Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Ode to Sarah Palin


There are bitches who are full of glitches
There are witches who have no hitches
There are stitches which fall into ditches.

There are twitches who make our faces itches
There are snitches who we'd like to switches
Sarah Palin is just such a kitsches

Several of my blogging buddies have been discussing this vapid twit on Facebook. Who would ever have thunk that this twit would still be thumping around? In an article from July 4, 2009 entitled Sarah Palin and Her Followers: One Woman's Retrospective I wrote:
I wish her well but seriously doubt that she will ever ask herself what she did wrong, becoming even angrier and bitter over time. I firmly believe that, like so many who are intellectualy challenged, she is as tenacious as a Pit Bull wearing lipstick, going for the jugular and never letting go.
And she has never let go. Everywhere you turn, there she is in all her magnificent frazzled razzle-dazzle.

And the entire media - not just Fox News - treats her like some kind of oracle. On CBS - not surprising with their abrupt swing to the right. On ABC-Chicago. But on Mediate we learn from reading the comments that this vapid know-nothing still has her know-nothing supporters.

Apparently, it takes the Brits to remind us of things Sarah Palin has said that have turned out to be "pure and absolute hokum". I have faith, however, that most American readers - at least those who don't listen to Fox or read Breitbart or World Net Daily - could triple the list for the U.K.'s Indepenent.


  1. She's found some political niches
    In which she can extract riches
    From all those who fall for such pitches

    She is an oracle to some. They're a minority, even on the right, but they're enough to keep her in speaking fees and book royalties. She's leveraged her 2008 moment in the sun into a permanent revenue stream. Pretty enterprising, really.

    Of course that means she gets to play pundit and the real media have to pretend to take her seriously. That's the downside. She's like Paris Hilton or Justin Bieber, someone who doesn't really matter but whose antics the media won't let you completely avoid hearing about.

    Glad to see this, by the way -- I was wondering if you'd stopped blogging.

  2. Sadly my quest to find fame as a republican has hit a roadblock. As hard as I try I just can't match the stupidity of Sarah Palin. And my legs aren't as nice. I wonder if she will ever realize how ignorant she is and if the fool that unleashed on us, John Mcain, will ever realize what a menace to America he is for his ideas and this kooky woman.

  3. Hahaha, I like yours even better.

    No, I haven't quit. Just needed a break and was so hoping an unmentionable creature from Trollville might have become tired of waiting and moved on - or, even better, taken his imaginary brain tumor and moved in with the great surgeon in the sky. Alas, he's still among us dropping his turds.

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  4. Shaw and Leslie do this far better than I did. I just post at MadMike's America every other week as the kooky republican.

    1. Maybe you can't make it as a Republican, kooky or otherwise, is because you're just too darn honest.

  5. Thought he was talking to me Leslie. Whoops. My head is too big. Sorry. Delete my answer to save confusion.