Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Why Can't Sarah Just Go Away?

Walking my dog affords me the opportunity to think about other things besides what I’m going to write about in my next blog. It helps clear the cobwebs and puts me more in tune with my surroundings. This morning I think to myself, “Whatever happened to Sarah Palin?” I shouldn't’t have thunk it.

Just when you decide the media has shelved her and the country can focus on more important issues CNN regurgitates her right into our laps. “Palin’s resignation hardly a curtain call.” Aw shoot, that’s not good news. You mean we’re going to hear more of that whiney voice mangle the English language? We’re going to have to keep looking at that Barbie Doll blank face with the out-of-date stewardess hair style? Rah-Rah-Cis-Boom-Bah.

CNN's Kristi Keck writes, “The instant fascination with Palin and her family was just a glimpse of what was to come. The public wanted to know everything it could about the Alaska governor, whose resume also included beauty queen, high school basketball star, TV sportscaster and mayor of the small Alaska town of Wasilla.”

You can’t beat those qualifications for vice president or president or governor or mayor. And what’s this about being a TV newscaster?

“The self-described ‘hockey mom’ tore into then candidate Barak Obama as two faced, inexperienced and intoxicated by the sound of his own voice.” One of the few things I carried away from that nunnery boot camp I attended were the words of a priest who said, “If you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing back at you.” Maybe she was pointing with the wrong one.

Larry Persily, a former Palin staffer and journalist, observed that she “yelled fire in a crowded theater” in some of her speeches – “palling around with terrorists and some of the other slurs she was hurling in the way of Obama and the Democrats.” Persily said, “That turned off an equally big chunk of the American public that found it distasteful, destructive, divisive, mean and ignorant.” Others gave her a thumbs up, “Way to go girl. You stick it to them.”

See my post on Palin and Her Followers from July 4, 2009.

Keck goes on to say that Palin “has’t always been such a divisive figure.” She took away the governorship from incumbent Frank Murkowski - yes, but he was allegedly a bit incompetent himself. What is it with these Alaskans? As governor this champion of ethics had an approval rating of 90 percent.

Evangelia Souris, president of Optimum International Center for Image Management, said, “I don’t think people were ready for somebody so attractive and so fashionable and so hip to actually be campaigning. She falls out of the norm.” That she does but isn’t there a requirement that to go beyond appearances there has to be some depth?

Persily concluded his comments, “She’s simplistic. Some people love the simplistic approach to problems. Others shake their heads and say, ‘My God, you don’t get it.’”

I’m sick of hearing about the woman myself and the final curtain is falling on Sarah Palin, at least on my blog – unless she does something really off the wall, like going up to Obama and giving him a big smoocheroo on his cheek. That would be the smack heard around the world.

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  1. I see you finally see where I was coming from in choosing not to write about her on my own blog. ;)

    Though I do have to ask one semi-rhetorical question... by whose standards, exactly, is Sarah Palin 'hip'?

    I realize this risks branding me as a misogynist in the eyes of Republican feminists, but I was unaware that a bizarre combination of June Cleaver, Morticia Addams, Barbie, and GI Joe was 'hip' by any of today's standards. The woman is scary. The people who consider her 'hip' are my neighbors around here, none of whom I would trust (as a former resident of California with some greater claim to expertise in 'hip' than Republican columnists) to set the trend.

    See, even though I haven't been writing about her, some of that is in my system too. ;)