Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cross Your Legs, Ladies

This post is dedicated to all the warriors out there
 who have been on the front lines -
men and women friends everywhere. 
You are so awesome.
Thank you.

Yes dear ladies, it's time to cross our legs. Our minds and bodies are being invaded by a mob of crazed philistines who know little to nothing about our body parts. Like a convention of mad scientists, they insist on poking and probing the deepest recesses of our bodies. Wake up. No more lying on our backs, dear hearts. We have a civil war to wage.

So far this year, nine state governments have been roaring over us with demonic frenzy in their efforts to pass abortion laws that date back to prehistoric times. Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has even appointed himself arbiter of every single Medicaid-covered abortion in his state, including victims of rape and incest. No doubt it will come as a huge relief to these traumatized women that he plans "to be thoughtful." Whew, that's noble of him.

In short, we have been invaded by a bunch of sexually oppressed, repressed and depressed Republicans who in their sick twisted minds think they not only have the medical expertise, but the God-given right to tell us what choices we can make regarding our own bodies. This, in 2013 - 40 years AFTER Roe vs. Wade.

Yes, Ladies, we are at war. But there is something we can do beyond signing petitions, protesting at state houses, writing letters to the local newspapers, bitching on Facebook and even voting - all of which are vitally important. Don't get me wrong. But we have another weapon = the most powerful weapon known to man. S.E.X. - the very thing that sends them into a catatonic state.

No, no, no, we're not going to give it to them, Ladies. Hah, they should be so lucky. Nope, we're going to cross our legs and and just say "NO" - to all of them, even those who support us. It's amazing how much harder people will work to get one thing when they're denied another.

If 300 women in the small town of Barbacoas, Columbia, S.A. can bring the city fathers to their knees by keeping their legs crossed for a total of nearly three months, there's no reason why the women of America can't do likewise. Besides, we have a hell of a lot more at stake here than getting a 35-mile road paved.
Sex strikes are nothing new. They go back at least to the the Ancient Greek comic play "Lysistrata," in which women withheld sex from their husbands as a way to end the Peloponnesian War.

Recently in Belgium, a senator suggested women withold sex until an agreement was reached to form a government. In 2009, Kenyan women pledged a week-long sex ban to stop political infighting.
They're not even a new tactic in Colombia. In 1997, the country's military chief called for a sex strike among the wives of paramilitaries, guerrillas and drug lords to work for peace. In 2006, wives and girlfriends of gang members in the town of Pereira reportedly withheld sex from gangsters who failed to turn in their arms.
Originally, I planned to stop here, but when I checked around before adding the finishing touches, all hell was breaking loose in two states. For the second time in a few short days the NC legislature passed abortion limits, this time via a motorcycle safety bill. The governor has indicated he will approve the vaginacycle bill although originally he declared he'd never change the abortion law. Nevah!

Around 1300 miles from Raleigh, the Texas Senate was turning the final screws on the right of women to make their own decisions and to have access to safe abortions. I don't think anyone was particularly surprised at the outcome but the indignity that many protesters suffered at the hands of troopers was degrading, insulting and offensive.
“In front of, all of these male troopers took away my maxi-pads, and made a huge deal out of flashing them around and showing… and then saying that I couldn’t go into the gallery, I couldn’t take maxi-pads into the gallery. I’ve never been… I’ve never been so humiliated in my life.”
It was also reported that this poor lady had her diabetic supplies taken as well.

Maddowblog reported at the time:
Women are being forced to throw out tampons and maxi pads to enter the Senate gallery, which has been confirmed by DPS. [...]
However, people with concealed handgun licenses are allowed to bypass long lines to enter the Gallery through the expedited CHL entrance, and per DPS, if a person has a CHL, they can take their gun into the gallery. [emphasis mine]
My friend Rusty Gordon made this astute observation: "They won't confiscate the bloody one in your hoo-ha, and THAT'S the one to throw at the legislators!"


In the meantime Ladies . . .


