr Douglas and others like him, and that you not only live to tell the tale, but quite enjoy your time among we elites, and come by kinda regularly...)

    I guess what I'm saying is that it'd be a better world if we stood up for the people whose company we appreciate and enjoy, whether or not we agree with them politically...

    Oh... I don't really believe that over-populated/over-developed islands really are prone to sinking, either...(Just in case you failed to pick up on my deadpan "Johnsonesque" humor in my recent comment on your blog...)

  20. Thanks for the compliments.

    Citizen K: Beck got an award from Media Matters for the most ill informed TV and radio personality. I refuse to call anyone who spouts the lies and outrageous propaganda he does an entertainer. But i agree with you re the comparison between GB and RL.

    Sorry, dmarks, but calling for eradicating an idea is just as violent an act as calling for eradicating a particular person or group.

    L&OT and I had a very stormy beginning on Truth101, and while we agree only about 1% of the time, he never resorts to name calling, vitriol, personal attacks, or whatever. As most of you should know by now, I'm a very, very firm believer in people having their own belief systems. If I didn't, I'd be as bad off as the extremists.

    Anyway, our friendly teacher visits several liberal blogs and his readers are, I think, aware of it.

    Respac said, "it'd be a better world if we stood up for the people whose company we appreciate and enjoy, whether or not we agree with them politically..."

    I couldn't agree more with that. If we don't listen to other views we tend to isolate ourselves and can simply be preaching to the choir.

    I will not visit Dr. D because there is nothing to learn and he obviously has issues with hate and anger management - among many other things.

    This is an interesting discussion. I have enjoyed everyone's' comments.