Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Don't You Dare Compare Our Government to Nazi Germany

At least one person held up a huge sign that showed a pile of bodies, victims of the European holocaust of the thirties and forties. Above this gruesome reminder of humanity's capacity for evil were the words:


Isn't that sweet? That seems to be quite a popular thing to do these days - equating anything connected with this administration and this president to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

So writes in his just posted piece on Tea Partiers.

Online NewsHour just published a slide show by German student Sascha Klepzig who takes the viewer to the Sachsenhausen Memorial which holds the remnants of Germany's first concentration camp.

A total of 200,000 prisoners were held during the camp's years of operation from 1936 to 1945, and tens of thousands of people died.

Now, I dare all of you know-nothing Tea Baggers to ever make such a comparison again. Study your history, fools, and don't embrace John Boehner's misinterpretation of facts. You want accuracy, not mythology. 

UPDATE: Link to to fully appreciate Boehner's stupidity as Tom corrects the mindless wonder as to what is and is not written in a couple of historical documents.


  1. You could ask them to explain why all the countries who have had public health care for decades do not in any way resemble a concentration camp, and why the people of those countries pay less and yet get more... except that they'd fall back to the jingoistic position that anything that is not American in inspiration is of no value.
    And so you'd have Right-wing mendacity auto-defended with blind cultural chauvinism yet again.

  2. Why bother asking these nuts anything. Facts, logic and a real sense of what is right and wrong are nonexistent commodities in the minds of these right wing dupes and loons.

    Leslie has done a great job exposing the ridiculous and hateful ideas of these jokers. 30 senators vote in favor of corporate immunity from gang rape. FOX News promotes gatherings of morons that call themselves "tea baggers" to protest a health insurance program that would cover all Americans as a nazi plot or something.

    What is incredibly troubling is how many "right wing strategists" this nazi picture went through before being okayed as part of the propaganda campaign. Then it was another day after release before Cantor, A Jewish Republican, finally said this was over the top. Not much of a denouncement but hey. They're all on the same side and Reagan did say never speak ill of another republican.

  3. You're right. I felt Cantor's criticism was about as strong as a wet noodle.

    The irony is that were our government like that of Nazi Germany, THEY (the know-nothings) would be the first to wear brown shirts.

  4. Interestingly, I posted this to my FB page. No response. Further proof that FB is a narcissistic wasteland.

  5. That you for directing me to this page. I don't know where you live, but if it is anywhere near Washington DC, go see the Holocaust Museum. I was there last July, very moving.

  6. Cantor is a total wimp, cretin and all around schmooze. I live in his state, and oh, how I'd love to pack him off to Texas where the little weasel belongs!

    Leslie, I followed you over from Holte's site. I like your blog :) Hope you don't mind if I link you in my sidebar...