Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

"Homosexuals Are Sexual Predators": UPDATE

So wrote NC Mecklenberg County commissioner Bill James in one email from a string of several between county board members last month. His remarks were made in response to County Commissioner Chair Jennifer Roberts’ request to send a letter thanking some members of the Charlotte-area congressional delegation for their “yes” votes on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) repeal.

Roberts was to send the letter to U.S. Reps. Larry Kissell and Mel Watt and U.S. Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan.

"Homosexuals are sexual predators," wrote James.
“Allowing homosexuals to serve in the US military with the endorsement of the Mecklenburg County Commission ignores a host of serious problems related to maintaining US military readiness and effectiveness not the least of which is the current Democrat plan to allow homosexuals (male and female) to share showers with those they are attracted to.”

James added, “The US Government would not allow Hetero men and women to share showers and other personal facilities yet the leading homosexual in Congress (Barney Frank) thinks it is OK for homosexuals to do so allowing enlisted men and women to fall prey to higher ranking or more powerful homosexuals who ogle them (or worse).”
This isn't the first time James has made anti-gay comments.

He often uses derogatory language or slurs to describe LGBT people in debates or communication with fellow public officials and constituents. During debate last December on domestic partner benefits for county employees, James leaned over to his Democratic colleague, Vilma Leake, and called her son a “homo.” Leake’s son died from AIDS in the 1990s.
When Leake heard that, she replied: "Don't make me hurt you. Don't do that to me. Don't talk to me about my son."

He refused to apologize, saying "It is akin to someone whose son is an alcoholic and died from the disease, using his death from drinking as justification to have the taxpayers pay for more booze."
But there's more. This is a copy of an email that he also sent to his fellow commissioner as an official communication:
From: Commissioner Bill James
To: =emails deleted=
Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 8:56 AM
Subject: Perversity is not diversity

You really think that a pool of people (homosexuals) where 45% of them eat feces from the rear end of another male is "normal"? If you do, you are frankly nuts.

A lifestyle where one of their past times is buying gerbils and hamsters from the pet store and cramming them up their rears in an activity called feltching? A group of people who like to urinate on their partners and call them "golden showers"? Where one of the honored members of the Gay Alliance is an organization called the "Man-Boy Love Association" that promotes sex with underage boys?
That behavior is worthy of protection? That behavior is worthy to be taught in our schools? to our children? You are one sick "Independent, white, married-heterosexual, presbyterian" if you do.
. . . . .
Pam says James loves to answer emails about his views:

I just received an email from Change.Org that says the county commission is right now publicly debating whether to censure James. You can sign their petition HERE.

UPDATE (01/09/20110):

The Mecklenburg County Commissioners voted not to censure this cretin arguing in part that "board rules limit its censure power to behavior and not personal speech."

Ironically, James "later joined commissioners in unanimously adopting a resolution pledging their support for diversity, tolerance and inclusion in the community, while oppossing inflammatory speech that could hurt others."
James said he supported the resolution, in part, because he wasn't named in it and said "it won't really accomplish anything." 
He said he believed the measure was a way to put a "nice, glossy, fancy façade" on the issue as the community bids to bring the Democratic National Convention to town, and said if other commissioners were serious about standing up for sexual rights, they'd try to get state laws changed.
Fellow commissioner Vilma Leake said "no censure will ever end this public disrespect by this county commissioner." James had called her son who had died from Aids a homo.

James' remarks have also included his saying urban blacks "live in a moral sewer" and comparing illegal immigrants to drug dealers and prostitutes.

He does sort of look like Rush.
It must be the squinty eyes, fat cheeks, multiple chins,
and thin lips.


  1. James is just another in a long line of ignorant, fearful bigots who will be laughed at through the ages for his stupidity and beastliness.

    The tragedy is that there are people who call themselves Americans who allow this pile of human waste to hold a position of power in this country.

  2. One wonders where such grotesque ideas about gay behavior originate. Certainly not from any serious research into the subject.

    Without knowing anything about Bill James beyond what's in this posting, I feel pretty confident in guessing that he's strongly religious.