UPDATE: It seems I'm not the only one who believes it's time for women to take action - or non-action. Here are more great suggestions


  1. I remember reading "Lysistrata" for a Lit class in college, and thinking at the time that women could control the world in just such a fashion. But a much simpler plan would be for women to simply unite behind one another, to the utter exclusion of male politicians.
    If all women vowed (and carried out the threat) to ONLY VOTE FOR OTHER WOMEN, no matter the office, half of the voting bloc would be off limits to male candidates. Even if women elected conservative women to office, their numbers would be few compared to the number of women elected who would share common social issue concerns.
    Women could rule this country. Of course, they'd have to vote for one another to do it.

    Hope my lovely (and dangerous) wife never finds out about your new movement...

    1. It would be nice if women would back each other but I sure don't see it happening between liberals and conservatives. And I, for one, am not the type to back a candidate just because they are a women or a certain race or ethnicity - not even a Hillary. But I sure would love to talk to your wife. ;)

  2. Just a contrary point for once, Leslie…

    As a man – fairly ordinary - I have always objected to the implication that sex is really for us males. That it’s something we ‘get’ and women ‘give’.

    Ergo I also reject the assumption that it’s any leverage over me whatsoever. No way could I ever be manipulated like that. The very presumption would be a turn-off.

    I think that attitude, if anything, demeans women as well.

    1. Trust me, I'm not trying to imply in any way whatsoever that sex is just for men - which is precisely why such a plan would never work. You're safe. ;)

  3. Magpie's totally correct in pointing out the sexist view that sex is something given or received instead of shared... and I hope no one assumed I was serious about the Lysistrata solution for our problems. But, I WAS serious about women taking the reins of government, and sooner would be better than later.
    Of course, one Michele Bachmann can negate the value of a dozen Elizabeth Warrens. It's hard to ignore a piece of work like Marsha Blackburn, either.

    heavy sigh...

    1. Interesting that it's only guys who think the idea is sexist. Note the update at the end of the article.

      I abhor Bachmann and Blackburn, but could not the same analogy be made with their male counterparts?

    2. Men are wrong if they expect women to be there for their sexual pleasure on demand.
      Women would be wrong to validate that very same paradigm by attempting to use sex as a currency of power.

      It says the state of gender equality is pretty bad shape if withholding sex is all women think they have.

      Some of the historic examples here too…. Kenya? Colombia? Are you kidding me? Those don’t sound like paragon states of gender equality to me.

      Plus the bullshit in Texas is not rooted in a culture of sexual liberalism. They’re screwed up because they think sex is sinful. It’s like threatening to withhold booze at a meeting of the Temperance society.

    3. Ahhh, my friend Magpie, I know you mean this in genuine earnestness but I still had to laugh - spewing part of my first cup of morning coffee over the screen. Of course, you're completely right - especially with that last graph. Sometimes though, one of the best ways to fight absurdity is to throw it back.

      Trust me, I don't believe there's one damn thing funny about any of this stuff. It's a horror story of mammoth proportions in my opinion. I'm enraged at what happened to that poor lady in Texas (and btw, my love and respect for my sisters and brothers who are out there in the trenches almost on a daily basis knows no bounds). I'm enraged at the lies the fright wing propaganda machine is putting out about Planned Parenthood. I'm further enraged that these morons even think they have any business in other people's sex lives in any way, shape or form. In fact, you've given me a hell of an idea for another blog piece. More later - and thanks.


  4. In NC we've got to do something to stop this juggernaut!

    I'm putting out the word.

    To both sexes.

    Stop uncrossing your legs to people who want to take away your rights!

    Love you,


    1. Sadly, it's everywhere and it gets downright discouraging. We can rant and rave on our blogs until we're blue in our faces, but what good does it do? Clearly more aggressive action is necessary. I have so many friends, men and women, in Texas and NC who've been in the trenches since Day One. They're worn out, their spirits are beaten to a pulp, and they're very, very angry. Hopefully it is this anger that will keep them motivated - along with moral and financial support from others and more letters from doctors decrying the fright wing murder machine. Thank you.