Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anniversary Issue - and they said I wouldn’t last

But I have. I’m not like Sarah Palin, no sirree, sports fans. I don’t take on a tough task and then walk away as soon as I see bigger bucks on the horizon. So what if publishing a blog is more like volunteer work? I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it because I’m gonna save America. You betcha!

One day, while doing a search, I came across Liberal Values. Hot diggety dog – someone who speaks my language. So, I began visiting about ten or twenty times a day for a few weeks. Then I happened to link to Brain Rage. Someone else who speaks my language. It was as if I’d found a cool shady oasis at the end of a long dusty walk along Arizona’s Great Wall.

So maybe I’m not in it to save America but for my own survival. Face it, Ten-uh-see (speak English, dammit) isn’t exactly overly endowed with progressives or liberals or even Democrats. It’s a state where law enforcement officers shoot to kill family pets in front of children. It’s a state that ranks first in corruption. It’s a state where the majority of its citizens don’t miss a Glenn Beck Show. It’s a state where people think Sarah Palin is just so cute and feisty and – dare I say it? – smart.

But I digress. I had all kinds of inflated notions when I started Parsley’s Pics, most of which were scratched early on for being as dimwitted as Going Rogue. The layout was a pretty shade of green with a very bilious shade of mustard-green for accent. Videos and images looked downright putrid. It was back to the drawing board for a theme that was a little more digestible.

I published my first piece and eagerly waited for the comments to arrive. I waited and waited – no comments. Another piece and still no comments. This went on until I wrote about Sarah Palin from a woman’s perspective. Bingo!

But the surge was brief and it was back to two or three comments. Why in the hell was I spending all my time researching and writing for just me? I can walk around my apartment talking to myself and maybe even do some housework while answering myself. But this old gal wasn’t about to quit and seek her fortune making a fool of herself on TV.

I have to admit. Some of those early works were less than inspiring. I haven’t been shy about deleting them. Even a few later ones have been duds. Some I’ve deleted, some of them I haven’t. Just depends on how much I want to embarrass myself.

When I first began I put some family and friends on my email list so they could see all the exciting people and events I was writing about. How was I to know that every time I edited a post, which back then could be six or seven times, they would get another email each and evey time?

For the longest time my favorite subjects were the unbelievable and uninformed Sarah Palin and her twin Glenn Beck. But as with all ignorant people they have become exceedingly boring.

One day the Palin will have no choice but to stay home and raise her kids or go to jail for ethics violations. Or maybe go back to school to review American history, memorize the Constitution and learn to speak English.

And Beck? He’ll simply be locked up in a padded cell with a blackboard so he can write “Socialist Nazi Government” 1,000 times a day and cry, baby, cry.

Now I devote my blog to more intelligent subjects – South Carolina politicians, the Texas State Board of Education, Arizona and John McCain, and SCOTUS.

But there are more serious matters: racism, hate, hunger, the environment, peace, truth, animal and child abuse, and BP and its devastation of the Gulf coast along with its arrogant and callous disregard for the welfare of the region. And that is only the beginning.

I consider everyone on my blog roll a friend. Your knowledge, kindness and humor have enriched my life and made it all worthwhile. You give me hope for a future devoid of crassness, prejudice and ignorance. Keep up the good work and I will follow your lead, maybe not as eloquently but with as much dedication. Thank you.

Oh, I forgot to mention Lisa the Loon. Maybe just as well.

A couple of years ago.


  1. Hooray for Parsley's Pics!
    Glad we stumbled into each other somehow.

  2. Me too PENolan. I sincerely enjoy your blog.

  3. But ya got to have friends friends...
    See I went into song just for You..
    Glad your around Kido.

  4. I don't do this for the money either Leslie. I just enjoy beng called a commie pinko.

    I enjoy your blog and comments. Best wishes for many more years on each other's reading list.

  5. Awwww what a cute picture!!

    Do you remember my first visit to you? Remember when your computer broke and you were using the library(I think I have that right!LOL)to post?? Has it just been one year? Come to think of it my one year is coming up too!

    Congrats "MOM" you do a great job and we all love ya!!

  6. You guys are so special. I'm really glad I fell into your collective laps.

    I will never forget the night of the HC vote when we were flying around to each others' blogs. It was almost like being together in some one's living room.

    Sue, you bring up a good point. I got this computer a year ago April and started the blog immediately. I don't think it crashed until about Sept. but it was gone for a long time. I was reduced to using the computers in the so-called business office and at the library.
    Using either of them was like watching molasses move up hill in the winter.

    I think the profile is showing June because I changed my URL slightly.

    Sue, I remember that we connected right about the time you took your Lancaster trip.

    That picture was taken quite a few years beyond a couple.

  7. tnlib, you gotta know by now, when you hang in there long enough, your friends become downright family, and we love you!

  8. Leslie,
    Congratulations on your anniversary and thank you for sticking with it. I've learned a lot from your posts and recognize the work you put into your research.

    Among your many excellent points is your choice to evolve on to the serious stuff for the majority of posts. As you say, one can bash Palin or Beck all day and get people to join in but there are more important issues than those self-indulgent dolts.

    So thanks for what you do and I hope for many more years of Parsley's Pics.

  9. L.P., you have a terrific blog, not just for the aesthetics, but for the care, concern and clear thinking that goes into it. It's probably trite to say keep up the good work, but I'm going to say it anyway.

    BTW, when listing Tennessee's lesser attributes, let's not forget Bob Corker is the state's idea of a good (choke, urp) senator.