  3. I guess nobody told James that homosexuals have been serving in the military since we have had a military. I guess he fears knowledge.

  4. All true. I tried to find some biographical info but there doesn't seem to be anything definitive - nothing about a family or his religion. There are some churches backing him on his web page but that's really about it. He's been in office for quite awhile. I'm kind of wondering if the man isn't protesting too much?

  5. Bing the heck O. I'm guessing he's strongly attracted to older pasty-faced bigoted bald fellows. (Sigh) Who wouldn't be?

  6. Absolutely nothing to do with this post, but is it just me, or does he resemble Rush? A lot. Hmmmm.

  7. Murr: I think we'll see the other shoe drop before all the dust settles.

    ps - like your blog and thanks for stopping by.

    Jadedj: Now that you mention it . . .

  8. Bill James needs to do some serious research. Aids isn’t JUST a homo-sexual disease and golden showers and using Gerbils for sexual satisfaction aren’t only used by gay men (although I don’t advocate using Gerbils because they could die) but hey if you’re into golden showers and you’re a consenting adult, go for it.

    Bill James has major issues that go way beyond homo-phobia. For him to hurt a mother (Leake) like that says volumes about his character. I would have nothing to do with him...period.

  9. As long as people like James can keep the Republican base salivating in blood-lust, he keeps their minds off real issues.

  10. Pam says, "Bill James has major issues that go way beyond homo-phobia." And I think we know what they are. He is truly despicable.

    TC: But do they have minds?

  11. Ew. I'm ashamed of North Carolinians for electing James. Another scared idiot with power.

  12. Yes, he resembles Rush. Hell, they all resemble each other. That's because most of them had parents who were first cousins, or closer. They have become their own (in)breed.

  13. Typical bully with inner fears of his own inadequacy. He gets to feels big and strong temporarily by beating other people down. Right in line with Adolf Hitler, who used Jews, communists, homosexuals, Slavs — the list goes on — for the same purpose.

    Bullies have to be called out, openly opposed and thrown out of whatever power they get their hands on.

    The good people of Mecklenberg County, assuming there are some, should get a recall effort going, with Ms. Leake leading the way.

  14. This guy really is a sicko and a twin to Rush. Am working on a follow-up.

  15. I am always amazed at how much these people know about sexually deviant behavior, what it is, what it's called and how it's done, all the while proclaiming their abhorrence.
    Yes, any half way intelligent person knows that while some homosexuals may participate in sexually deviant behavior, it is not a "gay" thing as many heterosexual also participate in various deviant acts. And I use the term deviant only to separate anal/gerbil sex and pee pee drinking from what would be considered "normal" sex. I'm with Pam on this; whatever floats your boat and gets you through the night - except the harming little animals thing.
    So want to get a pool going on just how long it will be before James is caught in the men's room playing footsie or vacationing with his boy toy?

  16. rockync: All well said. I don't think it's going to be too long before he has his day before the cameras proclaiming his innocence. Can't wait.

  17. Oh, I was going to say exactly what Rockync said, but I was beaten to it - I'll be dollars to donuts he gets caught in some of those activities he drones on and on and on about...

  18. What a clod. No doubt he sees no connection between bigoted remarks by a public official and physical violence visited on gay people.

    Personally, I support any plan that allows me to shower with anyone I'm attracted to. Although it might not be a pretty sight for that person!

  19. People who make anti-gay speeches their profession tend are invariably arrested in men's rooms and similar locations for really bizarre activities.

  20. And it's this kind of rhetoric that leads to the deaths of people like Matthew Sheppard.

  21. James is a despicable, ignorant bigot. That's all I have to say.

  22. It's appalling that attitudes such as those expressed by James still exist in the 21st century. Even more appalling is that anyone hesitates to condemn those attitudes.

  23. Double ew. This guy creeps me out totally. There's something dark and festering in his life history and it's oozing all over the rest of us.

  24. I really appreciate all of your comments. I've been so immersed in the Tucson massacre that I haven't had much energy for anything else.