  10. Ranch Style Greeting's Ms.Leslie!


    Sadly I dont know when I even started my journal(blog), but I know the month, it has it on my profile.(too much pot smoking over the year's!)

    But glad to here your journey was pleasant as far as meeting friend's and so forth, I seen a couple folk's that had a hard time online. I reckon from harrassment and such.

    Nice picture .... you look like a cop .... studying them paper's. But all shit aside ... you look great! Good thing you werent wearing them pencil skirt's like Ms.Lorenzana who got fired from CitiGroup .... the fella's would have never got any damn work done! Tennessee couldnt be all that bad if your from there, beside's .... I had a good time in Tennessee, and I'm not even a christian. :)

    I still want to take you to dinner if your ever through Dallas .... please. :)

    Later Grrrllll ........

  11. BTW .... that Longhorn skull with the Yellow Rose of Texas look's bad ass .... it would look even better on my living room wall. :)

  12. Congratulations on the anniversary. I've certainly learned about things here I wouldn't have known otherwise. I'll never forget the Tennessee walking horse posts. Keep on truckin'.

  13. Oh my. If I had the money, I'd take everyone out to celebrate. You can drink and I'll have my diet 7-up. Not quite the same as Jack and branch water or a double dry Martini, but all good things have to come to an end.

    Since that picture was made everything has moved South! RC, I've been running on a quarter of a tank for the last month. Don't think I'll be traveling any time soon.

  14. Congratulations! Reach out and touch someone, right?

    The commencement ceremony yesterday of Jesuit university from which my son graduated yesterday would have given Glenn Beck a stroke. Let's just say that the speakers didn't shy away from the phrase "social justice."

  15. Leslie Parsley said...

    Wound my way through Degan's The Rant and here I am for the first time ever. I like your music, what you have to say and the whole bit.
    I am a "retired hippie," so like your slant. Will be back. This was a rugged week, wasn't it?
    August 31, 2009 7:06 PM

    Your first visit to my blog, Fun Huh?! it's been a pleasure leslie!

  16. Happy First, Leslie. I know the frustration. I waited months for my first comment on my first blog. That goes back to the years when GW ChickenHawk still had high approval ratings.

    You do a wonderful job here and your comments at my place are both welcome and insightful.

    I look forward to celebrating your 10th.

  17. Octo, Oso and SW: Unintentionally overlooked you guys.

    Octo: You're definitely part of my family. I may not always have a clue as to what you're writing about but I've always learned something. Now if I can just remember it!

    Oso: You're another one I've learned so much from. You always post such interesting articles and you have a flair for humor that sends me laughing.

    S.W.: Thanks ever so much for the encouragement. Yes, Corker the Dork does cast shame on TN, or so he should. The trouble is, I doubt if many people know it.

    Infidel: Thanks. As you could tell, the TWH is close to my heart. The more the abuse of soring can get out, the better. People love to watch high-stepping Walker in action but most don't but have no knowledge of how they get that way.

    Animal, child and even spouse abuse are subjects that should always be exposed.

    K: I'm glad to hear that about your son's graduation. I think and hope that we are going to hear more and more of that.

    Sue: You've been a good buddy and you know how much I enjoy your blog - well, except for your pet leech.

    TC: My 10th seems far away. By then I'll be senile or six feet under. Thanks.

  18. I'm late getting here to add my congratulations to your anniversary.

    Keep it going, girlfriend. You're doing a great job!

  19. Shaw: I often look to your blog as something to look up to.

  20. Let me add my congratulations to you also.

  21. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I hope you have many many more.

  22. Thanks, Jess and Ted. I can't say it hasn't been interesting - even during the dry spells.

  23. Maybe we are both cantankerous enough to last another nine. :-)

  24. MOney? You mean someone out there is making money doing this??

    Ok, that was a rhetorical question

    I love Brain Rage, and I love you too :)

    Keep writing about Tennessee, and I'll keep writing about Virginia shenanigans.

  25. Aaaw Bee, you make me want to cry. I love you too, gal.

    Yeah, it's too bad there aren't some rich Democrats willing to pay us to troll the right-wing blogs like they do us. But how can anyone stand to read their stuff? That would have to be hazardous duty and the pay would have to be pretty high.

    BTW, VA ranked second behind TN in corruption.

  26. C'mon Ladies! Illinois is king of corruption. Why is everyone being so direspectful to my home state?

  27. To tell you the truth, Truth, I kind of wondered when I read about it right before I posted this. The funny thing is, the article went on and on about VA being 2nd but hardly mentioned TN.

  28. I've been voluntarily unplugged for several days now Leslie so I'm sorry I'm so late to the party and missed your blogoversary. Congrats just the same, I can't believe it's been a year since you started emailing me for blog advice. It always makes me happy to see older folks like yourself trying out and embracing new things. It's obviously keeping you young. I foresee many more years ahead for you and Parsley's Pics.

    And BkA, you are too kind, Madam.

  29. JBW: I've sung your praises so many times that anything I say now would be redundant. But you have been enormously kind and patient. I knew what I wanted to do but not how to do it. If it weren't for you, I probably would still be trying to figure out how to post links, images and videos!

  30. Congratulations! I looove this blog!
    W're all in this together, so we might as well have some fun along the way, right?
    You've covered a lot of ground in one little year. Imagine all the !@#$ that's ahead for you to put in Volume 2.
    Best wishes.